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Schneider driver from Chicago. I'm 41, married with 3 kids. Sarcastic, bull headed, civilized, with a great sense of humor.

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Posted:  9 years, 6 months ago

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And So It Begins


I was hoping to get responses from actual users... And did. I appreciate the feed back and really hope my colleagues are not "yes men" and truly put this crap to rest in our company. Time will tell.


I started driving in '93 and I can honestly say I can't think of a single "safety device" they've come out with in 20 years for trucks that has helped much of anything. I seriously think the actual rumble strips have probably saved countless lives over the years. Those are a simple, effective solution to someone who falls asleep at the wheel or is distracted by something and doesn't realize they're drifting onto the shoulder.

The collision-avoidance stuff - complete garbage. The lane departure stuff - complete garbage. If you want to have truly effective collision avoidance technology you have to be able to determine accurately which objects are actually vehicles. The only way you can do that is for all vehicles to be able to communicate with each other and detect signals coming off each other. If you want truly effective lane departure technology you have to know for a fact where the lanes are. The only way you can do that is to put some type of sensors in the roadways.

This type of technology is totally doable and someday it might get done. But I had cr*p beeping at me for 15 years and none if it was worth a nickel.

I'm all about safety and I know these technologies can be made useful but there are a lot of missing steps that have to be taken and nobody seems prepared to do that anytime soon.

Brett, as usual well thought out and informative. I love this website!!!! :-)

Posted:  9 years, 9 months ago

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Celadon indy school starts tomorrow.

Yes, please keep us posted; I am especially interested as I am starting there in Indianapolis in two weeks (was supposed to start in a week, but had to postpone). lol- Good luck to us all!

What I've experienced so far.

1. Celadon is a good company. MAX is a dedicated teacher who is looking out for your best interest.

2. You will not necessarily be at the dorm. You will not necessary have a room to your own. Flea bag quality inn 19 miles away, 19 miles AWAY.

3. The representation and rumors that celadon is un organized and procrastinating is untrue. There is plenty of clowns and cracky peeps up in here. They fill up the time slots and waste time. Celadon is guilty of not weeding out the idiots that just want food and shelters.

4. Schneider and another company are responsible for all the testing in the area. They routinely cancel appointments for their benefit. Delaying celadon students.

5. Keep on your recruiter! Some are good some are bad. Get your info

6. No simulator

7. The food is hit and miss. It's free, mostly. Yogurt, salad, healthy food extra.

8. Bring your stuff! I swear. The recruiters send you an email telling you what to bring. BRING IT! Original Birth certificate, DL, 2 pieces of mail with the name matching your license, Original SS card.

9. Ladies, if you have been married bring your license for EACH TIME YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED!

10. The dorms are pretty cool. More on that later.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Chuck the talking truck

Posted:  9 years, 9 months ago

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Celadon indy school starts tomorrow.

Keeping an open mind on all the bad reports about the time frame here. I've studied the training program here and I'm ready to go. I haven't seen anybody post anything about it, but I'm assuming Celadon does not have a simulator. Anybody with any info?

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