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From Texas and have driven flatbed for over 10 years.

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Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Obtained cdl today, Keim ts orientation tomorrow!


I am new to this site and trust me I will provide insight and positive feedback where it is deserved. However, I will also be brutally honest in the same fashion. Hope to post something positive. But it wont be about Keim.

Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Obtained cdl today, Keim ts orientation tomorrow!

I was there for a few years and tried like hell. I am not one to play politics. I am not a malcontent. I am speaking the truth. Speaking of truth look at their website where they brag to have locations in Medicine Lodge KS and Braymer MO. Basically it sounds like they have a terminal there. Well they dont. Medicine Lodge a dirt drop lot that they share with other companies. The one in MO is a municipal lot where highway workers park their trucks. Trust me I have had this place clocked for sometime. I rarely griped or complained until my miles and money took a hit.

There are not a lot of people to shine the light on small carriers because they think the so called "malcontents" will just skulk off and say nothing.

Your right about the cream rising to the top. Thats if you are some of the chosen. Sooner or later Keim will run off enough company drivers where some that left will feel obligated to tell the truth.

I am not ragging on this company. Just pointing out the truth. There is not one single item I have posted that is not true. There are movers and shakers out there if they can keep moving!!

They dont provide short haul pay. They take advantage of drivers regarding tarp pay. Job site pay doesn't exist unless you pull a USG load. You wont get home unless you battle with them (unless you live next to one of their terminals). If you have an issue or want to question them you are told "maybe you will be happier somewhere else." For lack of a better term it means "if you dont like it quit." I was told once that they have other applicants that are waiting to get in a truck. Really!!!! lol

The only thing I I am suggesting for this student driver is to have an exit strategy if things dont go his way.

When I left a year ago I gave my notice properly. For the next 2 weeks all they did was screw with me. SO I asked them to let me go early. That is how they are. This is just a glimpse of my experience.

Sorry but I am not a malcontent.

Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Obtained cdl today, Keim ts orientation tomorrow!

I dont want to burst anyones bubble but I worked for Keim for a while and will give you the total truth. I have moved on some time ago.

The good point is that they are currently using paper logs..... for now. That however is going to change. The other good point is that if you live near the Sabetha KS area you "might" be ok. They have nice equipment and let you fuel where you want. That is about the only good thing about this company. The real devil is in the details.

They usually pull in the midwest. Dont be surprised if you get really short runs and receive poor pay for it. YOU WILL NOT GET SHORT HAUL PAY....EVER!! Tarp pay is usually $20.00 unless you load at a place that has a machine put the tarps on for you. Even if it is 3 huge lumber tarps and you have to do all the securing and rolling up the tarps etc when you are through you will get NOTHING!. Keim says that if a machine puts your Tarp on the load you are not entitled to tarp pay!!! Despite you having to do all the work strapping it down etc etc and then removing the lumber tarps etc get NOTHING!! This is nothing but a pure rip off. Most companies will pay. Usually up to $40.00 At Keim you get squat.

You will not get job site pay unless its a US Gypsum load. This means you can rot on a job site waiting to unload and get nothing!! Combine this with a short haul and you are making peanuts. If you are payed percentage you will deadhead your brains out and get nothing for it. If you choose mileage you will get a ton of medium/ short haul. I did both so I can speak from experience. If you have to wait hours and hours to loaded or unload you get NOTHING!!

They like to trick drivers into loading shagging loads back to their yard. (very short haul) They act like you are being dispatched on the load.....but then they tell you to drive back to the yard and drop it. You might get $50.00 or $60.00 for wasting your entire day. When I complained about being manipulated like this I was basically told "oh dont have to stay here."

Oh, and about John Deere loads. Only the "good ol boys" and "favorites" will get those loads. They are a small town trucking company with a small town attitude. Unless you are in their inner circle you will take what they give you. If you complain you are told "maybe you will be happier elsewhere." In a nutshell they care less. You are a warm body serving their needs. They try to play the happy family card....but it is all all for show.

You have to really force yourself to argue when you want time off. Its like pulling teeth. Most often you will be ignored or they will give you a load that might allow you to go to your home for a few hours. The main owner doesnt take care of the day to day operation. He leaves that to his kids who are in their 20's. This includes the majority of the dispatchers. I think you can figure out the rest. They turn over drivers left and right.

They try to convince that they are family oriented. But the truth is they are just like the other big carriers. If you complain you are told you can leave. They are a driver mill just like the rest....but smaller. To be honest you would be better served going to Melton Trucking. You get $40.00 tarp pay and a much better pay package and more freight. That is where I went. I would check out Maverick too.

I know you will enjoy your honeymoon with Keim.....but in the end you will see I was right. I wish you the best.

PS When you get your 6 months in I strongly suggest you start looking.............

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