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Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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What are the Best and Worst Trucking Companies to Work for?

Thank you for all the answers. You all have been very helpful but, I was hoping to get some specific trucking companies, at least the companies you thought were the best companies you worked for. I'm not trying to get anyone to "badmouth" certain trucking companies. I'm just trying to get answers on specific trucking companies. Many trucking companies out there claim that they have the best pay, best benefits, best people to work for, etc. but, that is not always the case when you actually start working for them, even if you are a hard worker and give your all to that company.

Maybe if I rephrased my question, I would have more success getting the names of specific trucking companies?

Of all the trucking companies you've driven for, which company stands out as your favorite trucking company to work for? There has to be at least one trucking company that you've liked more than the rest? I mean, most people in any line of work can usually name one company that they've worked for in their field of work that stood out above the rest whether it was due to the pay, the employees they worked with, the people they worked for, the job itself, or the customers they served?

Posted:  7 years, 10 months ago

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What are the Best and Worst Trucking Companies to Work for?

Hi, everyone. Can all the professional truck drivers on here tell me, from their own experience, what are the best trucking companies to work for? When I say "best" trucking companies to work for, I am talking about the pay (either weekly pay or mileage pay), benefits (medical, dental, 401(k), paid vacation, etc.), equipment driven (late-model?), and home time.

Please tell me the name of the trucking companies and not just "this one trucking company I worked for...".

Please tell me how long you worked for that trucking company or how long you have been working for that trucking company if you are still with them.

What are the worst trucking companies you've worked for? Please tell me the names of the trucking companies, how long you worked for them, and why they were the worst.


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