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I have worked in Corporate America for many years. recently laid off and considering trucking as my next career. I feel there are many advantages to it: flexibility, more control over my time, being a Professional is important to my EGO. I believe that training is everything. Mid 50's. Supportive Wife. Grown Children.

After much research and consideration, i decided to apply to Roehl Transport and their Get Your CDL Program. I was accepted and attended training in their Marshfield WI Terminal. Everything was great: the Instructors were very professional and very serious about the training. Backing was the hardest part for me, but, I was able to pass the test and it will just get better with experience. The class was about 4 weeks in duration and it is mind boggling how much we learned in a short period of time. I am now waiting to drive with a Trainer for up to 14 days. If that goes well then I will be assigned a tractor and off I go. I have chosen to start in the Flatbed Division. 11-14 out then home for 3. It's somewhat overwhelming but I am very excited to begin my new journey.

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Posted:  8 years, 2 months ago

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Reefer vs. Dry Van

Thanks, I feel that is an excellent explanation of the "real world" part of trucking.

Love this site! It is very informative I am in the process of making a career change from working in a cubicle for an Insurance company for the past 20 years to becoming a Professional Truck Driver. I'm in my mid 50's and I feel that it offers me a lot of good things, including a good paycheck after I get that 1st year under my wheels.

Take care and keep up the great work!

You could just go flat-bed and not have to worry about all that stuff!

No, seriously, at the end of the day all these jobs pay out a similar dollar amount. A reefer driver learns to get his ten hour break in while he's on a customer's property. Once you get out here you begin to learn what to expect at the different places you'll be going. A big part of your success is knowing how to manage your time. When I hear people complaining that they can't make any money at this, and then start laying the blame on their customers I immediately am skeptical. There are places I go that I know will take their sweet time. I get there early and get myself on the sleeper line. I rest and take it easy until they're done, and then I can determine whether it's best to go with eight or ten hours in my sleeper. A professional driver does his best to stay one step ahead of all the many things that trip everybody else up.

Reefer has the potential for longer runs, and that will make up for some of that waiting. You've just got to get out here and figure out how you want to manage things. Everybody is going to have trouble and not be sure how to handle those frustrating delays during their rookie year, but once you've got a handle on it you'll make some decent scratch no matter which type of freight you're pulling.

Posted:  8 years, 2 months ago

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1st Year Pay: Breakdown

Your posts are awesome. Very informative. Thanks for sharing. I am seriously considering Roehl as the company to start my professional driver career. It appears that the training is top notch. I do not have a cdl so I would be utilizing their offer to get my col through their company training program. Considering all that and from your experience with them do you have anything to pass on, pro or con? Thanks!

Okay! Here are the last two check of the year 2015.

12/24/15 Mileage: 2,173 (0.415 cpm) + Multistop($15) + Short Haul ($20) + Live Load ($20) = $956.77

- 401K: $95.68

Net: $594.08

12/31/15 Mileage: 604 (0.415 cpm) = $250.65

- 401K: $25.06

Net: $141.93

I was also mailed a $25 Christmas check separate from my regular weekly pay.

YTD Gross: $35,275.72 Retirement: $3,054.36 Net: $22,385.61

It has been a great year and in another month and a half, I will be at one year solo and can shake off my rookie tag!! Truckingtruth has been so so helpful during this adventure, and I am excited for another year of trucking in 2016. Ihope these posts will be helpful for those specifically interested in Roehl's hometime fleets. I have subscribed to this post, so if anyone has any questions about Roehl or anything else they think I can help with, just post on this thread and I will do my best to help you out!

Posted:  8 years, 3 months ago

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How is the weather where you are?

Currently in the Hartford CT area: 37 degrees. Mix of snow/sleet and rain, last night. Roads have been treated so all good now.

Posted:  8 years, 3 months ago

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Starting At 60 years young am I crazy.

Thank you, this has been a great thread. I am 57. Recently laid off from an Insurance position and have been considering the same career move. Very helpful information.

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