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Posted:  9 years, 4 months ago

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Driver Roles in an Autonomous Driving Convoy

I've seen various news articles regarding autonomous driving technology being implemented in semi trucks. Specifically, there are tests being done with autonomous driving convoys that could possibly be a reality in the next decade or so. How do you envision driver roles if/when this technology takes effect?

I don't see the roles changing too drastically in the beginning. I would think drivers will still be needed to back into a dock, pull into the fuel island at a truck stop, drive locally in cities, etc. Realistically, I would think it would take several decades to perfect the technology in such a way that drivers aren't needed in any shape or form, as far as the driving aspect goes.

It would seem certain though if the technology catches on and progresses that traditional truck driver roles would change over time. A complaint I've seen quite frequently through my research in becoming a truck driver is live load/unloads. Sometimes drivers have to wait to get unloaded or loaded because of schedule delays, the customer doesn't have workers available, etc. I have zero experience in this industry, but I wonder if it would be more efficient for the truck driver, or truck drivers, to actually fill the role of loading and unloading their own truck in those cases. I'm sure a lot of liability issues would have to be worked out, but I wonder if it would even be a possibility. I could see drivers in the future taking on a role like that especially if driverless technology catches on like some experts believe will happen.

Just curious on others perspective on this. Is this a topic of conversation that comes up frequently with current drivers?

Posted:  9 years, 4 months ago

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2 Weeks OTR with David

Thanks for taking time to do this this thread David! This stuff is invaluable and much appreciated!

Posted:  9 years, 4 months ago

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Crazy truck passing me on video

I think it's a miracle that truck didn't cause all of you to end up in a wreck. Glad you made it through ok. It looked like multiple lives could have been lost in my opinion.

Posted:  9 years, 4 months ago

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New Member Intro, Thanks to TT Members, and Roehl Transport Question

Hi! I've frequented TT off and on for about a year and finally decided to make an account! This website has by far been the best tool I've found in my truck driving research. Brett's raw truth book, training and life on the road diaries from TT members, and the general forum have been truly priceless on my research journey. I'm also looking forward to the CDL training materials as a member now! I've always desired a career that would allow me to travel. I remember memories as early as 4 years old desiring to travel all over the country as an airline pilot or semi truck driver! My life took a different path then I envisioned however. I've been extremely fortunate with a well paying career considering this nation's recent economic challenges, but I feel like I'm reaching a point where I want to pursue my childhood dream. I don't feel pursuing a career in flying is the right way to go and have seriously considered truck driving for over a year. I'm thankful this website exists and feel confident I will make a well informed decision when the time is right based on the plethora of knowledge here at TT!

I do have a question for anyone out there that has experience with the Roehl Transport HOMEtime fleet options, particularly the 14/7 option out of the Atlanta terminal. I'm particularly interested in this option as I desire to be an OTR driver and my personal situation would allow me the opportunity for additional time home with the family. I've talked with Roehl already and got their basic rundown on what to expect, but I would love to hear from someone who currently, or recently, has experience in this. Any insight from a driver's perspective on these HOMEtime options would be greatly appreciated!

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