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    Cincinnati, OH

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    Preparing For School

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    9 years, 2 months ago

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Hello my name is Chris Wilson from Cincinnati,Ohio. I 'am a CDL student. I will be attending Driver Solutions in Indianapolis Indiana on April 13,2015. I'am training to drive for USA Trucking company.

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Posted:  7 years, 1 month ago

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Self Driving Trucks

Attention all truckers has anyone seen or heard about the news report on NBC Nightly News about the self driving trucks coming out in 2020? The report stated that over 2 million truck drivers jobs will be effected by this technology. Drivers what is the talk at the truck stops and your trucking companies about this new technology for self driving trucks?

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Self Driving Tractor Trailers

Thanks for that info and where to find it on this site.

Enter "Self Driving Trucks" in the search bar at the top of this page, we've talked about it plenty here.

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Self Driving Tractor Trailers

I keep hearing about these self driving tractor trailers coming out. What future does that mean for all the drivers in the field now? I want to get into the field but I'm at a stand still about it now because of this. Can any of you drivers give me any info about it what you all are hearing of job security about this? I do not hear any truckers talking about this at all.

Posted:  9 years, 1 month ago

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Just submitted my application to Millis trucking school

I submitted my application today to get my starting in the truck driving world. I am 57 years old and making this big change in my life is scary and exciting. Been driving a school bus for seven years so I have some basic skills, but a big rig is longer and much heavier. I believe I can do it so I am anxious to find out. Danny S.

Hello Danny my name is Chris from Cincinnati Ohio I just submitted my application to Millis Transfer Training school. I'am 48 years old and this is a new big move for me also. I want a new change and career in my life. Just want to do something different I guess you can call it middle aged crisis lol. Trucking has been on my mind for the past year now and its 2015 and I'am ready for the challenge. I heard so many good reviews about Millis Transfer that is why I wanna train and drive for this company. I'am praying that I will get accepted because I heard they are very selective. When your one of the best I guess you have to be that way. It will be an honor to be accepted. Well good luck and blessing Danny or your training and career.

Posted:  9 years, 1 month ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection - My Way! A must see!

Thanks Daniel for the pre-trip flash cards. That is really helping me prepare for the pre-trip test.

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