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Roehl Transport: NE Regional Driver...-- My first Trucking Job. 3/2016 thru 9/2016

Now a company driver for a small manufacturing company, Home Daily, with weekends off.

" I don't regret the things I have done, I just regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance "

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Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Man, I am terrible at this :(

I would agree with Tractor Man....Governed at 63 and hauling Heavy. 50 mph is what you have to use....either empty or loaded you should always use 50 mph.....but if you 70k or more weight I would even compute 47/48 mph or just add 5% ......I know from experience being new. I was late like 50% of the time in my first month. I would also add in or account for an extra 30 minute pit stop wether or not you plan on it or not. And make your 10 hr reset ..10.5 hrs instead. Sometimes it takes time to find a parking place for the night and then backing into that space ....

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Almost gave up on being a Truck Driver....

I kind of had a feeling of the response I was going to get from Old School and Brett and the like....In retrospect is was a mistake to post what i posted. My Post appeared to, perhaps, discourage new people from beginning a career in trucking. I apologize for that, that was not my intention. I was only trying to help people who may have been feeling discouraged/unhappy after a few months to a year in trucking. But now I see I may have caused more harm than good. Roehl is a good starter company. I didn't really say I detested them nor to stay away from them, etc. They were more than patient with me and had a more laid back approach it seemed compared to Schneider. But they are a Starter company and huge one at that. Most of us had to start or will start at these big trucking companies. They are big on "Control" and micromanaging things. I just never expected it to be so much, I suppose. It's a matter of personal opinion, I guess and one's ability to Conform to it all.

The things I listed that I no longer have was simplified, I did not have the time nor the space to go into detail about them all. and yes there are positives about them as well as negatives. Take for example, the lane departure warning system....Number of times I was NOT aware that I was on the line or crossing the line.......Answer...ZERO.....Same thing with collision avoidance system......Never did it alert me and I was not aware of the vehicle in front of me......Like I said by themselves, they are at best tolerable, but when you have several devices going on concurrently, when does it become a distraction or hindrance. If the driver is driving in an agitated or annoyed state of mind..How safe is that.

Anyway, thanks for your well wishes you gave in my new job....and i do recommend Roehl as starter company, believe it or not,

It's I just wished they could take the "Training Wheels off" gradually as you proved yourself worthy.

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Almost gave up on being a Truck Driver....

A word of encouragement...

For those of you that may be wondering if becoming a Truck Driver was a huge mistake and that Trucking isn’t at all what you thought it would be. I thought that for a long time shortly after beginning my driving career for my “Starter” company. I was hoping feelings would improve as I gained more and more experience and with that gained more and more confidence about my choice to become a Trucker… but it never really got better…..after 6 months I was at the end of my rope, emotionally and mentally.

So, that’s when I almost gave up on a my career in TruckingI……Until I felt what it was like driving a truck for another company. And let me tell you….WOW…What a difference! I finally felt the true freedom of being a Truck Driver which had eluded me in my previous company.. I couldn’t really pinpoint the reason for my dislike for trucking. My Starter company was all I ever known, I had nothing else to compare it too. I just figured Trucking wasn’t for me. Just so disappointing because all my research and intuition told me I would like it…Where did it all go so horribly wrong..?

Well, I now like Trucking and I finally know the reason why I hated it. The issue was in fact many little things that by themselves were tolerable but when you add them all up it was huge.

Here are the changes in my new Trucking job that made all the difference in the world to me..

I no longer have Driver Cameras, inward and outward. Hated the driver facing cam.

I no longer have a Lane Departure Warning system buzzing if I even encroach the dividing line let alone cross it

I no longer have a Collision Avoidance System always beeping if I get remotely close to a vehicle or one moves in front of me.....Stop beeping you stupid thing, Can't you see I'm looking to pass this vehicle and not slam into it.

I no longer have my Speed Governed at a lame 63 mph….Its 71….That in itself is a huge difference to me. I would need to start a whole new topic to describe my euphoria on this one alone.

I no longer will be hauling high weight loads…I no longer need to drive in the “slow vehicle” lane going up hills except when there is moderate or high traffic, then I will move to that lane out of courtesy.

Also, Did I mention that I’m no longer out on the road 5-6 days at a time before being home. I’m home every day now and have weekends off. What a psychological boost this one was to me, personally.. I mean I knew going in to my first trucking company that It would be hard being away from home as much as I was but thought the many "Pros" would outweigh that "Con". I never really got adjusted to there were too few "Pros" to make up for it..

I can list several more things but at this point I’ll be writing a book rather than just a post. And, naturally, I can go into more pros and cons of the things I did mention but I’ll be deferring from the point of my Post. For example, Some of these safety devices may have their rightful place when you first start out driving but after a month or two they can really be a source of irritation to you.

