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After many years as a mechanic I am starting a career change into trucking.

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Posted:  7 years, 1 month ago

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Need some advice on finding a job with a felony

Hello to all from central Jersey. I'm in need of some advise. I have been reading all of the threads on this site, well as much as I can, for almost 2 weeks now. Brett Aquila, your book was outstanding. I read it in one sitting. Thank you for all of your insight into the trucking world. I was convicted of robbery in 1997 (no one was hurt, thank god) and was sentenced to 11 years and 2 months in prison. I was released in 2009. I have been home for 8 years now, with almost 19 years clean and sober. Not so much as a traffic ticket. I have held steady employment for the most part. Dead end job to dead end job. These days I'm driving a taxi. I say to myself daily, there has to be a better way. I'm a father of a 3 year old little boy, and really I want better for him and myself.

My license is 100% clean, no points or accidents at all. I've been studying for my CDL permit for about 2 weeks now. High Road Training as well. Thanks again Brett. I do have an open application to Roehl and will speak with a recruiter over there again tomorrow morning. I have always wanted to drive a truck ever since I was a kid. I have read up on the ups and downs, and the temperament it takes to be over the road. I believe I have the qualities to do this and succeed.

Here is where I need advice, I have to go to CDL training at a school because of monetary concerns with no money up front. Thing is that I want to stay off the east coast altogether and go over the road out west. Is this possible? From many hours of reading I figure Roehl to be a good fit as far as that is concerned. Thoughts?

Also, I have considered Jim Palmer but they are really strict on the felonies case by case and time elapsed, but still strict. Think I got a shot?

My journey has just begun. But I will keep pushing along until I get my permit, then school. Any and all advice for a noob is always appreciated.

Thanks and be well.


I started with Roehl worked there for four months and after 1300 mile weeks I had to quit. I have been with PTL for almost 8 months now and love it here. They will hire you if you have a felony in your past and you will make great money during training and after training. Most of the trucks are new freightliner automatics. No forced dispatch to the northeast and a lot of runs to the west especially during training and if you drive team. I was ready to give up until I found them. Also very laid back good dispatchers that will not micromanage the he'll out of you. Good luck hope everything works out and congrats on your sobriety that is not an easy thing to overcome .

Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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What did you do before becoming a truck driver?

Some people were chiming in on Laura T.'s "I hate Nursing" topic about what they did before they became interested in trucking. I put the question in the title for others to tell what they did "before".

I taught middle school math and science for eleven years. Finally I "had it" with both student attitude and administration pressure to get my students to pass the annual testing.

Also, rookie truckers make just about as much as rookie teachers do, without all that college!

So, what did you do in your "previous life"?

I was a mechanic before I entered trucking which helped because it was easier to go from a horrible job to just a bad

Posted:  8 years, 2 months ago

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Starting Company Training Next Week!

Finally got my start date for training. I start next week in Conyers, GA! I will be posting my experience starting from the first day on.

Posted:  8 years, 2 months ago

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Trucker vs Mechanic

As I plan for my second career, I continue to have a very strong desire to be a professional truck driver. However, I have a young family and struggle with a positive way I could negate the away time. I also have a strong desire to experience OTR and would need to get that "out of my system" before moving to a more family friendly routine. That said, as a happy medium, I have been thinking about getting trained as a diesel mechanic, getting my CDL, then working at a large truck service center. This might allow me to be a part of the industry in a way that is family friendly. Then when the time is right, I'll drive OTR. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I am just starting out in trucking after many years working as a mechanic. From my experience being a mechanic can not only get very boring over time, but it also is very hard on your body. The pay also varies greatly, Diesel tends to make more but it is harder on the body and the tools are very expensive. Diesel work is not easy everything is heavy and the exposure to toxic chemicals is higher. No job is fun but it just seems to me that truck driving or even holding a CDL is much more valuable over the long-term.

Posted:  8 years, 3 months ago

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Could use some support

I'm about to start my 3rd solo month with Roehl and have zero complaints about the company. They have been great to me since day 1. My issue is the lifestyle of this industry. I enjoy the challenges of this career and driving a big truck and I'm getting better at it everyday. unfortunately I do not enjoy all the things that also come with it. I miss going out with friends and family. I miss my girlfriend and my dog and being home. How do you guys cope with the lifestyle? I'm trying to adjust still and keep reminding myself I'll get more used to it, I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to keep a positive attitude. I greatly under estimated the lifestyle change I would experience. Any responses are greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone, Joe

I just started the hiring process with Roehl and hope to start CDL training next week. I have the same worries that you do about being away from home for a long time.

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