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Past liscense suspension preventing me from getting hired at trucking company D:

This is gonna be all over the place cause I'm winging it. Anywho, to start I was going to enter Swift Transportation's Veteran scholarship program to get my CDL and start driving for them. However, it all went to **** once they requested a copy of my driving record. To clarify, I moved from Roanoke VA in June 2023 due to personal reasons but during this time I had a 1996 project car at the shop getting work done. Because I had just moved, and the stop was charging $85/Day in vehicle storage fees I ended up giving them the car because the total bill was well over $4000 in storage fees and I just could not afford that at the time. So I sent them the title and washed my hands of the car in June 2023 thinking all is fine and dandy. Now fast forward to July 1, 2024, once I requested a copy of my Virginia driving record for Swift Transportation that's when I discovered that my license had been suspended since 09/06/2023 due to canceled insurance on the said vehicle that I had turned over to the shop in June 2023, so my Virginia license had been suspended from 09/06/2023 - 07/01/2024 which is when I found out about this issue and got it resolved by providing a notarized bill of sale proving that I relinquished ownership of the vehicle on June of 2023. The problem now is that I have this suspension on my driving record for a vehicle I didn't own, and now because of it I cannot be hired at Swift and lost my Veteran scholarship so I'm trying to find out if there is a way I can have this suspension pulled from my record since it pertains to a car I didn't own and or wasn't driving at the time. Other than this I have had a clean driving record my entire life. Yes, I know it's my fault for not notifying the Roanoke DMV of my location change. Had I done that the moment I moved I could have gotten this taken care of long before it got to this point but I didn't do that, so here we are.

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