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Scott P CB handle Mainiac (from my Maine roots)'s Bio

50 years old. Originally from Portland Maine. I’m Italian so my CB handle is Mainiac because I was raised in Maine! My mom’s CB handle was Cat Lady. My grandfathers CB handle was Smitty. Trucking runs in my family. My dad hauled for Great Dane, Merrill Transport in Portland pulling tankers, also hauled low level nuclear waste for the former Maine Yankee power plant in Wiscasset Maine when it was decommissioned. My uncle pulled military equipment with the Maine National Guard. My grandfather had a 1975 KW cabover brown and white. Pulled hopper trailer full of potatoes. Dysarts Truck Stop in Hermon on I95 check out their 18 wheeler! 18 scoops of ice cream with everything. Nobody finished one yet

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Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Med Card dilemmas

Got job offer at Performance Foodservice/Reinhart Foods. Entry level as I just got my CDL A. Now they are requiring me to get a med card through PFG group itself as they have a DOT team and such, dont ask me why. So PFG contracts with HireRight which contracts through MEExpress a DOT clinic. Went to ME Express multiple times all this week and just road block after road block. First off BP was slightly high. Normal BP is 140/90 I was 156/94 not alarming but it took literally five different associates to check and recheck BP. I failed to tell them that I consumed two Red Bulls prior so that’s why BP was spiking. Was then told to go to my primary doctor get BP recheck and have doctor sign a letter. So did that, BP was 124/78, normal range. Went back to ME Express, was told first DOT exam was voided. Huh?? So then they said I needed a full audiology report from my audiologist because I wear two hearing aids. I have a valid waiver on a med card that was issued on 8/30/23 to go to trucking school, but ME Express says need audiologist reports also to supplement this waiver. Then another DOT physical has to be done. Wow!!

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Got endorsed now what?

Got endorsed with Class A on 1/11/24, no restrictions able to operate manual and automatic transmission tractors. Most carriers looking for one year OTR. I’m guessing it’s an insurance kind of thing? Any carriers that will take on new CDL holders in Minnesota?

Posted:  5 months ago

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DCTC truck driver school MN

So Dakota County Technical College has a CDL Class A school. This course is a major disgrace and here is why. The recruiter requires $6000 tuition cost. Then the class runs no more than 30 days, regardless if you get endorsed or not. The driving instructor is 78 years old and from Arkansas. Total disorganization there. So I graduated but DCTC did not fulfill the requirement of getting me endorsed. So I rented a semi, manual transmission as well in Bemidji MN. $250 to rent truck. Practice for two hours. Truck is a C7500 Chevrolet with 5 speed manual pulling a 30 foot lowboy. Super super simple rig. Anyone guaranteed to pass as long as they are able to clutch a manual. People save the headaches of trucking academies,they are just in it for the money

Posted:  7 months ago

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Overwhelmed: Felon with zero experience.

Hello Stephanie I was happy to hear that your husband is trying to improve his life. The felony is old from 1991 so that’s about 34 years ago give or take? Most backgrounds go back about seven or ten years. Some companies go back forever such as federal employers such as FedEx and UPS.

My suggestion is see if your husband can apply for a pardon of his felony. He would have to fill out a pardon application which you can print off online. In Florida I believe they hear pardon petitions in Tallahassee the capitol. Florida is a very strict state as far as their criminal justice system, but your husband has been on the straight and narrow for 34 years. See if you can fill out the pardon application paperwork.

Get it notorized before you send it in. Banks do this for free. Make sure you send examples of how your husband is making a substantial and positive impact in his life. His trucking training would be excellent for this. Other examples would be a letter from you, his wife, volunteer services, etc. if that gets submitted then he will have his application read by the board.

If he’s granted a hearing he will have to appear in Tallahassee in front of the board. Then their decision goes to the Governor for signature. I wish you and your husband the very best

Posted:  7 months ago

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Failed offset backing

Hello I’m trying to get my CDL A endorsement here in Minnesota. I’m a confident driver and my instructor says I am very good at driving a semi. However, I was born with a high pitched tone deafness and wear two hearing aids.

I am able to talk and communicate so this is not a problem. My DOT medical has a waiver for hearing aids and is valid until 2025.

On Oct 16,2023 the DMV changed up the way the endorsement exam is done. I believe this is a FMCSA rule as I also have to complete an ELDT which was easy.

In Minnesota the best place for me test is Faribault which is about 50 miles south of the Twin Cities. The reason why, in my case, is Faribault has a deaf school near the exam station. The examiners road test many deaf people as they are familiar with our disability.

So long story short, yesterday 11/9, I tested at Faribault. I use a 2016 Volvo sleeper truck with a 53 foot trailer. I’m very comfortable with operating and driving. First up was my pre trip inspection. According to the new rules the air brake portion is done first, rather than at end of pre trip. Did air brake, then in cab, then light checks, then engine then outside tractor and trailer. Passed with flying colors.

Then we drove out. The examiner takes you about two miles away to a Minnesota DOT yard for skills test/backing. The examiner sets up cones. First maneuver is straight. Bumper has to be inside of a box. Did that well.

Second maneuver is straight backing. Did that well.

Third is forward offset or the proximity test. Go forward turn to left slightly then there will be two cones on your right. Back tire of the trailer has to be on line by cones. I nailed that.

Now the fourth maneuver is back offset. You will see a line of cones on your left that is to simulate a wall or fence. If your tractor goes outside that it’s called an encroachment and that’s not good. So my mistake was after the third maneuver the proximity I was at an angle instead of pulling ahead straight. So while I was on an angle I can get into the box but I’m encroaching which is costing me points. So now I know after third maneuver the proximity to pull ahead straight, not at an angle and get inside the box I should be home free.

The examiner also stated my turns are sloppy. I turn left or right too wide and don’t come back into lane. What I mean is if I make a right turn, naturally you have to turn out wide then when trailer wheels clear curb come back into the right, instead I was staying to the left, same on my left turns so I got to improve on that

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