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To sum it up quickly: Studied my CDL handbook in November and December of 2006. Got my CDL Permit in January 2007. Got hired on with Coca-Cola in March 2007 as a merchandise delivery driver (in training) and received my CDL license in April 2007. The Coca-Cola dolley diet did not pan out to well. Got on board with Lowes as a delivery driver (later April 2007) driving a 24 foot box truck, 24 foot flatbed truck and a day cab with a 36 foot flatbed trailer and Moffett tied to the back. Did that for a little over 3 years. Wanted to expand my driving career and drove for Swift starting in August 2010 on a dedicated run for 1 year. Got divorced in September 2011 (X went crazy and I took a step back driving for the time being) and moved back in with parents. Started working full time as a detail tech at a car dealership while going back to IT school. Got HAPPILY remarried in December 2012. (Still together today :-) ) After IT School, started working for city government in September 2013 as a Desktop Technician to present. Looking to get into trucking again in the beginning of 2016. Schneider will be my first choice and work there for 6 months. Afterwards I plan on moving onto Schneider's IC Choice Program. As I would say, "that is the plan"

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Posted:  7 years, 6 months ago

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Didn't show up for swift orientation, because of schneider.

No problem at all... Yeah, my first post did seem quick, vague and giving a 1 - 2 punch at swift. But wanted to give some good detail about swift as well. 👍

Posted:  7 years, 6 months ago

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Didn't show up for swift orientation, because of schneider.

Joel, you go with your uncle's friend from Schneider. You have a good connection with the company, more than you have with Swift. And where do you hear about Swift "taking" trucks? Did you talk with a Swift driver, or somebody else at the Fontana Pilot? I drive for Swift. When I was OTR, I went so far as to drop my tractor at the Memphis terminal for up to 4 days, and no one ever wanted to take my tractor. Can you believe it? You should believe me because you read it on the internet!

So Schneider will cover your tuition when you are hired? Are they giving away free money, or don't you think they will want you to drive for them for a while to make up the tuition they covered for you? Maybe not 13 months, but few companies would take you on, pay your tuition, then hope for the best!

And Jim, too bad you ran out of Band-Aids. I have never really had problems with Swift maintenance. I even got irritated because they kept an empty trailer I brought in because the in-cab Trailer ABS light came on. This place did not have an extra trailer, so I had to wait for the repair. At the time I drove a 2013 Kenworth and never really had a problem with it. When I took on a 2016 Freightliner, I found oil in a drive axle brake lining. The service writer would not let me take the tractor before the shop got it fixed. This "Band Aid" involved rebuilding the wheel assembly.

You see, you guys are either believing truck stop talk, or just passing on vague "bad news" to support your own decisions. Please be more specific with things, and take a big grain of salt with anyone bad mouthing any company. People have posted "... and we all know about Swift!" and such. Save that for forums that tolerate the hearsay type news.

I have been accused of being a Swift "fanboy". Well, Swift hired me, and so obviously I drive for them. If they were as bad as some have made them out to be (taking people's school tuition then failing them, or leaving drivers to sit at a truck stop for days at a time, for example) Swift would not be as large a trucking company as they are. Rather than a Swift fanboy, I'm a Me fanboy, speaking only from my personal experience and knowledge. And as a driver for only six months, my knowledge of the business is is pretty limited.

As for Jim's topic title, I do believe if you miss that first day, you can reschedule. Not hearsay, I looked in my Academy paperwork. (I know you're heading for Schneider, but Swift may have that second chance for you.)

Let me update more to my statement...

The orientation, work environment and the employees at the Lancaster Terminal with Swift was great. Had an awesome DM for a dedicated account and home on the weekends. Sometimes I was home Wednesday afternoon/evening and headed back to the terminal Thursday morning. So it had nothing to do about Swift Employees, just the lack of fixing/repairing/oil consumption issues (using 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of oil a week) was some of the concerns I had. Overall I would say I was frustrated having a lemon of a truck (2006 Volvo 670) which was in the shop more than I wanted it to be. (And I'm a guy who likes Volvo's) As most would see I'm losing $$$. The loaner trucks they would issue me would have a Check Engine or ABS light on. I also came across one with the dash interment cluster would not light up. I would have to send them to the shop first thing for repair. By the time the repairs were made a day or two later from the loaner trucks, my truck was ready to roll again. I asked my DM if I could have a newer (Not brand new) but a newer Volvo then the one I had. Or just one without gremlins running a muck inside my truck. lol My DM stated my truck has to reach a certain amount of miles before it could be replaced. Though 540K miles is just being broke in for a Tractor, it was just my luck getting the one with electrical and mechanical issues. I assume they replace their trucks at 600K? I will admit that I had enough in regards of my truck, so enough was enough and I moved on to something else with a steady/dependable income... So yes, Swift was a good company to work for in regards of it's employees, but it was the "Bad Luck of the Draw" I had of getting a "not so" dependable truck which made me leave.

Posted:  7 years, 6 months ago

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Didn't show up for swift orientation, because of schneider.

I'm currently 22 years old and I was suppose to go to orientation in Fontana ,ca today and start their training program. But after talking to my uncle and a friend of his, I've decided to pay school out of my own pocket and apply with schneider national two weeks before finishing my training. I didn't really like the fact that I had to stay 13 months with swift for me to finish paying my debt. And instead of paying $3,900 for their training. I rather pay $1,300 for dootson school of trucking and enroll on the reimbursement program with schneider after, I hope they do accept me though because swift might not give me a second chance since I didn't show up today. By what I've heard schneider has better training and that's what I like the most about it. I'll be waiting until February next year to enroll into school right after filing my taxes. That way I finish school right when I turn 23years in April (insurance companies will give me a better chance). And then apply with schneider. I just have a few questions about schneider, if any of you can answer them please. Does schneider let you take the truck home for home time ( I live 53 miles away from the Fontana terminal)? And if they don't let you take it,do you keep the same truck after you come back from your home time? I heard swift tends to give your truck away to any new driver or someone that needs it while you're away at home time so you will get a different truck almost every time you come back from home time. That's one issue I also didn't like about swift. And can you request who you want your trainer to be? My uncle's friend is a trainer at schneider and I'd like to have him as my trainer,is it possible? Or will I get any random trainer

When I worked for Swift, you could take only 3 days off or lose your truck. Yeah, I didn't like some of their policies either. I ended my employment back in August 2012 because the lack of safety and maintenance. It's not worth risking my life for repairs they would not fix (more like a Band-Aid patch). I plan on joining Schneider in the beginning of January or February 2016. I agree they are more serious about safety and hear so many great reviews about them. I work for city government now and the pay is ok, but I plan after 6 months venturing into the IC program. On You Tube Jeffery I showed his #'s from 2014 and his take home was a little over $84,000! This is more than double my yearly... If you look up "Schneider IC Choice My 2014 Trucking Numbers" you'll see what I mean. Plus if you have any questions about Schneider, e-mail him and he will give you his number. I talked to him 2 weeks ago and had an hour long conversation about Schneider. Great guy and full of information.

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