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Soon to be starting CDL School with Roehl

Good evening y'all, I have been browsing the forums for a few weeks and decided to go ahead and introduce myself. I am a firm believer that if you're going to do something right, you should do it properly. It seems to me that becoming an active member on here would be a good start into my driving career. A little info about myself, I'm currently 25 with a wife (recently married(November) and a 1 year old son.) I've held numerous jobs, none of which even come close to driving a truck, but for some reason it has always appealed to me and things seemed to click when I did some research on the more technical aspects of the lifestyle. Virtually all of my jobs have required working on my own, or in the case of the Army, with a small team. After leaving the Army I began to dabble some into Private Security. I then moved my way into the EMS field where I did some work as an EMT. After I moved out of state and was no longer able to do EMS, I fell back into Private Security in everything from Financial Institutions to a County Jail. After a time doing this I managed to find a sponsor and receive my Private Investigator License. I moved into doing some light surveillance work and Asset Protection. After moving out of state again at the beginning of the year, I found that I would be unable to transfer my PI license. I figured that now would be as good a time as any to finally look into a career that had always held my interest. So here we are, I'll be shipping out at the end of next week to begin Roehls Company Sponsored Training in their flat bed division.

Now that my long winded introduction is concluded, I would like to ask for some advice. First, I have done some reading, and I do plan to ask my recruiter again as well, but I'm curious on a packing list for my time at the school, not my driver trainer period. From what I understand, I will be staying in a hotel while attending the school. I would imagine this would give me ample opportunity to do laundry so I had only planned to take a weeks worth of clothing. Aside from clothing, I planned to take pens, pads, a calculator, my laptop, toiletries, one pair of insulated waterproof work gloves (I'll be in Marshfield, WI) and several pairs of non-insulated cheap gloves, steel-toe boots, light jacket and heavy jacket, as well as thermals just in case. I'm curious on thoughts of what I should add to this. As I said above, I will be doing the flat bed division if that has any merit on suggestions. I was informed that Roehl will be providing a hard hat, safety vest and glasses and ice cleats.

The second piece of advice I was looking for, was regarding my Wife. We have spent some time apart (1 5 month and 1 3 month period) however, this was before our Son was born. I believe she is mostly nervous about having to practically raise him on her own. I was just wondering if anyone had any insights that I could pass along to her to make things as easy as they can be for her, as well as for my own peace of mind so I can focus on doing the job properly rather than worrying about life back home. I am not especially worried about my own home sickness, simply because it is far from the first time I have been away from home. And I imagine the motel room/sleeper cab will be a significant improvement over a hole dug into the ground with my poncho draped over the top. Gotta love a good hooch.

Thanks in advance ladies and gents,

- Razor

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