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Left training. Need Honest input on next step.

Hi everyone, I've actually been a part of TT community for a bit now simply as someone who has always admired the trucking lifestyle from afar, and who absolutely appreciates the hard work our truckers do on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have a really really great job with the federal govt for most of my adult life, but finally decided to take a stab at trucking because I could just NEVER get it out of my genes. Anyways, late last year I went to one of the Company Sponsored training schools that specializes in getting you up and running with your CDL in 3 weeks. It was a really awful experience for me personally. I just had a really difficult time adjusting to the training style, and even worse, I had a huge problem with the driving portion. For some strange reason, I could do all the skills test as if they were second nature, but I had a difficult time shifting (although I was pretty good in the Volvo but was absolutely abhorrent in the Freightliner in which I always seemed to end up in) In the third week, I was part of the second half of the group that was held back a few extra days while the first half went to orientation. That 3rd week Monday, I had to leave the program due to a family emergency, and I didn't go back.

So that brings me to the present. I'd really like to try again. I have the opportunity to either go with another major company that trains you one on one instead of boot camp style OR I can pay out of pocket to a longer term technical school. Although it is still an option, going back to the original Major company's training program is NOT a desire for me. Now understand, I had a roommate at the hotel who breezed through the whole program and actually got through his Mentor phase quickly and is now solo SO I'm not trying to pin the blame on the training program. The fault lies with me. I just had more of a difficult time adjusting.

So I need an honest assesment. I know many of you don't mince words, and I won't be offended with your answers. So the questions that I've formulated: If I had a really difficult time handling the quick aggressive pace of Company Sponsored Training Academy and the screaming and yelling by instructors (although they were pretty cool with me because I was struggling so much), could that be an indication that perhaps I'm NOT meant to to be a truck driver or have any of you known of someone that has had the same struggles and benefited from perhaps a change of training style/venue? If you feel that perhaps a change could be of benefit, then would you recommend Company training that involves going out on the road with a trainer? Or would you stick with a Technical school which, in this case, has a 6 week program (5 weeks behind the wheel) that's alot and I do mean alot slower paced? I tried researching my answer in the forums prior to posting but I felt that I would benefit better from all yall's customized input to my situation. Thank you all in advance. :)

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