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Massacusettes Transplant

7 Years OTR Dry Van and Reefer Driving Experience

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Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Trying to decide were to train celadon or crst

I just graduated from the CRST sponsored training at JTech in Jacksonville, June 25, 2015. They put us up in a nice hotel with double occupancy for 28 days all paid for by CRST. We walked to the school everyday because it was only 1/4 mile away but we could have taken the shuttle that picks you up at the front door and drops you off on the training pad everyday. There was alot of time spent waiting your turn to get into the trucks to practice the backing manuvers. HINT-Bring a towel, a hat, sunscreen, shorts and lots of water. All of the trainers are very knowledgable and do a great job of teaching you the trucking trade. HINT-Bring the explanation of each backing manuver with you on the training pad. Follow the explanations exactly and you will be backing up without anyones help in no time. HINT-DO NOT Listen to students who are there to learn too - ONLY LISTEN TO THE TRAINERS. When it came down to test day, it was easy as long as you study in class and on your free time. Three tests include doing a pre-trip including a in-cab pre-trip, 3 backing manuvers and the road test. HINT-Study, Relax, be safe, don't hit anybody, use all of your mirrors constantly and do not go over any curbs. From Jacksonville to Atlanta they rented us a car and we landed in a hotel that wasn't that nice at first, nothing worked and it was dirty. We changed rooms 3 days later into a much better room where the tv worked and the room was fairly clean. I finally happy again. 4 day orientation was a piece of cake cause they really want to hire you and will do everything they can to make it happen. Right now, a couple days after our hire date, most of us are waiting for our lead drivers to come and pick us up to go on the road for 28 days. Some of us have assignments some don't yet. HINT-Tell them everything about your background and back it up with dates. HINT-Make sure you study for the drug test, that is one test you never want to fail. If you have used recently - DON'T COME TO SCHOOL. The biggest problem here is we have to get a voucher for hotel so CRST will pay. We have to call dispatch everyday to get a new voucher so they don't kick us out. I LOVE MY NEW LIFE.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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Career change?

I am currently in the military and have 22 months left on my current enlistment. I a, considering getting out and am looking at truck driving. I have a family of six and just want to know can and is it likely I will make enough driving a truck to support them. I am also curious as to where to begin I would like to hae things lined up before getting out.

Charles, First I want to say, Thank you for your service. Second, You are in a unique position where if you can swing it, the government will train you to drive a truck and you could have all your training done before joining the civilian ranks once again. Make some inquiries into changing to the transportion branch or even have one of the guys train you in off hours. Third, If that doesn't work, when you get out you will be able get funding from the gov to receive your training. From my research, not experience, I have seen pay ranges from (low) $30,000 (which is $10,000 more than I make at my current job), up to $80,000. Everything depends on experience and the company you work for. The first couple years are the learning stages and you expect to make anywhere from $30,000 to $36,000 the first year and 40 to 50 the second. The 1st year is trucking bootcamp the second is rookie ville. Start saving your money now to have enough buffer for the first 5 months of real low pay.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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Soon to be driver needs help

Micheal, Welcome to the world of trucking. I too am just starting out in this new lifestyle. You have landed on a goldmine of straight information from the truckers themselves. Where you live has a lot to do with where you will be able to go to school if planning on company sponsored training. Some companies only hire out of certain states and specific areas. I plan on going to CRST this June, I decided this after doing tons of research on many different companies. I have literally been to every website I could find in search of the real answers on trucking companies. I have found the good and the bad from every company I researched. Being ready to jump into this new lifestyle has a lot to do with whether you keep your mind in the right place. Keep reading everything there is in the forum and remember to have an open mind about some of the bad information you may stumble upon.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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CRST or Swift Company Training?

Errol, Congrats on your getting your very own truck. Good luck. Thank you for very much for the great insight into the Swift/Millington training. I really like Swift but I don't think there upfront costs are going to fit into my budget. They are still in the running, I haven't made any committments yet, (June 2015)

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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CRST or Swift Company Training?

Here's a basic question you should be asking yourself - do you wanna team? I believe CRST is a team driving operation, even after training is done. You might wanna verify that though ... but I vaguely recollect that being the case. Perhaps you are just required to team for a bit even after training, before you can request to go solo.

Team driving is a requirement at CRST all the time and is not an issue in my eyes. Security in numbers, constantly moving with less chance of load ripeoffs, better equipment and load planning. These things are at the top of my list. I think I can put up with this format for 10 months. Starting out at a lower cpm is common and I'm ready to put in my dues.

Thx for the quick reply. Please give me some more.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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CRST or Swift Company Training?

Thx for the timely reply. All you guys are the best when it comes to sharing information. I like CRST for team driving security on the road, cause I have no experience in a big rig and I think I am going to enjoy having someone to share the work load. As long as I can find a good co-driver.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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Well I'm here for training.

Jay, I can't wait to hear more of your driver training experiences and what really happens with your family life. I am getting ready to go to school soon and am very apprehensive about leaving my family alone.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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CRST or Swift Company Training?

