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27 years experience OTR, 15 as owner operator leased to Landstar. 4 years at YRC driving and working the dock locally, 8 years company driver at various companies

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Posted:  7 months, 4 weeks ago

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Is it good to work for unions ?

It's hype because you don't need to go to a unionized LTL to get the benefits of the wages - exactly as I said. Hype by its definition is some sort of exaggerated claim of benefit, perhaps even an exaggerated promotion of sorts. Unionized LTLs don't have an edge over the non-union shops. And it's certainly hype to assume that you have to go to a unionized LTL to reap the benefits of higher wages. I'm under no misguided notions that I haven't benefited from the presence of union in LTL, but I don't need to work at a union shop to enjoy the higher wages. You've got nothing to argue about here Brett. I'm of the same mind.

As I mentioned, I understand why you made your statements, but for me it's conjecture because I've never seen a trucking company rescind or decrease wages. An established, national trucking company, to my knowledge, has never actually decreased its wages. Keeping up with the times is something entirely different. I don't see my cpm being slashed if unions went away. I don't think that's wishful thinking. I already have a higher cpm than some union LTLs. My non-union company isn't simply trying to keep up with union shops. If the unions went away at UPSF, ABF, NEMF, and YRC, I just don't foresee my cpm suddenly being slashed. That would be extremely drastic.

Ok, SixString, Walmart just decreased wages for new hires to .38 cpm and froze wages of their drivers. You took a pay cut the moment you went to a non-union company in the following ways: They cut 10% of your actual miles using the household movers guide. They take 2.5 cpm by forcing per diem upon you. They offer junk insurance with your contributions out of each paycheck and the policy includes hundreds and thousands of dollars in deductibles yearly as well as the out of pocket expenses for hospitalization. An insurance plan that only pays 80% of major medical costs is not insurance but a scam to keep you in debt and dependent upon your junk job with your junk insurance nearly bankrupting you. Why would you pay $ out of every paycheck for "Bronze" insurance when you can get platinum insurance at no cost with a union? You haven't seen a company decrease wages? Open your eyes, Walmart just did it. Are you going to tell me that Old Dominion pays overtime? The OD people I talk to do NOT get overtime. SAIA only pays overtime after 45 hours. Estes after 50 hours. At these companies I just mentioned, they regularly force drivers to break the law or they get fired. Many times I've had to work over 18 hours delivering freight at these non-union companies. UPS and ABF have just about finished negotiating new contracts with significant increases in pay, vacation, and pension contributions. UPS is going up to $34.79 per hour whereas Old Dominion is around $27 per hour. How much are you paying for your bronze insurance plan? My platinum insurance plan is free with very low deductibles and out of pocket expenses. I get overtime the moment I work outside my bid. Please submit some comparisons. Thank you

Posted:  7 months, 4 weeks ago

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A Trucker's Wife is Baffled HELP

You need to get ahold of the pay statement. Get all of them. His pay may be deposited into an account, but is that his only account? My pay can be and is direct deposited into multiple accounts. It's a simple request given to payroll. If he's not being paid detention or layover then that is a serious issue. A six year driving career without any crashes incidents or traffic violations is a marketable condition. What's his CVSA score and his MVR record? There are plenty of companies that pay better and have accessorial pay. But first, get your hands on the pay statements. That's where you start.

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