If I’m coming across as gloating, It’s not my intention at all..I just want to let others know that Trucking can be a whole lot better if you stay the course, put your time in and look for companies or, perhaps, other jobs within your current company that might offer more of what you’re looking for to want to remain a Trucker. You put alot of time, effort and sacrifice to get your CDL. Don't give up hope like I almost did. Those big Starter companies isn’t a complete picture of what it’s like out there. The Micro-Management and the excessive use of too many Safety Devices that constantly beep or flash. It makes you into being just a "Steering Wheel Holder" Where's the Skill? It’s hard to relax and enjoy the trucking experience.

Like I said before my Starter company was all I knew. I hated trucking based on them. I thought it was a fairly accurate account of what its like driving truck. Boy! Was I wrong! Big mistake on my part. I almost quit trucking for good, based only on my experience with them. Do not make the same assumptions as I did, especially if you’re just starting out and feeling discouraged about your choice to be a Trucker Driver...

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Replacing volvo factory radio?

I have a 2014 Volvo 670 with the stock radio. I dont know if your Volvo is the same model. The radio itself doesnt have the aux inputs. In my truck, Volvo placed those inputs in a separate place. They are located on dash just behind the wipers lever and below red trailer air brake release. Theres an audio jack along with a USB port. they tie into the radio.

Posted:  7 years, 8 months ago

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Anyone else adjusts their seating position alot while driving...

Hey All,

I don't know what it is but I seem not be able to find just the right driving seat/steering position.... I adjust my seat controls and steering tilt/telescope like several times an hour while I'm driving. Some kind of tweak adjustment is made like once every 10-15 minutes..... I can't seem to find that sweet spot.

Starting the drive its never spot on I think for alot of people especially if something was moved so you can move about more freely when stopped for theres alot of adjusting happening before starting off and probably within a few minutes after i would imagine especially those air ride seats that move when u start out....

But...... after those initial adjustments (say, after initial 5/10 miles...) I find myself constantly micro-adjusting things. like rarely will i drive 15 miles without doing something to my seat/steering positions......I do the one of the following like once an hour easy....many times I'm adjusting several things because if you move one thing it will easily affect the others......

Adjust seat up or down Move seat forward or back Adjust Back Rest forward or back Move Steering Wheel in or out a little (telescope) Move Steering Wheel away or closer (up/Down) Adjusting seat cushion tilt angle Moving arm rests up or down.

Mostly I'm usually adjusting back rest, the up/down sitting position and steering wheel up/down or in/out position....

I make at least one of the above adjustments at least once every 10/15 minutes..

Now it may take awhile to find a decent seating position, never perfect, but ok. Then i get off my exit and start doing the local roads, you know the ones with the many stop lights and stop signs. or I hit heavy traffic with heavy merging or slowed traffic due to construction or accident, etc. Then the adjustments ramp up again

Some of it also has to do with my shift reach i think. I need to be able to shift the "away" gears comfortably (4th/9th- 5th/10th) so city roads always cause me to move my back rest (usually forward) and adjust the steering higher or closer to me....

Also, I think my clutch brake accelerator pedal heights are not ideal for me personally...I think....Cant adjust those so I don't know if they're the real problem. I don't know what to think.... I'm wondering if its the Prostar because I can't remember doing all these adjustments while training in a Freightliner.....but then again. perhaps I was so focused on the learning aspect of driving that the ergonomic part wasn't a priority..

This is "driving" me crazy..(lol).... Anyone else constantly adjusts their driving ergonomics like alot.?

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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I can't really chime in about the smoking part of the truck..A non-smoker previously had it I believe.....but when I got my truck, everything looked okay except for the mattress. It appeared clean but it looked like it had an indent in it like a 1000 lb elephant sat on it....also, im a big Bed Bug fanatic.....I go over any mattress I sleep on carefully and look for any possible evidence of bed bug infestation. Mattress appeared to be ok but you never know. Don't think they "steam clean" them or anything close to that.......

Anyway, I was considering secretly switching out mattress with another truck at terminal that was unlocked and not assigned to anyone...but I wasn't all that comfortable with doing that...(I'll be just passing it on to someone else, and that's not right)..... well I casually mentioned what I was thinking of doing(jokingly) to the mechanic who was going over my truck with me....and he said......hey we have brand new mattresses in stock, I'll grab one for you...all you had to do is ask...alright I got a brand new still in plastic wrapper mattress....He said stuff like that is not a problem when you first get your truck but if I wanted one say a month later for whatever reason than I probably wouldn't get one....for free...anyways. It would cost me...

It helped that I knew what Truck I was getting the day before the official introduction....So I was able to quietly look it over beforehand....For damages and such they give u a checklist sheet to use to make sure everything is ok but there was no line that read....Is Mattress to your liking?

Anyway, Don't be afraid to ask have stuff changed or fixed or even cleaned when you get your truck.......Be finicky.....its gonna be your second home.....actually for most its your "first" home....I know that I spend more time in my truck than I do at my own house....and most of us here would certainly agree to that....

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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Sore A$$ solutions?

