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Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Future CDL driver

Congratulations Randy, and best of luck to ya!

Thanks I still have to be processed, hopefully pass that stuff and then to training but at least I have one more step out of the way.

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Future CDL driver

I passed my CDL test today and now have a CDL with air brakes. :)

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Future CDL driver

The trucking industry is very fickle about such things. The insurance companies govern all of this and set the standards in such a way as to limit the damage from lawsuits.

The one I am looking at runs 48 states and Canada. I will know the first week if that is going to work out or not.

I was going to do the school route before, so worse case I am just back to going the school route but with a CDL already I might have some options looking outside of Illinois now. I talked to a few that would not hire Illinois non CDL drivers because their school was in Indiana or something similar, so that might now be an option since I would not need to do the CDL part.

Most schools are there to make money so might be able to work out something of a shorter course with a school also. Never know if you don't ask. I have seen some schools have refresher course's so maybe some have some sort of building time program Since I would have the CDL I would also not be limited to Illinois schools either.

Insurance company's control most of the world it seems. I know most small company's can't or won't hire newer drivers because of their insurance.

Thanks again, for the forum and the online course set up.


Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Future CDL driver

Hey Randy. I'm really glad our High Road Training Program helped out and congrats on passing the exams! Do you already have a job lined up? What's your status?

At first I searched and read several books off amazon(including yours the raw truth) about doing this sort of thing.

I live in Illinois which has the no transfer CDL rule so that knocks out some company's that provide training. I did come across USA trucking and Driver Solutions. The school would be in Illinois and the cost would be between 4k and 6k depending on the option's that I went with. 4k is prepay with 2 plans for 6k.

I did the egears there and most of the other stuff but a friend of mine thought I could do better. He's been driving for sometime. So we have talked a lot the past few months about this. Driver Solutions cut me off from that sight but think if I call them they would turn it back on. At this time I am not going to USA trucking. But I thought that was a bit odd as I had told them all along I would not be able to go to the school till June 17th.

I searched some more and found a company that would hire me with just the CDL and no school time. They actually said they have to untrain some schooled new drivers and were fine with me not having much time. I would be with a trainer for 5 weeks after some initial training. This is paid training so I won't totally starve and I will have some vacation pay from my current job to help me survive that part.

I have worked the same job for 31 years and still employed there. I have talked and unloaded many bulk drivers in that time. I have seen plenty of good and not so good drivers.

Seen a team that had only drove 2 weeks and had never backed a tanker before only did drop offs near Memphis. The one flat could not back the truck and the other got it done but not very pretty. These two had class one week, rode with trainer one week and were turned loose. How safe was that?

Seen some quit because they could not go home for the holiday ect ect. Never saw one abandon the trailer though.

So yes I do have something lined up and supposed to be getting processed and then wait for a trainer to be lined up. I do have to have my CDL by that time. I have some work to get done still to take that test and will probably have to travel to Chicago area to rent a truck/trailer for the test.


Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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My Journey to a New Life As An OTR Trucker Begins

I am doing the same thing I am 51 and never driven before but always thought it would be what I wanted to do and if my day job ever went south I would be driving. Well still have the day job (31 years same place) but going to do the career change anyway. The online CDL test preparation course they have here helped me get my CDL permit for Illinois, just took the test yesterday. Best of luck and hope it all works out for you. Randy

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Future CDL driver

I am starting the process to get my CDL license.

I got my physical on thursday 6/6 and took my written today 6/8/13

I just wanted to comment how much the free online CDL training course helped me out for the test. I was trying to do every section but got in a hurry this morning so I skipped the passengers section and did the next two section's I was not needing the hazmat.

I left home at 11:30 am for the DMV which close's at 12 noon.

I was at the DMV at 11:40am and was helped promptly, I asked if I could take the written and they said I could start it but might have to finish tuesday when they open again..

It takes a few minutes to go over some question's copy my medical get some info entered answer some question's the girl was going pretty fast.

I got to use a computer with a touch screen to take the test.

First question on the test I had no clue on.. brain freeze it said I could skip and come back to it at the end.. I got to the end and it gave me a score I had passed so it did not take me back to the early questions but said I missed 3 which 2 I had skipped, onto the next test..

So I skipped a few more question's that I thought would slow me down and got the test done by 12:02. The girl said she was going to shut me off but saw I was on the 3rd test already and let me finish it.

They said that was probably the fastest test they ever had. I for sure would have taken more time if it was available. I can't hardly get up there during the work week. I do have a full time job already, but switching careers.

Doing the free test that is on this sight helped me a great deal

this morning doing the free test I was getting in a hurry and if you miss something twice it will make you pay attention to the question and get through it.. A very good tool to use.

I will do some more section's of it now that I have the written out of the way.

I have to line up a truck for the test now. They do have rentals in Illinois but the only ones I have located are in Chicago area. I might have to make a trip up north to get my driving test done. hopefully I can line up something in southern Illinois though.

Thanks again for the help getting me this far. Randy

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