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Former Business owner of truck parts supply/...married 25 yrs, lost to of my daughters to a CMV driver that was running illegally HOS. Sold my business in Denver Colorado...due to wifes cancer... Avid gym nut...trying to stay fit. loves MMA and all martial arts, (Former Jujitsu Instructor of Ketsugo Jujitsu) Lives in Kingsland GA. bought 5 acres of property, in the process of building my home, & retiring there.

I quit driving years ago when we lost our daughters in a horrible accident. Bad news comes in 3s...wifes cancer now after spending 7,000 dollars on Trucking School and 6 hard weeks of training with Swift and an idiot mentor... I have had eye problems that just popped up...went to an Opthamologist... they informed me I am losing my vision to Macular Degeneration ...and need surgery to correct the issue...Risks are permanent loss of vision, limited vision site... only a 26% successful rate in regaining 85% vision meaning 20-50 or 20 40

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Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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Trying to come back (C R England and Stevens)

DAC And Hireright is damaging your professional career, no matter how simple the issue was (no fault incidents, not following simple policy's i.e) Applying to many trucking company's are also put on Hireright or possibly DAC reports- it makes in my opinion the trucking company suspicious why you have applied at so many trucking company's and why they declined your employment' Example...I went to through Schneiders Orientation...they have training classes on safety, sexual harrassments, Qualcomm data entry (they do not use Macros) and health videos, Hazmat. All of these have test that you have to score minimum of 80%, this includes your driver test...your total score to has be 85% to be officially hired...So it is the combination of class scores and driving test together it must be at 80% all together... I failed the Hazmat training (Not that I was trying for my hazmat endorsement) this was a surprise that I had to pass Schneiders required Hazmat training to pass. Schneider dismissed me due to my total low score because of 60% score on Hazmat and that took points off my driving test (Even though I had low points taken of for a lane change of not returning the to lane I turned left in time...) The Schneider recruiter did not tell me up front it was a policy of Schneider to pass the written HAZMAT test .,If I would of known I would of not gone through their orientation. I felt this was unfair forcing me to study for hazmat ( fully understand I must recognise the dangers of a hazmat spill...but not everything I should know about BOL and markings, exception of hauling it without a hazmat endorsemtconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifthank-you-2.gif. I am not interested in obtaining my hazmat (They do not pay more if you have an hazmat endorsement) So now it is unfairly reported as a termination on my DAC /Rehire report- I all ready had on termination from Sweift for 2 no fault incidents (purposely backing in to a dock over a rain gutter down spout- not possibly since my trailer tandoms where slid 6 ft from the back of my trailer, the DOT bumper did could not hit it what was laying on the ground- i did not type in the words G.O.A.L)

My point is the DAC report is damaging drivers that make simple mistakes (If not we would not need erasers on Pencils. Plus the longer you are out of work due to termination dismissals...the less chance you will get hired. With me...I have to show I have been working for a trucking company that will forgive my incidences and give me a second change by driving safe for a 1 or 2- Finding one means applying on line many times (So far it has been over a 100 trucking company"s that denied me or where to far away from my home or no terminal close even if they allowed me to drive the truck home. The last and most recent one that may consider (After Schneider) giving me a 2nd chance (C.R.E.ST) said the only way to be cleared for hire by C.R.S.T Safety dept. before they checked DAC or consider hiring me was to show up for the C.R.S,T Orientation- I felt the recruiter was being kinky and just after her commision to just get me there and only be dismissed again...that too would be on your and my Hireright or DAC Report..

It doesn't matter i had awards from Swift for being 99% on time, safe driving, all safety testing they had I scored in the high 90%...that does not show on my DAC report...DAC/Hireright Shows my termination with Swift ((2 preventables) Now for Shneider on my DAC / Ihire shows either Terminated or Dismissal for Safety reasons (Failed with low scores on total needed (HAZMAT Exam, Drivers Test) So why would I be dumb enough to go to C.R.S.T orientation when I am sure when C.R.S.T Safety reads the DAC Report they will dismiss me and that too will appear on my DAC or IHire reports. Call companys first...tell the recruiter the not lie why you were terminated...Ask the recruiter what their policies are for incidents, accidents, or policy not just fill out the application until you get a verbal approval...or you will be looked at with a fine tooth comb suspiciously.