I use a Travel Pillow....Walmart Sells them...$7 I think. 20 x 14. They sell covers for it. $4 zip-up kind so pillow stays inside. Also its easily washable for when it gets a little "funky"


It fits perfect across back part of seat but falls a little short with the front part but I like it that way. I tried the "pardon my language" Coccyx Cushion but I didnt like how it felt under my lower thigh area. I like it alot. Very comfortable for me. The only thing is that it never really stays put when I'm exiting and entering the truck most times..... but I'm gonna figure out a way to keep in place soon. I think I might cut a small hole in sides of cover and run a bungie or something through the back under pillow and around seat....don't really want to do that to the pillow cover because the "cut" may become a huge rip after awhile if I'm not careful when I sit....I don't know but I'll "macgyver" it somehow....

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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Thoughts on removing Passenger Seat

Hey, I just want to get your guys thoughts on removing passenger seat for more space.....Mostly what a Trucking company might say about it if they see you removed it..

Im a company driver and I take my truck home with me....No "company" person has seen my Truck since I left a Terminal with it in March of this year. I have to bring it in for a 80,000 mile maintenance interval and some minor repairs. I already took it upon myself to remove the seat a month ago for space for my fridge/cooler......It was a regular seat,,,no air ride or fancy switches. Only took a ratchet to loosen 4 long bolts to remove it. Have it stored in my basement. Anyway, So know i'm wondering if I should reinstall it for my trip to the terminal.

What do u guys think? Would they really care? I mean, I would certainly put it back in if I were to leave the company.. I work for Roehl Transport....If anyone who knows about their policy on that can chime in, perhaps....

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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What a Jerk some 4-wheelers can be.... but I never saw this before.....

Ok I regularly see 4 wheelers tailgate and cutoff tractor trailers but this incident I saw takes the cake so far.

.......2 lane highway westbound I 80 NJ-Pa......Im in right lane cruise control 63mph. A Truck is trying to pass me on the left. He started ok but a little incline slowed his pass a little. he's creeping by me doing 64. when all of sudden I see this car come right up on his bumper real close doing one of those side to side manuevers so he can see what is in front of the Truck, I see trouble and I brake off of Cruise and slow down a little..... the car barely squeaks in front of me(right lane) . now that truck is still in the left lane, the car races ahead in the right lane and moves over and cuts off this truck in the left lane........Ok so youre probably thinking ok nothing out of the ordinary there..........but here's the kicker, the car immediately after the cutoff, hit his brakes....not a hard brake but enough to scare the **** out ya , forcing that truck to kinda brake hard in response, The truck then swerves to the right lane to avoid the jerk but then that maniac kept with the truck and also started moving back into right lane in front of truck all the while tapping their brakes.....then he sped away and got off the next exit 2 miles away.....

Is this crazy or a trucker will i be seeing this roadrage thing often?

I can see a car being a little annoyed at the truck for clogging up the pass lane by cutting them off....... but.... to immediately hit your brakes with the sole intention of having that truck slam its brakes or swerve suddenly is crazy....he was looking to cause an accident or something....

He didnt clog up the lane very long either.....that car was the only one behind him.....the next car was like a tenth of mile back maybe a quarter mile back.

Unreal..... Sad to say, I'm thinking, its probably not gonna be the worse road rage i will see as a trucker. I just hope stuff like that doesnt happen to me. I try to be courteous driver but I know I can still get "in the way" sometimes ....hope no one fires a gun at

Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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Roehl 7/4-7/3 vs. typical regional plan?

I'm Roehl, also, on a Regional Gig (newbie) 5/5.5 days....out on Monday morning (4am to 7am depart) usually back Sat morning by noon-ish. and maybe once a month, home on a Friday....for a longer weekend. And the hometime does go by quick....I also would like to be home more. I know my paycheck would suffer but thats ok, my sanity is priority number one while I'm learning this career. I originally thought that I could sneak in additional hometime during the week when i might be passing by my house. umm I thought wrong lol . I do pass by my hometown once maybe twice a week but stopping is tough unless its near my 10 hr reset or i have time on my load for delivery. well i was only able to stop once in 3 months. so that killed them hopes..... The Hometime you do get goes by really fast like everyone says. Don't forgot all the little things you did here and there at home during the week to keep up the house , add up to a big chunk when you got cram them in on weekends. Honey-Do lists for

Anyway, it all depends too on how much money you want to make.....but my advice is that its alot easier to ask for more driving time and less hometime from an employer than the other way around. So I would do the 7/3- 7/4 perhaps to start and then decide from there. The only thing that kept me from choosing that rotation is the slip-seating. You may get different trucks that youre switching on and off driving. Prostar one week Freightliner another week. not always..sometimes, Usually, I think you get the same truck u had; still sitting where u parked it and nobody drove it.....but u never know......also then having to empty out the truck of All your stuff when you come home and then pile it all back again when youre ready to roll again. I liked the idea of having my own truck assigned to me and only me. So i chose Regional instead. Good Luck with your decision....Hope everything works out for you..

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