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Swift Training Journal

Ok guys, about to leave in 5 days for Missouri, I'll be in Missouri for 4 days getting paperwork, drug screen and etc done. Then headed to Swift Terminal in Salt Lake City, Utah for 9 days for training. I'm starting to get my stuff packed and ready, got all my employment paperwork, military papers, social security card, certified birth certificate, and of course my drivers license all in order. Went to Dollar General and bought me a 3 ring binder, a notebook, pens, highlighter, and my clear ruler for paper logs. I'm as prepared as I ever can be. I have been studying for pre-trip for about 2 weeks ago, this is my main concern for me. I have my Indiana CDL permit and passed those test only missing 3 questions so I'm good to go with permit test. Driving test shouldn't cause any problems I have drove rig a lot in my life. Just have to cram for that da*n pre-trip inspections test.

My dad who's drove for over 40 years gave me an early birthday present since I'll be gone. He got me the Cobra 29LX CB Radio with Chrome Case, NOAA Weather & 4-Color LCD Display, and Astatic RD104E Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin CB Microphone, probably the best birthday present he's ever gotten me. I've never seen him this happy, but I figured he would be excited to see his son go into the business his father, uncle, and 3 brothers got into. He's happy to see the tradition keep going. What's awesome is that he gave me the briefcase he used for almost 20 years and the one I used to carry to his truck for him when he was leaving on a trip. I have to say, that I'm more excited now then I was when I joined the Army.

Well guys I will make another post on here probably the night before I get on the greyhound bus, and after that I'll be updating hopefully once a night from school and through training with my OTR trainer. I know school diaries like this have helped me deciding on my career and what it would be like, I hope my diary helps someone else looking at going into the business.

Hello Jarod. My name is Ron and I will be in training next week as well. I look forward to meeting you.

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