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Prescription adderall

Yes, let's not use a "blanket statement"... for or against. As a brother of someone with the condition on this medicine I would venture as far to say, it seemed more of a "hot button topic" with the uneducated theories on the matter, than with the guy with personal experience and an useful yet conclusive answer derived from more than speculation. I will say a if there were a hint of frustration in the personally experienced fella's advice it is probably due to the already prevalent discrimination toward the condition and it's treatments. Everyone treats these people like they are walking around with a buzz and having a blast when in reality after taking that medication correctly for a short period of time there are minimal to no effects on the person's daily life. It's these kids these days over doing everything they get their hands on...and then, yes, it can be abused and used as some sort of stimulant..but lets not kid ourselves, its not a party for these guys who benefit from regulated daily doses of this medicine for this widespread condition. If you pay attention to television, you will see most of these "side effects", that occur seldom and if happens the person is taken off the medicine...not to be confused with can happen randomly to a prescribed patient taken the medicine correctly...but yes you will see these are most of the same "side effects" you see for ...depression medicine, heart medicine, blood pressure medicine, and so on there doc. You can take enough cold medicine and to cause a lot more serious side effects than what this medicine is capable of. These people already have it bad enough and then you got the self righteous, discouraging a man from even trying to drive a truck...and after you heard the man's testimony to personal experience... And no, it will not have to be a "psychiatrist or a specialist" to sign off. If your family doctor writes it, and he is capable of physicals as I assume all doctors are, they can sign off on your ability to function normally on the medication. Do not let these guys talking out of there behind discourage you and cause you undue stress and anxiety which will only hinder your journey toward bettering your life. People tend to cast out what they do not understand, rather than sit back, and wait for an answer from someone with experience on the matter. It's disconcerting to say the least.

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