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Posted:  7 months ago

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For Hire Conditional Offer Letter Scheduled?

Hi Guys! I’ve been doing tons of applications for my husband Terrance. He passed his CDL test last Tuesday! This “Conditional Offer Letter Scheduled” came through from SWIFT this morning as a “task” to be signed on the Drivers Pulse App. What does this mean? Please note: I had posted before about his felony charges from 1991. They sent a copy of his background check and I didn’t see it on there. He was honest with the recruiter when he spoke to her…. Is this a pending offer from SWIFT?

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Overwhelmed: Felon with zero experience.

Thanks Guys! He will be done with school tomorrow. I have applied at tons of places on his behalf. Many recruiters have called. It’s a start! He will be able to follow up on calling them back this week when he’s home from school. Thank you all so much for your advice. I read here a lot of threads. I am so grateful for the information and motivation y’all give. Hopefully soon enough, my experience can help some others as well. I’ll keep y’all informed on this journey. Steph

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Overwhelmed: Felon with zero experience.

Please help. I need guidance/direction. My husband is currently in CDL school. We took out loan to pay tuition. He should graduate within the next two weeks. We live in Gainesville, Florida. The issue I have is that he has a serious (NOT sex oriented but violent) felony conviction from 1991. He was in prison for 13 years and was released in 2004. He has not been in any legal trouble since then other than a DUI in 2011. He has had the same job since 2014 and has great references. He’s one of the most responsible, reliable people I know. I know there have been many threads on here pertaining to this issue but I’m hoping for some current advice on where to begin with his application process. I’ve applied to some that were suggested here in older threads. He is open minded, teachable, humble and willing to take any type of job, regardless of pay scale, that will give him the experience he needs to start building a career. Again, we are located in Central Florida…. Please give me some guidance. I’m overwhelmed with all the information. Thanks guys!!

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