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I’m a pro driver with big dreams; one of my favorite things to do is to just workout by like hiking and enjoying the journey of the fight and the surrender. 🌃

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

It’s a beautiful day 🏁

I probably should introduce myself. Thanks to you Brett Aquila, you’ve inspired me to get into trucking back in June 2012 (once I read your book) and maybe my positive streak is only now starting to truly blossom and that’s also really truly thanks be to Jesus most likely even more. The rat race to the bottom is real and it’s everywhere. Ok, let’s jump into the discussion at hand...


The chart has truth but it might need to be looked at from many angles to get the full details. I believe it's more likely that the monetary policy is more responsible for the disparity in such a pay difference between the avg. worker and the CEO. I'm speaking on my limited hunch and it might be worth getting to the bottom but I rather emphasize first from an angle of what I believe is a tactile solution to this problem rather than the complex systemic monetary policy.

What I see is anyone you hire to represent you whether it's a union or whatever just like the gov’t, anyone anyone is prone to sliding into the dark side and just starting to mis-represent you and eventually taking a complete advantage of you.

Based on the win you've explained, that UPS workers against the excessive management staff got, it sound's like a really good win but I wouldn't put all my eggs into the union basket. I'll take the good wins but I basically see a union as potentially a ballooning excessive middleman entity similarly to the management classes that are already required.

🔑 I believe one of the best solutions is to fight to foster an environment of healthy competition. It should be somewhat easy to just compete and to out perform the competition. I believe fair wages would be forced into-out-of a healthy competing environment.

If all auto companies but Ford went bankrupt in the last century and only Tesla successfully started and is competing now -- this is an indication of an unhealthy environment of competition.

It'll take to much time to contextualize my opinion, interpret it how you like, just my 2cent's.

🤔 And let me just throw out some ideas on the complex systemic monetary policy issues, culture and a bit of spirituality. I believe in a Year of Jubilee or debt cancellation. There should be a clearing of all debt in every generation's lifetime or once every 49 years. It's a Biblical thing. I'm not sure exactly how but an ever expanding debt is one of the most evil things which systematically shake a good foundation of a healthy competing environment. Debt should be manageable otherwise time to restructure. However wealth is never destroyed but rather always simply transferred so the policy should be that it be transferred (if some transference is required) to the middle class for they are the most essential bread and butter. Everybody should be encouraged to be part of the middle class. Rich and poor classes should be discouraged, and to put it specifically -- it should be a shame to be a health degrading lazy snob or a self-obsessed greed. Lastly the whole middle class should just be gradually graduating from one living standard to the next higher one yet we should also celebrate this life as a temporary pass, living it the best way, in honor of our Creator.

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