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Posted:  4 years, 6 months ago

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Older female seriously considering being a trucker needs advice

Age, height, weight won't be a problem. I did not go through Swift's training program so I do not know if they have any special requirements. I can not stress how important it is to study before you arrive. 3 weeks very fast. Most programs require you to be able to get your permit within the first 3 days or so. After that you have a pre-trip and any other tests your company requires. I would suggest you study the training information on this site and know it or get your permit before you attend school. Again nothing you said makes me think you can not be successful.

Posted:  4 years, 7 months ago

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Why I'm Getting a CDL-B, Does It Make Sense

Thanks to everyone for their input. I was hoping that someone here would have some real life experiences with Buses.

When Bob H. answered my post I sat down and took a hard look at myself and the truth is it's about my confidence. Had a few things go on lately and I need some success right now. I need to feel some steady ground under my feet. I know I want to and can do the job. I just need some time to breath.

I've been lurking for awhile. I've read a lot of posts and Bret's book. I've read about the Lifestyle. I did everything I was "supposed" to do before. I got married, had the house with the white picket fence and the dog named spot. I took care of my elderly parents and raided two upstanding people. Well now I'm divorced, both parents are dead and my kids live on thousands of miles away form me. I'm ready to do what I wanted to do. Unfortunately I went with the bus company before finding TT, and went to some other sites. Per some people I read that I could be accepted for training, go out there and because I made a mistake in paperwork or did not pick something up fast enough I could be left stranded where ever I was. Even if I made it through training I could be put with a trainer that could leave me stranded on the side of a road because I was difficult (which could mean I refused his advances). I might have to wait for months for a female trainer and even If I got one she could be hell on wheels herself. While I know that a lot, maybe even most of "problems" lead back to the driver but I also know that whenever your dealing with people they can be some crap involved. Sorry I just don't buy that everything complaint against a company is the drivers fault and every company has treated everyone one the up and up. One of the things that attract me to trucking is that it can be a level playing field. The truck dos not care what gender, race of religion you are. I believe most places will care most about if you can do the job. I'm mature, I want to go and learn. I don't have a problem with keeping my mouth shut and my ears open. I know a thing or two about hard work.

Now that summer is here I think I will apply to bus companies. I don't have anything to lose. When school starts again I will have a job there is nothing else.

Ok, sorry. No one will ever respond if I keep writing books instead of messages. Bare with me please. I'll learn to keep it short.

Posted:  4 years, 7 months ago

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Why I'm Getting a CDL-B, Does It Make Sense

Thanks for answering and no I don't mind sharing. You can ask me anything. I will actually be working full time driving a school bus. Well at least 30 hours a week anyway. During the summer I'm told that people just apply for unemployment. I hate the idea of that but I figure it will only be for a summer or two. I'm only 48 so I still need to work full time and hope I have another 15-20 working years to go. I've worked mostly in Banking and Customer Service. Tired of all of it. I've been interested in driving for a while but waited until my last child moved out. So I'm sharing a house with a month to month lease. I'm not stuck here at all. I willing and able to go anywhere. I know you understand what you have to go through with being hired through a school system but for others that do not know, you have to have a background check, your fingerprints taken, 10 year employment check, drug screening and your DOT is yearly, at least here in Maryland. I don't have any points, arrests, I don't do drugs or drink. I've had to pass a fitness test for my company in addition to the DOT. I can not think of a reason why I could not pass other companies fitness tests unless maybe lifting weights above my head. Being female, my upper body strength is not top notch. My expenses are pretty low and I feel I'm far enough in with the school bus company that I would be burning a bridge. I have not heard of a Motor Coach company in my area that didn't want at least a year or two of experience driving professionally. Anyway I hope you were able to understand my rambling and that I answered all your questions. Looking forward for hear from you and very interested in what you have to say on the subject.


Posted:  4 years, 7 months ago

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Why I'm Getting a CDL-B, Does It Make Sense

I applied and got a job as a school bus driver. My plan is to work for them a year or two and then apply to drive a motor coach. The school bus company offers free training, pays for my DOT exam, back ground check and fingerprints with no time frame that I have to stay with the company. I figure it will give me some time driving larger vehicle and if I can stay focused with 40 kids, I might make a good driver one day. I've thought about driving a coach bus next because it would give me experience with an even larger vehicle, I would get a chance to see sights and companies put you in a room if an overnight stay is needed. I know that when I decide to go to a CDL-A I would be starting over. If I would have found TT before I took the job with the bus company maybe things would be different but I made the commitment now. I do want to drive a truck at some point but I like the idea of easing my way into it. Learning to drive bigger and bigger vehicles and on further and longer routes. I'm single, kids are grown and gone. I've downsized so I can live anywhere. Does this plan make any sense? Any advice?

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