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Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Questions about CDL training for Prime Inc.

Alright I'm back lol. So, I got my CDL on Feb 16...I'm currently in the TNT phase of training, will hopefully get all my miles in within the next month and a half and be done with training! YAY!

The biggest advice I have for everyone is to not let any of the PSD instructors nor TNT trainers exploit you. Trust! They are subject to portraying themselves as one thing on campus and on the training pad, like they are ready and willing and capable of training you, to you getting on their truck, getting you out in the middle of nowhere to then find out that all they wanted was to get you on their truck so they can get their additional $300 a week training pay. (I learned that the hard way). However, if you do find yourself in that situation, tell your fleet manager and they will get you a better trainer right away! You are not stuck. Remember you need someone that will teach you what you need to know to pass the testing and get your license and teach you how to do the job... If that person is not or can't do that get with someone else immediately. I did so and everything worked out for me. I lucked up and got a decent TNT trainer. Will follow up when I get my truck in about a month!

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Questions about CDL training for Prime Inc.

Hello everyone!

Ok so, finally able to give an update on my training experience with Prime Inc.

First off, my overall experience with Prime Inc has been better than I expected. All of the staff is very polite and professional. However, sometimes the shuttle drivers can be a little rude, but I just learned to ignore that so I could get back and forth to where I needed to go.

I took the free transportation offered from Prime Inc, and rode the Greyhound from Atlanta, Georgia to Springfield, Missouri. Bus rides are never fun, but 15 hours wasn't too bad and besides it was free, lol.

Orientation week was a very busy week. Early rise and full days. Day one: DOT physical, drug test, APEX Evaluation(physical test to see if you can do the job and to see if you would possible need an evaluation for sleep apnea), complete and submit paperwork(to include approving another background investigation), computer lab training, and simulator class.

Day two: CDL Permit testing day at the DMV(I had my Georgia permit, however had to obtain a Missouri permit), simulator class and computer lab training.

Day three: CDL Permit testing for those that didn't pass on Tuesday. I passed the first day. However, for those that did not pass they could take each test 2 times each day if they wanted for free, and there was computer based training to help those study and the staff was very helpful to those that voiced they needed help. For me, day three was simulator training, computer lab training, and a couple of briefings.

Day Four: CDL Permit testing for those that hadn't passed yet. For me, simulator training, and a few briefings.

Day Five: CDL Permit testing for those that hadn't passed yet. For me, simulator training, a few briefings, officially accepted into the Prime Student Driver(PSD) program and obtained Student Driver ID and safety vest and first $200.00 PSD advance money. And was put on the list to be paired with a PSD Instructor.

No days off, so while I waited to be paired with an instructor I did simulator training on Saturday and Sunday and really focused on mastering my Pre-trip Inspection for the CDL test. Starting on that Monday, those of us that still didn't have an instructor were taken to the training pad at the terminal and began practicing a little on our shifting in actual trucks, started learning how to back and were grilled on our Pre-trip Inspection.(a little advice, for those that are going, master your Pre-trip Inspection as fast as you can, so that when the backing and driving portion of your training begins you can just focus on those two things without having to still learn.

Gotta go for now but I'll continue later, lol.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Questions about CDL training for Prime Inc.

Thank you Rainy D for that insight! I am a non-smoking female as well. For me gender doesn't necessarily matter, as long as the trainer is very knowledgeable, a non-smoker, and clean, I'm down cause I know it's not a forever situation, lol.

That's crazy how the trainers do! I understand though. If I was them, I'd probably screen my potential trainees. I am not shy by any means and very serious about getting my knowledge and training in. I will definitely follow your advice by staying up on my knowledge, pretrip practice, etc , and engaging with the trainers. Networking never hurt nobody.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Questions about CDL training for Prime Inc.

Hello everyone.....I am set to start orientation at Prime Inc on Monday, January 18th. I did research on 3 companies, Swift, Rhoel, and Prime. I chose Prime because of the one on one training program and pay, and the consistent reviews. Prime appears to be a good company for me to start my trucking career. The only thing I'm concerned about is the time it may take for me to get an instructor to train with after the orientation week. From the many reviews I have read, that tends to be a challenge hence the sizes orientation classes.

Does anyone have any insight on what I could do to speed up that process of getting paired up with an instructor?

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