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Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Anyone Willing to Do A Ride Along For a Rusty CDL Driver?

I might be willing to take somebody for a ride along, but I’d have to screen the person first. The problem is that my company will not allow any CDL holder to ride along. I don’t know how common that restriction is. It wasn’t completely clear to me if Mr. skibum currently holds a CDL or not. There is also paperwork that has to be submitted for any individual who rides along.

Yes, I have my CDL A with all endorsements besides passenger. This seems to be the theme and I understand why. Maybe I need to see if I can find an owner operator. Do you know if there’s a place on the site dedicated to owner/operators? Laura, another member mentioned that it hadn’t been too long for me off the road but my experience with drop hook is minimal since most experience was with a HAZMAT tanker that stayed attached. I’d like to get some experience without having to throw all my miles by the wayside. It seems pretty trivial but I’d like to just get in a truck and have a bit of a refresher because the work I did wasn’t standard CDL driving. I followed a helicopter around the country and then worked fires. I’m also female and don’t know a bunch of truck drivers. I know linemen but they’re no help getting up to speed on the practical work of everyday OTR drop hook driving. Thanks for any help.

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Anyone Willing to Do A Ride Along For a Rusty CDL Driver?

I’ve had my CDL with all my endorsements for 5 years. Trucks have changed and I haven’t been OTR in 1.5 years. Funny, I only drove manual transmissions. You’d think automatic would be a breeze. I’m just a bit rusty and would really appreciate someone explaining the new fancy trucks. I need a bit of hands on experience since it’s been a awhile but I’m sure I’ll pick everything right back up. I’m in Ohio and willing to meet a kind hearted person who’d help a trucker out. I need to get back out on the road. My experience has been mostly HAZMAT with tankers. I’ve done some standard trailers with drop hook but I’d like to be reminded if there’s anyone out there. Thanks!!

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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FedEx Freight Driver Apprentice

You're going to my building so you're experiences would be very similar to mine. My instructor is no longer teaching, but the people they have are great.

Idk how these hiring events work because I never stick around for them, but I suggest having your permit already and as long as you have less than 3 moving violations, you should be good.

Hi Banks. I’m thinking of going the apprentice route with FedEx but can’t find info about a pet rider policy. I was following Shelby’s channel on YouTube “Happiness by the Mile” and she took her dog in the truck with FedEx. I can’t find any info anywhere. Do you or anyone have info before I head down this road? Thanks!

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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FedEx Freight Driver Apprentice

Great reading the details. Does FedEx Freight offer a pet rider policy option? I can’t seem to find a solid answer anywhere.

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