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    6 years, 8 months ago

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From Vancouver BC Canada

3 years trucking

42 single no family no pets

ready set to truck for life God willing

Avid cyclist. Seldom swimmer. Sometimes weightlifter.

I love to cycle and I collect vintage mountain bikes and parts. Bicycle mechanic and truck mechanic. Just had my pet of 18 years pass on in october 1 2013. Longest steady thing I ever had in my natural life. Thought it worth mentioning.

Thats about it for now.

im laid back and friendly aswell.

so ... Hi there

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Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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So my journey begins...


it might just be me. I don't think the learning ever ends. Like life, everyday brings new experiences. Your never on the same road with the exact same circumstances. Its the other drivers that you got to watch. Haha

Again congratulations!

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Nov 23 2011

Oh and I think safe drivers do it on purpose. If you always have safety as a priority you will be safe. Some drivers dont really give safety a lot of thought and some of them have years of driving experience. My boss had 5 years experience but he crashed us. He didnt think about safety as a priority. He was equally concerned with getting to the destination as quick as possible and he had road rage. Bad habits, road rage, and rushing to the destination were all factors in him crashing. Among other things. Hope that helps.

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Nov 23 2011

Team driving has me interested, i understand the cons of it however i kinda like the idea of while being new that there is someone around to help if you need it... I do not know if that is the reality of it but i just know i want to do everything possible to be as safe as possible.

The licensing office in my province (state) has no requirments about backing up, to attain a license.

So when I started out, I had never backed up a trailer more than 2 or 3 feet in a straight line. When I passed the driving test all I knew how to do was drive around the set route that my instructor taught me. I didn't know how to actually do the job, but I had a license that allowed me to legally drive. With the training I had after my 20 hours of schooling it was the only option I knew about. It was great because If I encountered a situation I couldnt do myself, I just woke up my boss and he took care of it. I would try and back up first, and if it was taking me too long, id wake up the boss. If I was at a busy terminal I would get nervous and not even attempt to try. Having him there to do the stuff I wasnt ready for, allowed me to learn at my own pace. Which is what I prefer. In my 3rd year driving solo, I still had trouble backing into tight docks. Although I always got it in there but not without a lot of effort haha

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Nov 23 2011


Brett I am planning for late october early november as my start date. Sooner if things work out at my current job and im able to leave. I cant just drop things because they treated me good. Yep I am a beleiver that im only here on this earth because of The Grace of God.

Yes I agree with not trusting my life in another drivers hands. I took the shortest and cheapest driving course I could and my first job was part of my training. I paid a total of $2500 for my course and then got paid the next 2 years while I was being trained. Over here in Vancouver the best paying jobs are team driving. I was getting 41 cpm solo. Team pays 30cpm and I get paid for the total miles. So while I sleep im still getting the 30cpm so it sorta works out to 60cpm which is the difference between bringing in $3000 a month after taxes to 5, 6, or $7000 a month.

Im actually planning to go back into team driving, but I will not be as laid back about my codrivers bad habits this time around.

I like this website and I gotta run to work.

thanks for the responses

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Nov 23 2011

picture of aftermath of horrible tractor-trailer big-rig truck crash

I have 3 years experience 2 team and 1 solo. I was asleep in the bunk when my codriver put us over the side of a cliff and double flipped us doing 105km in a 80km zone with snow and mountains.

After the accident I tried going back to driving with him again and PTSD hit me hard. Never even knew what PTSD was but I do now.

I struggled to keep a trucking job for a period of time because of this incident. So I went into the field of heavy duty mechanics. Now I am stronger physically and mentally than I was before the accident and by november I plan to go back into long haul trucking. The money is just what I need and I think im all healed up and not inexperienced about what it all means to be a trucker.

I have lived most of my life nomadically anyways so trucking is perfect. I enjoy meeting new people and small talk also. Whereas im really not very good at getting to know all about people haha. For good or bad its just how I am.

So im happy to be looking forward to going back into trucking after a year or 2 off.

I did learn how to fix a lot of stuff on trucks though as a heavy duty mechanic. I have the most organized tool setup I think ive ever had and im better understanding of the systems on a truck. So my time off was not wasted. It was needed.

Anyways check out my picture. I was asleep in the back of that truck when my boss crashed it.

I always slept backwards in the berth. Which is what I contribute to still being alive today. The side of the truck with the lights and heater controls by the bottom bunk was torn and shredded and crushed. Thankfully I was thrown to the opposite side and only had my feet cut a little. Amongst other cuts and bruises.

Im just now finding myself ready to give it another go. Im planning to go back to trucking. This time I can confidently say I know what to expect. No more crashes though....of course!

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