I have been doing a lot of research trying to determine where I want to start my Truck Driving career. I have no money available for private training so I have decided I am definately going to one or the other. I'm hoping I can get some guidance from currently employed CRST and / or Swift Truck Drivers. Any information provided is going to be very much appreciated. I am really concerned about making the right decision that is going to affect my future. I have a Florida CDL permit and plan on getting my DOT Medical Exam within 2 months of going to school. Have planned out my financial budgets for each company and made the necessary preparations. I live in South Florida so some companies don't hire in this area. I am a very dedicated person so once I start anything, I go all the way.

My main concerns are:

1) If I go to Swift, am I going to sent home for some silly reason just so they can make money off of me. I have no criminal background and I have a clean DMV report.

2) Am I going to treated nicely at the Millington, TN Swift terminal by the trainors and staff?

3) When I get out on the road running solo for Swift, am I going to get enough miles to make a living or am I going to sit and not make any money? Starting pay doesn't mean anything if your're not rolling the wheels. I know this has a lot to do with being on time, not turning down loads and having a good load manager. And of course being a nice person and easy to get along with helps.

4) Is the training at CRST actually paid for by the company or do they take out the money out of my check every week?

5) What school will I attend if I go to Jacksonville, FL for CRST? Is it completely paid for up front?

6) Are meals actually provided at the traing facilities or not? I love to eat all the time. All 142lbs of me.

7) Is the possibility of getting a new truck with less than 100,000 miles?

8) How do you get your HazMat endorsement if your're constantly on the road?

9) When I go for my physical, what actual excercises do I have to preform. (pullups to lift my own weight?)

Any input anyone can offer will be great.

Posted:  9 years, 6 months ago

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LTL Trucking - My linehaul job

Hey 6 string rhythm, I just want to let you know, I just read your whole thread, word for word. Loved every minute I spent reading your very imformative posts. Please continue writing and contributing to this forum. (You are a very good writer) I have recently received my CDL Permit and look forward to my truck driving career to start in June 2015 because of family obligations. Since reading "How to Make $65 -$95,000 Driving a Truck and be Home Every Day", I have decided to pursue all of the LTL companies in my area. I have submitted a couple applications and received some good response to my supprise. The more I read of your posts, the more I have concluded the LTL life is for me. Please keep your updates/posts coming because I will read every word.

Posted:  9 years, 6 months ago

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HAZMAT Endorsement and TWIC Card

OK, with some more searching I found this: (It was on a forum! There are some good guys over there too!)

How to get your HAZMAT Endorsement!

OK, obviously I'm FAR from the most experienced driver on here but this is something that would have helped me a long time ago.

Neither of the Truck Driving Schools I went to nor the DMV were any help in figuring out how to get the HAZMAT endorsement.

First thing you need to do is go to and fill out the Application. It cost $89.25 and it covers the cost of the background check as well as the finger prints. (You DO NOT have to be 21 to do this part of getting your HAZMAT Endorsement)

Second click the "Locations" button at the top and search for a finger printing facility in your area. (You DO NOT have to be 21 to do this part of getting your HAZMAT Endorsement)

Third go get finger printed. (They CAN NOT start the background check until you get finger printed). (You DO NOT have to be 21 to do this part of getting your HAZMAT Endorsement)

Forth Call the "Hazprints" phone number (877) 429-7746 seven days after you get finger printed to find out the status of your background check. (They say it can take up to 120 days for them to complete your application, but I filed out the application and got finger printed on September 9th 2010 and I was Cleared to go get my endorsement on September 11th 2010.)

Fifth Call your Local DMV after you get off the Phone with HazPrints to check to make sure that they have you as Clear on there system. (It can take up to 72 Hours for the DMV to get the info from HazPrints.)

Sixth Go to your DMV and take the HAZMAT test. (You DO NOT need the letter they send you saying your clear to get your HAZMAT Endorsement, the DMV has it in there computer already that your clear) (YOU MUST BE 21 TO TAKE THE HAZMAT TEST AT THE DMV)

Thats all there is to it, $89.25 + your DMV fee's!


1) It is NOT hard at all. Read through the HAZMAT section of your DMV CDL Book.

2) Then go to

3) Click the button that says "Online Testing Center" on the left side of the page

4) Scroll down a little bit and on the left side of the screen click "Haz Mat Test 1"

5) Continue going through ALL 7 HAZMAT test until you can get every question right


I don't know if the DMV HAZMAT test is the same in every state but here in NC it's 30 Questions and its done on the Computer. You need to get 24 right to pass, and if you get 7 wrong you Fail. I got the first 24 questions right so it stopped, so I only had to answer 24 questions!

I hope this helps my fellow new drivers out there!

American Trucker

Ok, I understand the process a little bit better now. However, there is one question that nobody seems to answer. Brett, Old School, etc. and all of you smart than me guys here have said, "blah, blah, blah! Get your hazmat endorsement before you leave for school. It will help you. Blah, blah, blah!" So here is the question:

The TSA requires you to have a permit number to start the background and fingerprint process. Will a learner's permit number work to get this process started? Does the CDL A permit you get from doing the written test qualify as a CDL A?

I just came back from my local Florida DMV and they said you can apply for your HazMat endorsement with your CDL permit as long as you take the driving skills test within 30 days of applying for your HazMat.

Also the Government Universal Enrollment Service stats you can submit a HazMat application at the Port Authority facility, you can as long as it it for another state other than Florida. Even though it says on their website you can. Government Universal Enrollment Service - HME, TSA, TWIC

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