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Rollin rollin rollin keep those wheels a rolling...

After escaping the genetic modification laboratory the intellectual ape eventually found his way into this CDL world and began driving trucks for a living. This eventually led him into working for a company that involved way too many red and blue trucks he has been seeking a way to get into companies that use green or yellow trucks but so far red and blue seemed to be his only colors. So far the only problem he has experienced is when people turn their heads look through the window and shout "There's an ape driving that truck!" after which point they inevitably crash into the truck because they are distracted drivers. He does not yet know how to fix this problem. Also, this banana is stale. And audiobooks at love's are too expensive.

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Posted:  7 years, 12 months ago

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Hit and run mirror damage?

I am impressed by the integrity of this bobtail driver you mentioned, David. Most cases like this the driver at-fault has an "OH SNAP" reaction and takes off as fast as his vehicle's governor will allow him. I've had other vehicles back into me twice and they are never around by the time I realize damage has occurred.

...thinking about this makes me worry about leaving my truck at the truck stop during home time now. Hopefully nothing stupid happens this time.

Posted:  7 years, 12 months ago

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Would more permissive split-sleeper-period rules allow drivers to get better rest?

Agreed, Deb. Except I think the 70-hour rule also messes things up. Had a load that had to be delivered in the morning. I could have kept driving and then just woke up at around 4 or 5 AM near the customer to make delivery by 8. Instead I ran out of hours and had to park at 3 PM. Started up again at 1 AM. Definitely not keeping my circadians where they ought to be with that one, but stayed legal and made delivery on time.

At the cost of feeling more tired.

Something is clearly wrong with regulations intended to prevent tired driving when they cause tired driving.

Posted:  7 years, 12 months ago

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Help.. locking jaw problem

No, Mister Conversation, you are not the only one. I suffer from an intermittent jaw problem myself and thought that's what the topic might be about. We really should have known better.

But yes, I have not had any problems with getting hooked into the trailer myself, except for this one occasion where the kingpin somehow went up and over the fifth wheel and landed on the other side.

It was a mountaintop Kmart DC in Utah if I remember correctly, some months ago. Thankfully I was hooking to an empty or I would have had a real problem on my hands. I had to raise the trailer with the landing gear lever some, pull out from under it, lower it to a proper height, and then back under it again!

I thanked my lucky stars I hadn't done that to a trailer with a 45K load. That would have really ruined my day.

Posted:  7 years, 12 months ago

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Probably failed DOT drug screen in Sept. 2015

According to my research, it should leave your system to the point of being undetectable within a few weeks. So if you were off it cold turkey for 2 months straight prior to the drug test, you should be fine. Just don't start up again in the meanwhile and you ought to be fine.

Personally I think this sort of thing ought to be regulated the way alcohol is regulated, both by the government and by private companies, but the "war on drugs" mixed with the "stoner culture" pretty much guarantees it will probably be a good century before that happens. And even if it were regulated the way alcohol is regulated, the way alcohol is regulated is "no drinks for CMV drivers in the truck" so practically teetotaling anyway.

Just my two cents. Carry on!

Posted:  8 years ago

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And now, another new forumgoer introduces himself!

Greetings, salutations, and Hey Yall!

This is the Intellectual Ape, who became bored out of his gourd while waiting at the Love's truck stop somewhere around Kankakee Illinois so decided to finally register for the Forum. Normally my company is pretty good at keeping me on the road however this time they could not get me a load that picks up before Sunday so I am stuck waiting around all Saturday with little to nothing to do.

Oh what a world what a world!

So what do you guys like doing when you unexpectedly have a day to kill?

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