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Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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A little background on me and advice needed with the left offset and 90

Hello, truckers!!

I am new to trucking and would love advice.

A little bit of background on my journey with trucking so far...

I started a course on the 5th of July that was supposed to go to the 25th of July.

On the second day behind the wheel, my trainer told me he was going to kick me out of the course by the 5th day of the course ( 3 days later ) if I could not do a straight back properly by then. It caused me so much extra stress but I was able to do a straight line back the next day. Another week goes by and I was not 100% on the in-cabin inspection. He asked me if I had learning problems since I still wasn't understanding everything he was saying 100%.

He kicked me out of the course that day because I wasn't 100% on the in-cabin inspection by the end of the second week.

I managed to speak with the people in charge of the training and they let me come back at the start of their new three-week course that started two weeks later without having to pay for the first three-week course.

I came back 2 weeks later and studied almost nonstop during my two weeks off. I have the Pre-Trip In Cab down 100%, Pre-trip Section A 100%, Pre-trip Section B 100%, and just got to the Pre-trip Section C today.

I am now on day 3 of their new three-week course and it is my second day behind the wheel.

In the last course, I was only able to complete the straight back "which I have nailed 100% now" before the trainer kicked me out.

I am now having trouble with the left-hand offset and the 90 for the state CDL exam.

My trainer just keeps saying to turn hard right till I see the landing gear and cross axles then to turn hard left and get straight but that is not working. I have been able to do the left-hand offset a few times but not every time yet.

Does anyone have any advice to help me with the left offset and the 90?

Is it normal for trainers to be this hard on the students? I am very nervous because if I do not pass in 3 weeks I will have to pay them $7500 and I can not afford that but it was the best trucking school I found near me after months of research and talking to schools.

Sorry for all the detail but I wanted to give everyone the full picture.

Thank you!!

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