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Posted:  7 months, 4 weeks ago

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Knight-Swift Purchases US Xpress

Yellow goes under...snatch up the freight, terminals and a score of the drivers....likely enough stuff to spread around...

The Yellow/YRC situation has been addressed quite often at our Union meetings. They are in a real bad spot again. The teamsters have loaned them 100’s of million’s over the years to keep them afloat, no more help is coming from the union. The feds have bailed them out a couple times as well.

They have been hurting other Teamster workers and retirees for a long time by failing to pay the full amount due into the health and welfare as well as the pension. Apparently they have contributed less then a quarter since their 1st bailout.

I know my and other ABF terminals are gearing up for a large increase in freight with Yellow most likely going under and UPS strike looming. We are crazy busy as is, yard is full of trailers awaiting appointment and every city trailer including my flatbed is going out and returning full everyday. I don’t know how we’re going to handle more freight

Posted:  7 months, 4 weeks ago

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Knight-Swift Purchases US Xpress

With the Turmoil Yellow is currently going through I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut they are a juicy target...


Knight-Swift is taking over the industry... Wonder who's next?


I'd look for them to purchase a couple of LTL companies. When they bought AAA Cooper they wanted to establish a decent foot print in the LTL market. The opportunity to purchase U.S. Express kind of sidelined their current strategy. It was a deal they didn't want to miss, so they acted on it.

I assume they are still looking into some LTL strategic moves. That would enable them to jump right in with terminals in places where needed to have a nice footprint in the LTL commodities markets.

Some may think it strange to be getting into LTL during a slump in LTL business, but that's how opportunity is captured sometimes. Short sighted investors often miss the things that patient capitalism sees as powerful long term strategies.

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