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Posted:  8 years, 3 months ago

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Companies hiring drivers with accidents

I need to know what companies, if any out there, will consider hiring a driver who has had four accidents in the past three years. I major, non-preventable, and three very minor preventable. In all four accidents I was not issued a ticket. If anybody can suggests some legitimate trucking companies that might consider me, despite the accidents, I would sure appreciate the info. Thanks.

Posted:  8 years, 3 months ago

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Companies that will hire a driver with 4 accidents in past three years

My name is David, I just signed up with this web site to see if I can get some good info on what companies, if any, will hire a driver like me with 4 accidents on his record. I had an accident in January of 2014 that was a non preventable. A car lost control after hitting a patch of black ice and slid in front of me I where I impacted the car in the rear. I was not ticketed. My second accident was in March of 2014, I was changing lanes from left to right, in a 30 mph zone, after signaling I proceeded to change lanes when my front right steer tire scraped along side a small compact car that was in my blind spot. No damage just a slight smear from my tire on driver side door of car. It was my fault but fortunately the state trooper was pretty cool and I was not ticketed. My third accident was in March of 2015. I was at a stop light in the right hand lane of two lanes turning onto a one way two lane road. As I proceeded forward to make my turn into the furthest right hand lane, a compact car whipped out from behind me and tried to pass me while I was into my turn, I looked back just in time to see this car try to squeeze between my trailer and the curb, needless to say with the trailer wheels tracking different from the tractor wheels, I hit my breaks just in time so they only got wedged between my trailer tires and the curb. It would have been a lot worse if I had seen them a few seconds later. After the police came the occupants backed their car from between me and the curb and pulled to the side which allowed me to move my truck since we were blocking traffic. Again I was not ticketed. I later learned that the accident was put down as my fault even though I was over as far as I could be to the right and this person couldn't wait to pass me which caused the accident. My final accident was in November of 2015. I was following my dispatch "suggested route," we all know what that means, when I got lost following the that route info. Once I was lost out in the country I switched over to my gps to get me back to the interstate. What ended up happening was the gps took me further into the country and I eventually ended up on a single lane road with hills and curves. I came to a right hand curve that appeared I could navigate successfully, and being there was nowhere to turn around I proceeded forward. I was going about 5 mph and was as far to the left as I could get, unfortunately I did not make the curve. The passenger side trailer tires slid off the black top into some soft dirt and I was stuck. The tractor and trailer tilted off the ground to the right but did not flip on its side. My right side landing and the soft dirt kept the unit from going on its side. Hours later after l was eventually pulled to safety I, with the help of an excellent tow driver and crew was able to get the truck backed into a gravel driveway of a nearby house and turned around and drove out. So, with all that said does anybody know of a decent company who might be willing to hire me. By the way, I was not issued a ticket for this last incident either. Thank you.

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