Sean Obrien

If you click on trucking school at the top of this page and then click on the Company Sponsored schools link you will see a ton of trucking company logos. Each one has a really in-depth critique of that company's training program. The reviews seem to be really honest and highlight both the positive and negative aspects of the company's program.

Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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Accidents vs Incidents: Preventable/Non-Preventable, Reportable/Non-reportable

i am thinking of becoming and independent owner operator...but had 3 accidents this year...with no citations or any damages...(Parking Lot Accidents) will I be able to get insurance and if I can will a trucking company still deny me loads...the other option is to lease my truck to a trucking company but have my own insurance covering me... Please advise... Sean

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished !

You can check out our wiki page for what drivers need to know about DAC (Drive-A-Check) Reports.

Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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Companies hiring with two accidents and two moving violations?

I was Swift the time of my accident my wife was going through chemo therapy and shes disabled and alone with 2 of my grand daughtrs (13 & 14) My daughter and my wife were hit by a straight truck carring full load of batteries...she was stopped at a light...the driver was texting and slammed into her at 45 MPH. Killing my daughter...that was last daughter was driving her to the hospital for her chemo treatments... All of this was a huge overwhelming mental Cluster F%%$k... because she was disabled I she could not work...we needed an income...I drove tankers 10 yrs older bother passed away ...and I offered to help his family by taking over his business, delivering computer cell phone parts to local shops...the business failed to make a good profit. With my wife not working...returned to driving OTR...after graduating from Road Masters Tampa...I went right to work for Swift. Well things got worse at home...I was distracted mentally ...the first incident (Which should not been reported since there was no damage or police reports) I backed over a rain gutter down spout laying on the ground on my blind side...the second one was backing up At TA at night I bumped a truckers trailer but no damage...the trucker was angry that he threatened me with a hammer...I applogised and ask if we could work this out since there was no damage...he insisted to file a report...police came and no citations were given..the HWP aske did he really want to file a report since there was no violations...He said...He was getting even with Swift for being fired 2 years ago..and he was going to get a attorney and sue there pants off. I thought I was OK by doing the right thing reporting these incidents...but No Good Deed Goes now trucking companys will not hire me because of those 2 incident...I had a 98.5% On time delivery and pick up rating... guess that does mean anything it is very bleak for really sucks and not sure why I should continue on dealing with this failure...


Here is the way insurance companies will look at it and i keep mentioning them cause they tell the trucking companies who they can and can not hire.

1)You were so sick that you passed out. If you are that sick you can be placed out of service by the dot but of course you knew that and choose to drive anyway wrecking the truck in a ditch.

2) You saw the four wheeler playing games for over a mile and yet somehow instead of slowing down and removing yourself from the situation you continued to drive close enough that his actions pulled you into an accident and since you ended up rear ending him that means you were follow to close.

See how this looks to companies? Not trying to get on you but i was saying that is the way insurance companies will look at it.

In both cases they were preventable accidents. The word 'Preventable' is what will keep you out of a truck.

Posted:  8 years ago

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Where to find parking for my break

I am a Swift company driver, my route is national. With no set route.. Does anyone have the same that I do with finding A place to park at TA, Pilot, FlYing J. Or rest stops, when you have either a 30 min. Break or exhausted your 11 hours of driving. I went to 3 different truck stops, 2 rest stops...all were full for my 10 hr off dutybreak (which I chose to take 1 hr early @19:00 hrs). Since I couldn't find a place to sleep (Waddy Ky) I had no choice to park in an emergency turn out lane. I turned on my 4 ways flashers, put emergency relectors out...I felt it to be safe. All was good until a Kentucky HWP..banged on my door. I had even a slept for no more the 2 hours...he asked me what the problem with my truck being parked in an emergency turn out lane (shaped like a half circle). I explained My driving hrs where up for that night, & I was on my 10HR sleeper birth. He asked why would I choose parking in a emergency turn out when there are plenty of truck stops & rest stops...I explained it went to 3 rest stops 2 trucks stops along the way...and all were full with no parking. Plus my HOS for driving left me with 45 minutes left in finding a parking spot. He said I had to move...I said I would be in violation of DOT HOS for driving. It got worse from there...he wanted to see my ETL logs (Qualcomm electronic logs)...I showed him how to view my HOS & hrs left to drive , which was zero... Then he decides to do an inspection , asking me to step out of the truck to do it with him (this puts me as on duty and in violation) after inspecation all he finds is on the driver trailer rear tire a small gash. So he not only writes me a ticket to for the tire, he writes me up for the parking in an emergency like turn out lane (BTW no signs posted stating emergency parking only) He gave me until my 10 hr, sleeper birth was over..or face towing a day another ticket... This is frustrating for a driver looking for an open stop to park for either their 10HR /30 min breaks/ or 34 hr reset...I witnessed fights at Truck stops over who was first to park their right at a stop that had only one stop open I barely had only 15 minutes left on my HOS of driving, either for 30 min break or 10hr, or 34 reset at times trying finding a place to park.

