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Posted:  6 years, 5 months ago

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Criminal history challenged but still going for it is my story

Has the newest felony 3.5 years ago been cleared from your record yet? And if cleared, has it been expunged? This may matter due to companies that do except felons usually have a minimum of 5 years since the conviction date.

So I'll tell you about me and what I know. May or may not help. Plan to post a thread eventually to share what I do know with others in hope to provide insight.

I'm half your age nearly, at 28 and have been considering driving as a long term career for a year now. Problem is, as you, I also had run-ins with the law... Matter a fact, quite a few between the ages of 18 and then again I was 21/22. I happened to rack up 4 felony charges in total thru those years including 2nd degree burglary and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.... Not done yet, even got a DUI that was dropped to a neg driving. Spent about 2 years of my life between jails and prison. Now, no one persons case is the same and as goes the reasons companies that due hire felons go by a case by case scenario.

About a year ago I moved and with it had to leave my job of 4 years behind. Did this for my kids because I didn't have any family where I was. Well when I got to my current state I had a heck if a time getting a job.(denied,denied,denied...background)I thought about driving a truck years before but dismissed because like you everything I read or people that I talked to said its unlikely. The only reason I was even considering driving as an option is because my dad has been driving for con-way for years and has made a pretty good living.

Anyways, for whatever reason I started looking into it and really looking at the different companies and what there policies and guidelines where for criminal backgrounds. To my surprise I found several companies that in fact did hire felons with the exception that the crimes committed where at least 5 years behind them. Now some companies are different they have ones that say 7 yrs... 10yrs... NEVER! ect.. But even if they do hire felons its case by case and you have to be totally honest and up front with them. My latest felony is 7yrs behind me as of next month. The first company I was going to go with is prime. If you review there hiring guidelines they will consider you for employment with felonies as long as you can meet the conditions for obtaining a TWIC card.. You can find the info here:

Under: Disqualification, Waivers, And Appeals --> What can disqualify me from getting a TWIC?

truck driver job application disqualifying criminal offensestruck driver job application disqualifying criminal offensesAbove are screen shots i took with my phone for quick viewing, but definatly check out the website.

But there are plenty of others such as tmc which is a flatbed company, there guidelines on there website say 7yrs(last time I checked) but I found Craigslist postings that contradicted that saying only 5. Called to confirm and its true, they are 5 years as well.

I wanted to see if I could get around going to prime BC that would mean I would have to leave from home for training. And at the moment things are looking great. I applied at Schneider last month for there paid cdl training position at a school that's close to me. Filling out the application was painful putting down all my history, dates, reasons, jail terms, prison terms, fine information, ect. ect... Surely I was out of my mind... I must be kidding myself, right? No way they will except me I mean look at the crap I pulled. Well I completed the app and hit submit.. Screw it, what where they gonna tell me? "No" ... Like I've never heard that one before?! rofl-3.gif

Well I was trying to act like it didn't matter to get through the application, but between me and you, I was nervous as s*##. Because for the last year this is all I wanted.

Took em two weeks! TWO FREAKING WEEKS! to get back to me, but they did. I had an interview with a recruiter and had to go over every detail of my criminal and driving background. I was sure as anything I was screwed by the time we got done. She called me back a few days later.... BAM!!! Conditional offer of employment! wtf.gif Everything is still on schedule. Got a call new years eve and was advised to come in. Went to the Gary,IN operations center for Schneider on the new years day and signed my training commitment contract(what a way to start the new year).

Anyways Craig, all is not lost. Don't let no one tell you what you can't do. Put in the work, research the companies, apply. The only thing I would be concerned about is the felony 3.5 years ago. But if its cleared from your record, then you are not legally required to put such information down. Nor should anyone have access to it other then state & federal government's.(you will need to do your due diligence here and make sure it is removed from employers to see.) In any case your only 1.5yrs away from the 5yr mark. And you never know there may be companies that will still work with you. You gotta try tho. But yes you can still be a truck driver with felonies.

Posted:  6 years, 5 months ago

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Started training with Schneider

Been registered almost five months and ^^^^^ that was my first post... Can anyone say "Lurker"


Posted:  6 years, 5 months ago

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Started training with Schneider

Awesome Jeff! I have just signed my training contract with them on the 1st. Hoping to be in school by the 19th. Super excited! Keep us updated, looking forward to hearing your experience.

Hey Shilo M., Schneider's job opportunities vary by location from what I have seen. But to answer your question, yes, they do have accounts/openings for drivers with little/no experience to be home daily or every week. However, this all depends on your location and division you drive in. In ex. In my area they have intermodal jobs that have you home daily/more then once a week. Also they have dry van positions that have you 7out/2home. Before they offered me a spot my recruiter gave me the option of Van/Intermodal/Tanker and left it up to me. Hope that helps!!

GL Jeff!

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