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Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Just over 4 months in... question about bunks & tanker endorsements

WEL ended up giving me a brand new truck! A 2017 Peterbilt with 38 miles on it - there's a fridge, wall mount for a flat screen TV, a fridge, an APU, a full-size bed *and* a twin bunk over it.

I'm very happy and I'm sure my wife is going to be comfortable when she comes out with me next week.

If they keep treating me so well, they're going to be stuck with me

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Just over 4 months in... question about bunks & tanker endorsements

Keep in mind they will send u out again with a trainer for the tanker. Probably 1 month. Also ask where the routes are for tanker. I LOVE prime.. reefer... but I live in NJ and was asked if I wanted to drive tanker so I could be driving to Newark constantly. ... uh.. no. I have no intention of putting myself in Newark on purpose lol. Besides I live 2 hrs from there.

They told me if I went before 6 months of driving experience I'd be "in training" for 6 weeks... But if I waited 'til I had 6 months experience then I'd just do a week or two of training learning how to do the tanker stuff and then I'd just be on my own.

I live in Rhode Island and my terminal with WEL is in Allentown, PA.

They told me if I was in RI I'd be doing North East regional - but the Mrs wants to move to North Carolina, they said if I was in NC then I'd be doing OTR

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Just over 4 months in... question about bunks & tanker endorsements

You can try talking to WEL and see if your new truck can be one with double bunks. Some companies only give those to trainers, but if you plan to have passengers, you can let them know you'd like the extra space for your passenger.. doesnt hurt to ask, just talk with your DM/FM

I'll see my DM and the owner tomorrow - so I'll talk to them then I just wasn't sure if the bunks were built in - there's a ledge in my current truck that is in the same spot as the bunk in my training truck... And it's got these ridges that look like something would just hook in there.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Just over 4 months in... question about bunks & tanker endorsements

Don't think you're going to be able to "add a bunk" to an existing truck - especially one that DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU.

Just saying.

Doesn't WEL (like others) require a year out of a new hire, to "pay back" the cost of training?


No, I went to tractor trailer training school on my own. I'm not under any contract with WEL.

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Just over 4 months in... question about bunks & tanker endorsements

Originally I had planned to go with Roehl or TMC. I had orientation dates scheduled with both.

Then, for some reason, I found myself online and found WEL. I ended up applying for WEL on New Year's Eve and was heading to Green Bay on January 4th.

I'm really loving what I'm done and regretting not listening to my wife 15 years ago.

I got my tanker endorsement when I was home last week. I've been talking to Prime. Anyone with tankers - is it worth it to switch from reefer to tanker as a new driver? Any tips? I have an offer with Prime, but I can't do start with them 'til after July 4th as I have a lot of stuff to do (doctor's appts, a wedding, our wedding anniversary on the 4th) between now and then and WEL has been pretty good with getting me home when I need to.

I'm just worried that WEL is treating me so well that I'll go somewhere else and regret my decision.

Also, bunks. My training truck had two beds (bunks). The truck I have has just the one. I'm getting my new truck this week as the one I'm in now has seen better days. If I get another truck with just one bed - how do I add a bunk? Is it something I can buy somewhere? My wife wants to come on the road with me for the month of May, but I don't want to have her be super uncomfortable with the two of us trying to sleep in a twin sized.

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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Company Drivers for Roehl, USX, Werner, Schneider: your input needed

I'm in the same boat - had a bunch of pre-hires but narrowed it down to Roehl (wife's pick) and TMC (my pick) - but now I can't decide which way to go!

You're from RI - are you going to NETTTS? That's where I am, I should've finished up this past Wednesday but I have to go in this weekend to make up some hours that I missed due to work.

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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Exact First Year Income. Week by Week!

That's it? All these recruiters guarantee $1,100 a week --- how am I going to support my wife on that? I'd make more staying home as a welder instead of going on the road. :(

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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Inside your sleeper...

A question my wife wants to know - she's concerned about me going out on the road (I have orientation scheduled with Roehl on 11/23 and TMC on 11/30 - still trying to decide which) and being comfortable... Soooo, she wants to know what the inside of YOUR sleeper truck looks like?

We've been Google-ing but we see some have twin beds, some have full or queen beds. Some have a stationary bed and some have an uncomfortable looking bunk.

She also would like to know how you all like travelling with your wives and / or pets. If I go with Roehl I can bring her and / or the dogs, if I go with TMC I can only bring her.

Thanks in advance! Dave (& Nicole)

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Roehl or TMC?

I am just about done with school (New England Tractor Trailer Training School out of Pawtucket, RI) and have two orientation dates set up... Our of all of the companies I've been "hired" for (Werner, Western Express, US Express, Schneider), I've settled on either TMC or Roehl.

Now I don't know how to decide. Either way I can bring my wife with me when I want, so that's no biggie. But TMC doesn't allow pets.

TMC also has options to be paid either percentage or per mile.

I'm at a loss on how to decide between the two. I'm looking at the topics but figured I'd ask "The Pros" what they think and what they know about the two companies. Hopefully I can get some feedback to help make my decision.

Also, right now we live in Rhode Island but my wife wants to move to North Carolina by Autumn 2016. Is it going to be a big pain in the @$$ to transfer my license from RI to NC?

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