I had 2 violations on HOS...due to last minute exhaustive search for sear ching parking my rig.... (once at a TA due to no parking spot open , I parked along a curb near trash ben, & asked to move after logging off duty) The 2nd time was at a Walmart DC...waiting to get unloaded, I had 2.75 hrs left Before my 10 hr sleeper birth... I was told to wait my turn to get unloaded & it would be 45 mins before the called me to I could not legally logged off duty..once I was called to bump the dock to be unlaoded, my clock only had .75 hrs left. I asked if I could park over night and was refused.. When I was finally unloaded I was seriously in violation of HOS rules. It took another frustrating 1hrs to find a place to park my rig for the night. Can anyone give me advice on how to find parking anywhere when your HOS driving hrs are alomost exghausted... Some truck stops have reserved company drivers spots to park. ..that's great if your on the same route,,,and if your company pays for the reserved spot ... (Shift does not pay for reservered spots nor will they reimburse you) DOT needs to look at this no parking issue, provide more rest stops along our Hwys...we need good rest sleep...without we become a danger to ourselves and 4 wheelers on the HWYS. Anyone have advice? My trip planning fails when I cannot find parking.. Sean Obrien

Posted:  8 years ago

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Anyone know about macro degeneration

I was seeing double whIle driving...exit signs directional signs were crooked words were wavy and blurred... So I went to a optothomologist. ..they examined my eyes... What the optothomologist came back with to tell me made my hearth sink. 2 months prior to coming out of retirement my wife and daughter were in a car daughter wife left with serious injuries..that disabled her. We had to care for my daughter's youngest children. ..with my wife no longer working due to her disability. ..I had no choice to return to driving again after 15 years being retired. I withdrew with part of our savings...paidthe swift transporthe $5000 for their boot camp Trucking school...after 6 long weeks with an in experienced mentor...I will was thrown to the wovles, Only (Poor training..2 hrs min backing, 1.5 hours qualcom training over six week period. Backing was not my thing since I drove tanker trucks for Arco (hauling gasoline, fuel oil i.e) Ok the bad news of what the optothomologist brought bad news for my eye site...he said you have Macular Degeneration...and I could go blind...if it's did not have the surgery...he also saeid there's only a 30% successhu rate. But the recovery is up to 6 weeks to months.. After surgery you have to lay facing down for 3 to weeks. They pull the jelly substance from you'reach eye...& filling with a saltine solution and a gas Bubble... Now swift is famous for letting new hires go,,since the do not have six months to a yr, here's the way it will go down...I loose my site...will not be able to see my wife and my granddaughter plus my job... If you know of anyone that macular degeneratioan. And had either the injection or surgery...I would like to hear from long did it take for them to recover... I guess my driving career is over! God must be punishing me ,,, Sean Obrien

Posted:  8 years, 1 month ago

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No longer driving after eyesight surgery

