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Posted:  11 years ago

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Writer seeks information on trucking with pets

Great info guys Thanks!

I repeat, this website is an incredible resource! I'm already studying for CDL and doing a lot of reading and research on the industry and this place is a gold mine. I'm looking into the potential options and comparing schools both private and company sponsored. I've lived in the Bay Area for almost three decades and worked in tech industry for most of that time. I left the corporate or cubicle world 10 years ago to start my own business,where I enjoyed the freedom that gave me. But I'm coming out of divorce that got very ugly and stressful and I'm finding just how hard it is to re-enter the job market.

Thanks to resources online, like this website, I am encouraged by the potential I see to enter this industry and start a new chapter in my life after my divorce.

Posted:  11 years ago

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Writer seeks information on trucking with pets

Oh I know there's a long-time member of ours - Guyjax - and he had a dog with him for a long time and really loved it. He'll be dropping in soon and I know he'll give you something. I never traveled with a pet but I did have some flies and bees come in the window from time to time but I'm almost certain that's not what you're asking smile.gif

I'm really new here, found this site while doing some research about this industry and let me start by saying, this site kicks ass! The quality and variety of resources on this site are without equal. Ive been thinking seriously about getting into this industry and this website has been answering all of my questions and concerns, from what to look for in a school and what the job market is really like out there for those getting started... Everything from soup to nuts all here....

So why did I land on this thread and what's my question?? I am really interested in learning how practical it is to take my dog on the road with me. Did a little search and this thread came up! I'm just coming off a divorce and I had been self employed for years and I'm liking the idea of getting into this industry and traveling but me and my best friend have been thru a lot, and if I'm gonna be happy I'd really like to know my 22 pound buddy can hang out. He loves to ride and hates to be left home alone...

I'm hoping to 'bump' this thread and see if anyone out there can tell me any more about how things are with respect to bringing dog along as companion. I'm interested in any input/ advice on the topic that might be helpful


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