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Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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How long?

So time to be honest with all of you folks, my mother always taught me honestly is the best policy. So from ages 0-23 I was raised in a christian cult church, thing look up "The Message". I was forced to live with my parents the entire time and had an extremely strict upbringing. So rules after rules and I was never allowed friends, after failing the nursing program I was in at the local community college in Tucson. I know I'm not college material, I was given 3 tries, I failed 2 times then I dropped out halfway through the LPN program.

I got extremely depressed and didn't know what to do, then after months of deciding what to do. I joined Amazon about 1 month after the opened the massive warehouse in our area. I've been there ever since, it's been exactly 3 years and 1 month with some change. I've been so unsure of what I want.... Like as a career. I love Amazon so far because I'm very shy and I avoid people like the plague. It's nice, I go in and I'm assigned a station to work, do my work.. then go home. It's nice for my mental health. I used to work day shift, 40hrs a week but just this last year I decided to change it up, I switched to 36hrs nights via 3, 12hr shifts. I love my schedule for now. Also for the past 3 years I've been doing questionable things because I was curious.... As every human. But it's not an excuse, I wasted so much time. Yes I'm young, but I need to grab ahold of my life and get my CDL. I will admit for about 2 years I was drinking heavily, not every day. But at least once every month to the point of blackouts, covering myself in vomit and urine. Then my roommate showed me some edibles, I quickly became a addict. I would have a 10mg edible each week on the weekends. Just to relax I would tell myself, that was completely bs. Did magic mushrooms 2 times in my life, same roommate offed me some. Now that is something that absolutely terrified me, I completely lost control of everything. I only remember glimpses. Also me being high was a very scary situation, I get extremely paranoid and I get sacred. Like impending doom or something.

So I'll be honest since this past July, was my last 12 pack of beer and I had about 10 edibles throughout that month. I know I've sinned and I realized the error in my ways, I'm such a waste of oxygen.

I finally saved some money and I moved away from that room I was renting because I woke up one day and I was like "if I continue down this path, sorrow is all I'll have". I immediately packed my car and told them thanks for letting me stay there for such a long time. Stayed with my sister for a couple of months, then I got my own apartment. Then this July I had a moment of weakness and did all that stuff, I was completely drug free for 6-7 months I would say.

Yes I want to do the Career choice program through Ancora, it's either them or this company called 160 driving academy. The downsides to the orange company is that they only grant me the CDL A, no endorsements or job help.

If I go with Ancora, I'll be set up with schooling online and then do my in person training at this place 10mins away from my apartment. Southwest Truck Driver Training, and I'll get my CDL A plus endorsements.

I really want all the endorsements, plus my TWIC card.

Hopefully my honesty helps, I appreciate this place I've been visiting many times whenever I need encouragement for a new career.

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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How long?

Hello, I'm 26M from Arizona and I tried college, wasn't for me. Now as I'm older, I've been with Amazon for the past 3 years, they are offering to pay for my CDL. It's a school where I can obtain my CDL A, plus all endorsements, minus school bus. I've been really thinking of doing it but, here is my issue. On 12-16-20 I was involved in a car accident, rear ended and was not at fault. Then on 05-12-21, I was involved in another accident, my 4runner rolled over due to a cars failure to yield at stop sign. I was not at fault. Last year I ordered a certified copy of DVR and I have absolutely nothing on it, it's spotless, no points or anything. I also have police reports of both accidents, I was deemed not at fault for both accidents and the drivers that hit me both got multiple citations.

Please can someone explain to me what do I need to do in order to prove I can get my CDL. I really really want this career so bad, I'm tired of working at Amazon. I don't want to go to college again because I'm scared I'll fail again. Please please please help me.

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