Terminated By Swift Because of Eye Site Surgery I am a rookie driver, I spent $7,000 dollars to get back into trucking industry after forced to quit 25 years ago... My wife and I lost both of our daughters 25 yrs ago in a horrid accident caused by a truck driver that was running illegally his HOS. I did my training at Road Masters Truck Driving School in N. Carolina...then another 8 weeks with and mentor in Tampa Florida... I passed all my exams, road test with a high score of 89%...after all the test were completed, I waited to be assigned for a truck for solo. During that time I was having vision problems where words were wavy and any thing solid that was vertical (triangular) was crooked at a distance...I just got new glasses months ago and was given the bill of health exam. but the optometrist missed the problem I was having (was not as bad as it has progressed into now) So I went to a ophthalmologist specialist. they examined my eyes and gave me bad news...I have Macula Degeneration. He explained it was common for me and women with aging eyes from 45 yrs old and older. But the scary part is he said if I did nothing I could end up with limited site or blind. the treatment is either eye surgery or an injection in the eyes with an experimental medication the dissolves the jelly like fluid pulling at the back of my eye creating a hole (Macula Hole in the of the eye(s)' Success rates are very low @ 26% with the injection, 34% with surgery. The risk of either surgery or the injection (Jetrea) may leave me with very limited site or blindness... the cost without insurance for the injection per eye $11,000.00 Surgery is $5,000 per eye. I called my Dm and explained I could not drive since the one eye was injected with the medication... and have to have the left eye done in 6 weeks, if my right eye is at least at 20/40 (now It is very blurry and i have no night vision, plus no depth perception) For 7 days I had big fat white worm like floaters and yellow tint like in the injected after the 3rd week i have site but its like wearing very dark sun glasses over te treated eye during the day time and things are still blurry. Swift terminated me without no possible returning to work...but I have been told by my eye-site should improve having at least 20/40 in one of the eyes..anyone ever had this Macular Degeneration ? This comes at a bad wife is disabled and we have bills to pay...she got even more sick (heart problems) & she was forced to quit her I returned to truck driving after quitting the truck driving industry 25 years ago due to the loss of our 2 daughters from a truck driver that was driving exhausted with Illegal HOS. Now that I am temporarily site disabled...not sure if my eye site returns to at least 20/40 in one eye or both, will any trucking company hire me due to the short 2 time with Swift-and their termination of me...will this show up on my dac report? Has any driver had this Macular Degeneration or a relative of theirs? Sean O

Posted:  8 years, 4 months ago

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Weight loss is possible!

I did a 7 day diet, and only lost 7 days'

I too at one time weighed 285 LBS. at 5'10 inches tall and over 60 years old...Had very high blood pressure. Until one day a good friend who is a doctor of mine for over 20 yrs. Said "Sean, Your going to die in 7 years!" He always joked with me...So I asked him are you serious! his facial expression and answer told me he was not kidding. The sad thing is, .I used to teach Judo, & Jujitsu (Ketsugo Jujitsu). and I was very actives before I drove over the road.

Feeling depressed, I was home for a week, another martial arts friend and Florida Sheriff Officer, invited me to a demonstration for teen juvenile hall. What happened ended up making me feel helpless and embarrassed to say the least.

My partner and I were doing a simulated knife fight ( 50, 000 volt Taser Knife) I was the attacker...he was to take the knife away and do a simple hip throw...well I went flying in the air upside down...I knew how to roll on the mat...but I had so hard like an elephant hitting the floor... I sounded like a load boom. embarrassing thing was I could not get back up on my or stand up- not that I was hurt from the fall...I was just to fat to stand back took three other classmates to help me up.

What was the most embarrassing was when my best friend introduced me to the young teens... As Now Sensei Sean ( a 3rd sho don Black Belt) will demonstrate street fighting and a knife defense--- someone in the crowd can he defend himself when he is so fat he cant get up off the floor? So I made me think. I how could I defend my family and friends in the event of a mugging or home invasion...I m not for guns unless it is against one.

I made the commitment to change the way I eat...No Carbs for 28 days...I ate 6 small protein meals everyday...with a 8 ounce Protein drink in the morning...I started walking 1/2 a mile. then 1 mile then 2 miles...Whenever I could I went to Anytime Fitness, using the eucalyptus stepper for 30 to 40 minutes 3 times a week...did weight training.

it came off...I now weigh 192 Lbs...My wife looks at me with passionate eyes...I see women sneaking a look at me now and some just flirt with me out right. I love my wife and have no reason to cheat on her..So I take It all in and smile...hey I am 60 yrs old and most think I am 45 yrs old in the best shape of my life. All you have to do is stop the happy brain food (Carbs) and Mixing Protein with Carbs converts it into sugar then into fat.

