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Posted:  8 years, 5 months ago

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How much strength is required?

Things may have changed by now but back in the 80s' when I would pick up bananas at the L.A. docks, I had to help the longshoremen roll the boxes down the rollers into the trailers. If I recall, I think it was me and my other driver who had to stack the load because the union longshoremen were forbidden to step inside the trailers. So they put the boxes on the rollers and gave them a big shove down to us at the front of the trailer. That was always a workout. Hope this little anecdote helps!



I drove 1988-1991 for May Trucking and Can Am Express as a team driver. Back then, if you drove team, you had to load and unload most of the products. I was talking with my brother who has been driving for 4-5 mths about the tie/high restack we had to do. He never heard of that and didn't know what I was talking about. As we talked about his trips, I asked him how much time they allowed him to offload what he had on. To date, he hasn't lumped anything. While I can lift 50 lbs (bags of feed and mineral) and 70 lb hay bales, at my age, I much rather not have to. So, hearing the news I don't have to lump loads, I am more anxious to get started driving! smile.gif

Posted:  8 years, 5 months ago

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Hello from Cincinnati and a medical question

Thank you for the welcome Starcar! I am serious starting to look into driving and trying to make a plan....I like to have my ducks in a row! The thought of being able to possibly see my kids more than once a year and to not be working in an office REALLY makes me want to do this more and more. Thanks so much for the information you share on here.....I have read pages and pages of questions and answers!

Get your "ducks in a row" and go do this! I drove for 2.5-3 yrs back in 1988 - 1991 after doing 14 yrs on active duty in the Air Force...mainly in office jobs :-P

My husband was my co-driver and hated driving, wanting to be a cowboy (ranchhand) which he did in 1991. I hated it mostly...tho raising orphaned animals (lambs & calves) was interesting. Six years after we got married, he had 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries 45 hrs apart. Life changed in a blink of an eye! He had constant dizziness and headaches that were controlled with narcotics. When we moved to south-central ID from s.e. Montana in 2008, his anger got worse and his behavior was out of control. He was tested and it was found that the Fentanyl pain patch was causing him problems (on it for almost 10 yrs & on a dose that is used for people dying!) so went to rehab and was weaned off it. His headaches disappeared but his anger and behavior progressed. I was told he had dementia....which there is nothing you can do for that. In 2012, while my health was going downhill, he was getting more out of control. Meds were adjusted and last year was a good year. I raise registered Saanen dairy goats, having my Idaho Permit to sell unpasteurized (REAL) milk. I've met lots of wonderful people doing this. In Feb, while in a class in Twin Falls, I get a frantic call. My husband had punched his caregiver in the face. I made it home in record time. She was okay, but I could no longer have her watch him. While he goes to the nursing home for 5-6 hrs three times a week, those hours she watched him were gone. I started sliding downhill again and was just waiting to take a break from my caregiver duties over Memorial weekend. I go to a BIG goat show in Boise with my guys and gals for 3 days. The husband goes to a nursing home and I don't have to worry. Unfortunately, this year, while relaxing & enjoyable, I got him home and he's been angry ever since. Last week was the straw! After listening to his mean mouth for 3 hrs, I went into a funk and it affected how I cared for all of my critters. Fortunately I had a friend call day before yesterday and when she told me that she could see I was going in circles and looked sick (and old :-P ), I made a decision.

Now to put into action. I am reading this website, will be talking with his daughters and brother over the next week about his living permanently in a nursing home, line up a couple friends that will manage my goats and other critters, get my schooling out of the way and get my CDL! I will be 63 next month and have many good years left in me! ;-) IT'S TIME TO DO OUR THING and ENJOY LIFE!!

Posted:  8 years, 5 months ago

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Hi all. my second question here since I am a newbie here. I am considering getting my CDL's. Have wanted to do this as long as I can remember. Always had things slow me down and change my mind, however; being married, having children mainly. My children are all grown, and i am single now. i have looked at the majority of the company schools and called several but it appears that the only ones really available to me are Swift and Central because i live in Oregon. Most are in the mid west or east coast area.

Which of the two schools would you all recommend between Swift and Central. The people at Central were a lot nicer to me on the phone the ones at Swift. Swift just seemed to be bothered and annoyed that I had even called. Also what would be best the alternate choice, private or company school? Here in Albany where I live is a IITR school which is quite expenxive but I would not have the travel expenses,extra and i would have choice of day, night, or weekend classes? However what are the chances of getting pre-hired before school for assistance to repay the loans. I am 57 and a female, no tickets, no moving violations, duii or anything in the last 5+ years. No duii, no mr.der menders, felonies ever. Steady employment at least part time for a solid 15 years. My big down fall, I am a diabetic managed I do try and exercise daily. Thanks for any and all help. Diana

P.S. This forumn has been awesome and I thank you all over again.

Are you on diabetic medicine? A friend just lost his CDL due to having to go on insulin. He drove while taking Metformin and something else.

I've been out of the driving world myself for 23 yrs, but have kept in touch with friends that still drive. Swift isn't talked about in kind words by many people I know. They tend to not pay well. I don't hear much about Central, but do see them a lot in this area (south-central Idaho....just off I84). Because of that, when I get my life situated, I will probably look at them, May Trucking (Payette, ID....have a yard near Wilsonville, I think that's the town...trying to think back 25 yrs ago) or a couple others that run the Pacific NW a fair amount. As for schools vs company training, I plan on going to Sage Trucking at the local college on the advise of my brother who drives and a friend that owns his own small company. My brother just got his CDL thru a school and England picked up the tab. He is committed to them for 9 mths but will look for a better paying company as, at 62, he wants to make up and save enough money to retire on at age 70.

Posted:  8 years, 5 months ago

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I apologize for my unexplained absence.....Cluster migraines....its the thing you get when you are to old for periods, and your past menopause....

Sorry I haven't been here...but migraines really kick my freckled behind....and I'm sure that you ladies know what they are like...AND that raises a question.......Why is it that its mostly women who get migraines ?????????????????? I mean, if having periods isn't bad enough.....and then All we ever did was hand an apple to a hungry man....and we've been plagues for it since time began.........embarrassed.gif

Sorry you are dealing with migraines. Most women I know that are past menopause no longer get them. As for menopause, I didn't even realize I was done with it until the VA did a test and confirmed I would have no more periods (had one after 1.5 yrs). I never had hot flashes or anything. I think God knew I had enough to deal with as my husband had two Traumatic Brain Injuries 45 hrs apart a couple years before I went into menopause. It was tough dealing with his anger, being freezing & dizzy all the time (brain stem damage) and other issues. I'm sure glad I didn't have issues when I went thru it.

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