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Taking my first real steps

Hello all I'm new to trucking truth and just wanted introduce myself. First off I want to send out my immense thanks and respect to all the ladies who are working toward their cdl or are already working in the industry. Yall are an inspiration! This is not an easy career path for a woman, it takes guts, determination, bravery and the art of being a woman to do what your doing. My hat is off to you all!

So alittle about myself, I am 51 yr, have 3 nearly grown kids, and in the beginning of a possible divorce and learning to live again. I have done alot in my life, am a lifelong farm girl, I have worked driving across the country while i owned my own hotshot company and team drove with my husband, I have owned my own wrecker company and operated the truck on my own. I have pulled many types of trailers in many types of situations. But it's always been lingering in the back of my mind since I was a little girl that I wanted to drive big trucks. And let's face it, for a past stay at home mom for 18 yrs who didn't get a degree due to family obligations there is no job out there that will pay me as well. But my speed bump is that I have always been a bit apprehensive about leaving home and going after my schooling on my own and driving on my own. My husband was always in the cab with me (even if he was sleeping) for that back up if I got into a situation. And he was always there with me in the middle of the night going into the truck stops. Stepping out without that comfort zone is really my biggest fear. I know I can do it I just have to push myself.

So all that said what are your tips and tricks to phyc yourself up for that 3 am stop, walking across the parking lot alone, going into the showers. I know they're are cameras and doors lock but I can't help but feel exposed by just the idea.

Sometimes I think maybe I know a bit too much about real life on the road. I've been to the showers and walked back to the truck with my hair froze by the time I get there. I've walked through the group of male drivers hanging out in the drivers lounge to get to the women's bathroom. I've been at the pumps alone at 2am being cat called from across the parking lot. How do you ladies get past the nerves? I'm not afraid to drive and make mistakes, I know my skills and what I can do. For me it's the human equivalent that frightens me. How do yall handle that yourselves?

One last question how long are you gone while doing your classroom training and later driving with your trainer? I have one last child who will be a senior this year and am trying to plan for how long he will be on his own.

Hope this wasn't too long and I hope to make some friends. Be safe out there ladies! You got this!!

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