Knock of the Fritos and potato fruit, (Banana's will actually lower your blood pressure) You can add a small amount of carbs after the first 28 days of eating high protein...but do not mix them together with your meals...go for a walk, do sit ups in the sleeper, pushups and drink lots of water...stay away from to much coffee Sugar, Candy or any junk will lose weight.!

Okay so let me start this by saying last year when I entered this profession I had a huge weight problem. When I received my permit my license said 5'9" 279 pounds what a slap in the face. Sleep Apnea machine was a given when I was hired. With hard work and healthy habits I am happy to report ( drum roll please) 219 pounds down 60 pounds since I started. Yes weight loss is possible driving for a living. I still need to lose 45 pounds but I am driven now more than ever.

Posted:  8 years, 6 months ago

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Dangerous CMV Driver For Sunbelt Rentals

Ok, a few questions.

1) Did you get any video or were there witnesses that saw license plates and truck numbers so you can correctly identify the driver and company?

2) Did you speak to the police about this?

There isn't anything we can do other than offer you a platform for a public smear campaign, but that's not a very appealing strategy to be honest. Video makes all the difference in the world. When someone can see what's taken place and clearly identify the truck in a video there's no denying it and you can often force people to answer for it. A dash cam is the way to go if you want to catch people in the act or protect yourself from the mistakes of others.

But I'm not sure why we would keep this up here without some kind of compelling video. You claim some driver from some company did something he shouldn't have. Happens 10,000 times a day. Not one of us drives to work and home without seeing someone do something dumb. Should we all report it here everytime we see it? Probably not.

I did get photos and truck number License plate # I tried uploading them but kept getting errors.So I put the Photos on Facebook @ Seanobrien/Facebook page. I am not smearing this trucking company...Sunbelt has my Phone and Personal Info on this Issue...I called Corporate...theys have not called back to tell me the results.

Posted:  8 years, 6 months ago

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I Passed my CDL Class A Written Exam

Thanks To Trucking Truth and the free CDL...Practice Test and Videos, I scored a 98 on my CDL Class A Combination test...I could not score a 100 as planned...but I know which one I missed... The Question on where your hands are placed at all times on the steering wheel... The question was If your A*S H**e Itches Answer- Q- If with a team driver A- Ask Your Partner to scratch it for you? B-Reach Behind While driving, letting to of the steering wheel and scratch it yourself.. C- Slam on the Trailer Brake, Jump out and scratch it yourself. D. Do Nothing...

Posted:  8 years, 6 months ago

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Dangerous CMV Driver For Sunbelt Rentals

We were coming home from North Carolina to Tampa Fl. We were driving in the center lane of I75 South just 5 miles North Ocala exit 358 . Driving at the posted speed limit of 70 MPH. As I normally do I look in my mirrors...I saw a Simi Truck with flat bed with a heavy duty lift. This driver was not only driving over the speed limit, but was putting other vehicles in danger of a serious accident by about 3 feet off their rear bumper -Intimidating vehicles to move out of his way, Then he did the same to me. this was a reckless aggressive driver. I was in the center lane where the truck driver could of moved over, since there was no traffic in the fast or slow lane... it was 1700 Hrs on Dec 2nd. I believe he was in rush to get back to Sunbelts yard to unload the 2 scisssor lifts he was hauling on the lowboy...with no reguards to his safety or anyone elses.

He was also talking on his cell phone (See Face Book Photos At Sean Obrien). He continued tailgating a point where he was 1 foot off my bumper. my family was scared...I tapped my brakes to get him off.. He then went around me, I looked into his window...he was laughing...This is a very dangerous it is is a federal crime for Commercial Drivers to use a cell phone while driving...and with a 60 day suspension and $2700 Fine.... Get This Driver Off The Road Before He Kills Someone!  BTW...LOOK Closely on the drivers door window. a sticker with an emblem of a cell phone and the words TURN IT OFF!...I guess he can not read, since he was using his cell phone in a commercial vehicle while driving..What you will see Is the light coming off his cell phone as he is either showing us a text message to move out of his way or taking photos of our car. Note Note: I did contact Sunbelt Rentals Corporate..they said they could not believe that this veteran driver of 11 years would do something like this, putting my family and other drivers on the road in a dangerous position. They have done nothing so far. He needs to be off road.

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