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Do trucking companies mean what they say?


Do trucking companies mean what they say when they say No NYC and No Canada? Are they honest about training pay? What is forced dispatch? The dispatch guy is your boss?? Well,I can do dispatch too,ya know!


Let me tell you what i told myself through this whole ordeal. "No one is telling me the truth. Everyone is going to lie to me. And i will not believe anything till i see it for myself." i have yet to be disappointed. In fact there has been a few truths that have come to be. Good luck

I just finished school in San Diego and flew thru the DMV test and now have my CDL. I took the first job opportunity at Swift because of its close location to my home. After 3 days of orientation, I was dq'd due to my one, and only accident (minor, no injury but I was at fault) on my driving record (last April). i disclosed this info all along and was shocked it wasn't brought up until so late in the game. Anyway, I have since contacted a few other major companies in the area and they have said they will not take me either. I thought I would be a "shoe in" in this industry with my license and clean background (many shady people in my class), i'm drug free, no felonies.... Any suggestions??? Thanks, Dave

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