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Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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I’ve had it with this faulty truck

I am having trouble with load shed also. But I only have a TV. Nothing else plugged in and lights and bunk heater off. I put the truck in opti idle when I stop for the night and I constantly get load shed warnings. How do I fix this nonsense. It's. 2024 Cascadia and I've had NOTHING but trouble out of it.

Woke up this morning at 0500 to the truck low volt and refusing to crank. Absolutely ****ed off.

It’s a 2022 Cascadia that’s had electrical issues from start. It has a throttle assembly wiring defect that disabled all driving safety control systems while driving. Company’s mechanics were skeptical but it got fixed. Took them two weeks because my company wanted a bunch of tests done for future info.

Two nights ago it’s too cold for opti-idle comfort mode, but I have it selected. I notice load shedding warning in about 20 minutes. I have nothing different plugged in, a fridge, microwave in standby, phone charger. I unplug all that. Battery rundown start does not want to activate at all. I crank it a few times to give it as much juice as possible and sleep with everything off. Slow crank but it works.

Last night temps were warmer so opti-idle worked fine. WELL, tonight it wasn’t displaying any issue so I go to bed for the night. About two hours later inverter is screaming shutoff low power. Honestly, half asleep I didn’t think to crank it to save it’s ass as it still cranks fine if that hits cutoff. Which, the batteries never rundown without a significant load on the batteries.

So, I’m waiting on roadside to jump the battery. Mechanic is sort of irritated wondering why I wasn’t in opti-idle. I told him it should crank on its own without comfort mode. It’s not like it would start anyways in this weather. SMH I hate the phantom electrical issues in this truck.

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Constant Truck problems

I am constantly having trouble with this truck. It's a 2024 Cascadia and it's one thing after the other literally. Now, and this keeps happened since I got the truck, it keeps going into load shed when I stop for the night and put it into opti idle. Why? How do I fix this?

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