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Posted:  2 years, 2 months ago

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Excuses,Excuses and procrastination

I'm looking forward to joining up with WE. Though my recruiter feels all I need is a refresher, I think I'm going to inquire about going through the whole schooling gig, only because even though I've had my cdl for 21 years, I have absolute no tractor trailer exp. The only cdl exp I have is dump truck. Super 14, supper 16. I also have a concern over how to survive and keep up my current bills, and eat, while in school, until the paychecks start coming in. I'll keep checking on your post to see other drivers replies.

Posted:  2 years, 2 months ago

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Questions on hooking up with Prime Inc

I've talked to a recruiter and was very pleased with the answers she gave me. I did have several more questions though, and didn't want to pepper her too much, but having my cdl A with tanker endorsement and only having dump truck experience, never did tractor trailer except for my road test 21 years ago, in obtaining it, am interested in going otr, possibly flatbed it tanker. So, what type of finances would I need to get through the schooling I'd need to take again, to get by (food, meals, laundry, etc) until I start receiving actual payroll, and my biggest concern is tractor trailer. Docking, backing in, since all I have is Super 14 and 16 after all these years. Will they teach/refresh you before sending you on the road with a trainer?

Posted:  2 years, 8 months ago

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Driving trctor trailer after driving dump trucks

Not sure where this topic should go, but as a lady driver, was wondering if anyone knew what the process might be to advance from driving super 14 dump truck, to tractor trailer? Though I have 10 wheel, 14 and 16 wheel dump trucking experience, all local, seems most companies want recent tractor trailer experience of a minimum or 3 mos, 6 mos, or a year otr. Any ideas what I can do, or will I need ot enroll all over again in a school? Everything about my cdl and dot physical card is current, but.....?

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Advice on Western Express

Jeff, I'm not sure that the recruiter completely understood what you were asking them. As far as I know Western Express does not provide training to obtain your CDL. If they do, it is a recent change in their training program that I have not heard about. Their training program is for people who have already obtained their CDL. Now I do know they are trying to expand their training and recruiting, but I was not aware that they were getting into the company sponsored type of training that requires you to sign a contract. You have me second guessing myself though because I've never heard that bit about riding with another student either. When I started at Western Express I spent four weeks with a trainer and then was issued my own truck.

I recommend that you call the recruiter back and ask them if you need to have your CDL before you come, because I'm pretty sure that is how it works with them.

Im going to need whatever refresher they will help me with. Its been 15 years, and even though my cdl and dot physical are current, Im hoping to make a comeback to the trucking industry. This time, with tractor trailer, Ive only driven super 12 and super 16 dump trucks.

Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Western Express

Anyone out there have any insight on Western Express? I got a pre-hire form Roehl but still considering Western Express.


Im not sure too, have mixed feelings. I specifically asked my recruiter for western regional, and hope I get it. No East coast. My conern though is Im signed up for a refresher course since its been 15 years since Ive utilized my cdl, I can only hope to be running and making some money sooner than later, savings doesnt last for ever. Nonetheless, so far everything Ive read are positive so maybe finally things will start looking up. Cant wait to meet my recruiter and the rest of the fine folks there.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Safety tips for Women Truckers

Isn't it sad that we have to worry about things like this?

Great tips though :)

I agree. I too, will be a solo driver soon, am starting my refresher courses next week, then from there..... But have heard in the past, that its also a good idea to maybe keep a pair of mens boots visible in the cab, and/or an empty gun holster in the passenger seat. Looking forward to getting back on the road soon and will be keeping several of these points fresh .

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