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Prescription adderall's not really nuts because you're driving an 80,000 pound building on wheels surrounded by minivans full of children. So even if a medication is legal, that doesn't mean it's safe to use while operating a commercial vehicle.

Anything that impairs your judgment or could make you drowsy will not be allowed for commercial driving. But as the others have stated there's pretty much always an alternative medicine that will do the job and be legal for commercial driving.

that didn't make any sense at all my friend,the purpose of adderall or any type of the sort is to treat individuals that have adhd, i think i would rather have a man with adhd to take his meds while driving i should know i take it, and i drive a truck..

here is the answer for you Andrew,or for anyone looking for the answer,you can drive a truck legaly while taking the medication a company can not fire or deny you,what you have to do is when you take you drug test the first thing will happen,the people testing you will contact you first telling you they found amphetamine in you system, you give them your info from your pill bottle then,you or they will get a release form from your doctor stating you a able and fit to drive under the medication some dot physicians my give you a 1 yr for your annual med card so far i only had that 1 time,so yes you can take adhd meds while on the road as long as you dont have any other health issues.

for any of the nay sayers out there who think add or adhd was made up just so the "pharmaceutical company's" can make money off of it is wrong i have lived with this crap my whole life and it sucks it causes alot of problems.

1 keeping a relationship 2 some people dont really want to deal with you because of the outburst 3 hard to clean or start a project 4 driving without being on your meds is scarry, you drift off into lala land and you cant help it because you have an attention span of a ferret.

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