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I am a CDL permit holder trying to find a entry level position which will train me into the full CDL license.

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Posted:  6 months ago

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Dump truck operator

Being a CDL Class A Permit holder my first choice was to be a dump truck driver. So in turn I inquired at every dump truck company in Indiana. Most of what I ran into is the two years minimum experience barrier. I did get a reply from Messier but the pay was not worth the distance and the sacrifice that I have made for this licensure. Does anyone have any insight on what dump truck companies are taking on students? Also what is the average pay scale a student can expect so that I have realistic expectations going into this potential situations. Lastly what are some dump truck companies with a good name. already tried Kopetsky’s, Rock Transport, WR Beach, Bibbs Hauling, Howard’s(the one owned by the ex race car driver)and etc. If anyone knows of any hidden gem dump truck companies would really appreciate it.

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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RV Transport

Being a direct person I always got to respect a straight shooter. Thanks guys for your invaluable advice. Definitely saves me from making a mistake.

Hey Sedrick, the RV delivery business is seriously challenging when it comes to making money. I'm not sure what attracted you to it, but if you thought it was profitable, you might want to dig a little deeper.

I assume you already realize you're going to be an independent operator. Otherwise you wouldn't be asking such good questions. Your questions also indicate you really know very little at all about the business. That's okay, but a terrible way to go into something that eats most people up quickly and then discards them recklessly.

I'm a long time business owner. There's no way I'd go into the RV delivery business. Diesel prices are soaring upward right now, and the business model puts all the risks on the delivery company while controlling all the expenses for the customer.

Delivery work is strictly a commodity. The cheapest bidder handles the most business. That's why everyone doing it struggles or goes broke.

If you get a CDL, go with a legitimate trucking company with a track record of success. Do a full year of safe driving for them. Then, if you're still dreaming of greener pastures, try switching to another job. You really don't need to be the "boss" in this business. A good solid driver will always come out ahead by being safe, productive, and easy to work with.

Good luck my friend!

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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RV Transport

I really appreciate people talk the time to interact on this site. J am a truck driving student and it is my goal to take this education and Segway it into becoming a RV Transporter. I have read a few sites that gives u some rudimentary start up info but I need something more concrete as getting started I. The field is expensive.

1. What is a good start up position for this field? 2. What is the average range of pay for a Drive away position? 3. In Indiana addition to the unladen insurance what else do I need? 4. How do I network with RV manufacturers in order to find out who delivers for them in order to establish a networking a base networking relationship In the industry? 5. Is there a specific request I can make while in truck driving school to get a special focus on hitching trailers?

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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Current CDL Permit holder looking for a entry level position that transition into full licensing

Hi. I am currently a student at a local truck driving school. The school I am attending has some draw backs.

A) the entire class up until the point of taking you CDL permit test is a mixture of test questions and actual training materials that you are supposed to be actuated on the yard once you have obtained your permit (B) The training in the school is not paid. So the entirety of the process from CDL Permit to the yard and your own self generated job placement is a period u will not be earning an income. (C) The entirety of your class up until the permit is done on a Zoom meeting. With multiple choice questions on a website

So for me my concern is being able to gain the proper training to operate heavy equipment vehicle. With this style of training I would be totally u comfortable operating an 18 wheeler, or a dump truck, or a box truck. They cram 8 hours a day on a Zoom meeting covering 17 weeks worth of education to push you into a CDL permit test at the end of ONE week.

After that you are expected to take this very technical information and actuate it behind the wheel of a semi having only seen coupling, uncoupling, cranking and hooking up the lines on you tube videos and not to mention operating the rig itself to get your license.

So I thought it would be a better option to be a dump truck operator and find an entry level position which will train me into the full licensure. Yet combination, air brakes and etc are going to be just as complicated without proper training no matter what kind of heavy equipment vehicle you are going to operate. So after reaching out to every company In Indiana and getting no response and based on Laura Kopetsky’s, with my level of experience I am easily no hitter for the companies on Indeed. I tried. Messier as they spoke of a training position into full licensure, but nothing. I am at a complete loss.

I can’t recoup the time I have wasted with this truck driving school. I can’t even get my job that I quit back. So at this point I would just like to be able to use the CDL permit and earn as close to 20-25 an hour as I can get. I will drive a Shuttle, a Sprinter Van, or even drive a trash truck. I just need to earn.

Can anyone provide me with leads, or a base productive course of action?

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