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    carson city, NV

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    Considering A Career

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Trying to get on the Road, new to the game! Looking to make my family proud.

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Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Anyone heard of this truck school??.Black Ribbon Professional Driver Services, LLC

Ive been looking at some schools in utah to get my cdl..came across these guys..just wondering if trucking truth has herd of them...i know U guys usualy have alot of info on different schools..this one is kida new 2015..

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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IS IT EVER GONA HAPPEN? problem leting you guys know here...if i ask for help i really need it.. I only have one fellony and a couple misdameanor batterys..fellony was an assault with intent to cause bodily harm..that was when i was 18 and it was in 2007..but from what i under stand..they go by the year and date you were off probation/parole? or served your time flat out and was realeased. Ill keep trying and thanks for pat on the back. Sorry guys no weirdo here Queen haha..

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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so im new to truckin, but not as new as you think. My dad has been driving for over 15 years, ive been everywhere with him.And always LOVED every minute! But now im trying so late in life(im 28) to get my CDL A. But im running in to problems. I have my dad pushing me and in my corner with his prayers. But i wunder if its ever going to happen for me? whats the best route? Ill get straight to it..I HAVE A RECORD yeah im not proud at all, more ashamed. But its their, my past isnt old enoughf to get me into ANY truck school. Ive tried them all. Except the ones mid west states and east coast.Nevada resident here.My driving record is not so bad at all.What can i do? im thinking of just saving the money and pay for the classes on my own and stay close to home. Just wundering if itl happen for me? any tips? Leads? im verry honest on all my apps..never leave out a thing!

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