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Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Home Time Housing

Another option may be to purchase a multi family home. You can then set up in one unit, whether they are one up one down or side by side. The other unit you could rent out which could cover the cost of the house payment. This would also have the benefit of having someone living onsite. I knew many military families that would often buy a house at each duty station. Upon pcsing some would then rent out the old house instead of trying to sell it. They’d often have the property managed by a property management company so they could remain fairly hands off in regards to the rental.

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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PRIME, advice and questions

If the financial aspect is your biggest concern, which is understandable, have you considered Roehl? I only ask because it’s my understanding that you are paid throughout their training program. If they offered flatbed out of FL they’d likely be one of my leading choices, I was hoping to go into flatbed or tanker personally. I just thought it might be an option unless you are dedicated to PRIME. Keep in mind that I am not currently a driver, nor do I have any experience in the industry.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Trucking vs Network/System administrator (need some insight)


I can elaborate more on my own experiences as I can understand your concern in regards to accumulating additional student debt. I graduated from the program manga cum laude. I only mention this to highlight that I was not a dirtbag student, and that I certainly took the course seriously while putting a lot of effort into it. I also live in the Jacksonville, FL area which is a fair sized city and should have plenty of need for IT personnel. My core courses that were part of the Computer Network portion of my degree included; Fundamentals of Computer Troubleshooting, Fundamentals of Networking, Network Security, Interconnecting Cisco Devices, Window Server Installation and Configuration, Linux System Administration, Current Trends and Projects in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensics. All courses included various labs for connecting and configuring switches, configuring and Administering Windows Server, etc. As part of the Digital Media and Web Technology curriculum I studied; HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Java, Python, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and the Adobe Suite of software. To date I have had 0 callbacks in regards to any IT position I have applied for. I am currently working as a Pharmacy Technician.

As I mentioned, I do not possess any IT certifications which seem to be essential in order to gain entry level employment. If you pursue the IT path, be sure you obtain the basic certifications; A+, Network+, and Security + prior to graduation. Had I accumulated any student debt in pursuit of my degree I would likely be quite disappointed with the current outcome. I am still rather disappointed to be working in a field I worked in prior to beginning my studies, however, I can allocate additional time to working towards certification as needed. At this stage in my life I’d prefer to be working and earning a livable wage in a field I believe I would enjoy, which is why I’m still stalking these forums.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Trucking vs Network/System administrator (need some insight)

This may actually be my first post here but I wanted to reply to your topic, especially if you will be accruing any debt to pursue your degree. Personally I’ve debated the idea of driving since I was 21, I’m will soon be 40 and I’ve yet to pull the trigger on the idea. I’ve also recently graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a dual major in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, and Digital Media and Web Technology.

I’ve been job searching since I graduated in May. The only call back I received was for a pharmacy technician position, I served in the US Navy for 8 years as a Corpsman/Pharmacy Technician. I have never heard back on any position within the IT fields I studied for. I attribute this partially to not having any certifications. With work, school, family, etc I never seemed to be able to fit these into my schedule. If you do pursue an IT degree be sure you obtain the necessary certifications while in school. You will likely need several various certifications, depending on your concentration. Each certification will likely cost several hundred dollars each in additional to your tuition, books, etc. I feel many of the articles I read claiming IT to be in demand are misleading at best. If I had incurred any debt obtaining my degree I’d certainly be more upset about the situation. My degree was funded by Tuition Assistance while I was active duty, and by the GI Bill after separating.

My interests in trucking are varied. Like you I am an introvert, scored 98% introvert on the Myers-Briggs test we took during a psychology class. It doesn’t mean I don’t like people, just that I prefer, and recharge on my own as opposed to being around people, which I find exhausting. I was always a bit of a car buff. I always liked working on cars in general. As such, I have always been fascinated with semi trucks. I’m am generally excited about the prospect of piloting one. I also tend to find driving on the open road quite calming. I could also see myself simply securing a P.O. Box for residency purposes and living a nomadic life out of the truck.

Although I am not a driver, i think it’s important to understand that it’s not just a job but a complete lifestyle change. It may be important to consider things that are important to you to determine if it will fit into the lifestyle. As a former command fitness leader, a healthy lifestyle is important to me. It’s not that this can’t be done on the road, but it’s certainly a bit of a challenge. I think it’s important to consider these types of things when considering what path you would like to pursue.

I apologize for the lengthy post. In part I’m working through my own deliberations in regards to possibly making the move into trucking myself.

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