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Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

Thanks G-Town I will check it out

Matias one man’s success or failure in this business has zero relevance on your ability to succeed. Regardless of having similar educational and professional background, there is no correlation.

Your success depends entirely on your commitment, your focus and your effort. No substitute or fast path.

I’ve recommended hundreds of times that anyone considering trucking as a career invest time reading these links:

And checkout the relevant articles in our blog section. Click on the three bars in the upper left to see a menu of Trucking Truth content.

Good luck!

Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Schneider CDL Apprenticeship Program

So a little bit about me. I have a college degree in public relations. Have been doing mostly call center type work since graduating most recently handling liability auto claims for top five insurer.

Trucking has always intrigued me. I love to drive and never get bored of it and I drive a lot.

I initially was going to go with Maverick but Schneider came through. Schneider does require you to have your CDL permit before training starts. Also make sure it doesn’t expire the same month. Two people in our class had their CDL permit expiring at the end of the month.

I read all the reviews out there and Schneider was the best program that paid you even while getting your CDL along with it only being a five week program and on week six you are on your own.


Weeks 1 & 2 - Classroom Instruction and on the job driving.

Weeks 3 & 4 - Go our with our training engineer where we will be doing 80% of the driving.

Week 5 - CDL road skills test preparation and final preparation to be turned over to operations.

You have Saturday and Sundays off. I’m planning to creep down to Myrtle Beach one weekend ;)

You spend two weeks total with a training engineer. They reimburse you for your meals if you keep your receipts during that time. They will also provide transportation if you are required to meet your training engineer away from where you currently live. We are actually going to start driving the truck tomorrow (Day 2) primarily around the operations center and roads close to it I am told. It is two to a truck during training which is a great ratio.

Arrived at hotel on Sunday evening. Ended up not having a roommate for now. Newly remodeled Extended Stay. Score! Got all unpacked and settled in.

Day 1

Class started at 9:30am and ended at 7:45am. Immediately went and did the DOT physical. Then we started on a boatload of paperwork and I9s. For busy work we completed a 35 question quiz on FMCSA regulations. After that we had a ergonomics and physical therapy meeting about ways to stay comfortable in the truck along with them having PT’s on site to help with any problems. Then we had to take a 10 question test and could only miss three or you were sent home. The test was super easy. It was just FMCSA regulations and then the questions reflecting the certain regulation you were going over. It was a breeze.

Then lunch. Schneider provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was pretty good. Then we came back and started going over the learning portal including esigning some documents. Then we started going over how to make turns with a properly which included Schneider produced videos of trucks making well executed turns with explanation. We then started on how to properly fill out a paper log which we will do every day of class.

Next we got our work boots which are Rocky boots and will cost $35.00 and they take it out of your check over three pay periods. They also provide a safety vest at no cost which is required to be worn on site.

Then after that we had dinner and took the shuttle back to the hotel. Class starts at 1:00 PM tomorrow and will be hands on driving in the truck and classroom instruction.

Hey there!

I couldn't help but relate to your post since I find myself in a similar situation. Like you, I pursued a degree in Public Relations and now find myself contemplating a career shift into truck driving. However, I'm still unsure if it's the right move for me.

I would love to hear more about your experience since you mentioned having made the transition four years ago. Are you happy with the decision you made? Has truck driving fulfilled your expectations? How did you navigate the change from a completely different field?

Any insights or advice you can share would be greatly appreciated. I'm at that critical point where I'm weighing the pros and cons and trying to gather as much information as possible before taking the leap. Your perspective as someone who has already gone through this change could be immensely valuable.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey and any words of wisdom you might have.

Best regards.

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