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Posted:  9 years, 2 months ago

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How to become a truck driver if you are not from USA

Thank you for your respond Rick. I will try to explain "opportunity" - friend of mine who is now in US knows people that own real, proper legal trucking company and they had connections with somebody who own a truck driving school (sorry for my English - not my first language). I get in touch with them and they told me that they can offer me a training and job. They will pay for CDL and training and they will hire me to drive for their company, but they can not help me with my legal status in US. When I first read their e-mail I thought Lady Luck finally looked at me. But when I do a little bit of research I realize that there are lots of trucking companies who offer that. I also realize that working visa in US is almost impossible to get.

Just from an legal/immigration standpoint - you cannot "legally work", on a B1/B2 tourist visa.

Some states may (or may not) issue a drivers license, so you can drive a car while you are here visiting - but they will likely not issue a CDL - since you won't have work authorization, and the license will expire at the same time your visa does.

So I'm not sure how you "got an opportunity to come to the US and be a truck driver" - if you cannot legally work on a tourist visa. And as lax as our immigration policy seems to be lately, entering on a tourist visa and working - is a sure way to find yourself homeward bound (whenever they get to you).

Add to that - to get a job at a "real trucking company", you have to go through a background check, already have a CDL, social security card and green card - that is, be LEGALLY AUTHORIZED TO WORK.


Posted:  9 years, 2 months ago

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How to become a truck driver if you are not from USA

Hello I'm from Europe. And not from a cool part of Europe but from southeastern part. Balkan. I got an opportunity to come to US and become a truck driver. But to start process I need social security number. I do not have one because I'm not US citizen and I can only get tourist visa. I DO NOT want to be illegal immigrant or do anything illegal. I'm a family man. I would be gratefull if anybody can help me to overcome this issue. Thanks

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