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Posted:  2 days, 7 hours ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)

Bobcat Bob

When I was faced with the choice of staying with my first trucking job and going on the road with zero-none-nada-zip experiance , I posted my thoughts, my fears, caution, on the site . You commented then (which I appreciated) that yes, companies do that. That there are companies that do that. Companies actually put people in a truck and out into the world with no experiance at all. A dope like me does' not know better but thankfully I questioned it and asked for some input from some experianced drivers, and also thankfully recieved some very valuable input.

People like Moe and me are vulnerable. In my case I withdrew from the orientation and sought a better employment with a much better company. Moe rolled the dice and lost which is a shame but also it screams of something just being flat wrong with the company and the one I almost went to work for. Bobcat, it's just wrong to put someone with no experiance on the road with a semi truck and trailer. It defies the imagination IMHO.

So, yeah, I guess to some Moe is 100% in the wrong but I view it as a shared wrong and I wonder how and why this practice is allowed?

Maybe I'm just making a bigger deal out of it than perhaps it is but to my mind what his company did, and the company I almost went to work for, shows a great irresponsibility to a degree that it defies the imagination.

I'm dumbfounded that the practice is allowed.

So, Ok, Moe screwed up but I hold to the belief it's a shared wrong.

BTW, two great looking dogs!

Posted:  2 days, 14 hours ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)


I think maybe your being a little too tough on Moe.

The reason I say that is the fact that I could be him.

It's easy to say that he in some way perhaps ignored advice on the forum however the very definition of a forum is a back and forth conversation with alot of varied advice.

My beginning of a trucking forum began almost four years ago with my registration on this forum and others. I got my CDL last 19 June I think that I might demonstrate a reasonable due diligence as to questions and answers..............yes? And.............After lots of looking and talking and such, I made a God awful choice for my first trucking company BUT I didn't understand that til I was knee deep in my wrong choice and hauled butt .

Fact is when your new to a subject it's very easy to make bad choices from pure ignorance.

Moe was hesitant about his choice of employment but he rolled the dice , went for it, made mistakes, admitted the mistakes and hopefully now he can recover............hopefully.

That could have been me real easy. I took a job that I should not have taken. I sobered up to the bad choice after a few days of orientation but I weighed the decision to leave before I actually left. I could have made a bad mistake very-very easily.

Moe screwed up a couple times at least and has come to the forum to admit his mistakes and ask for advice.

I suggest to you that maybe advice for him to consider going forward might be a pretty good suggestion?

Hindsight as it was once said being 20/20 gives all of us a great opportunity to look back but Moe needs to look forward.

Posted:  2 days, 16 hours ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)


Obviously you made a mistake and you've taken responsibility for the mistake. That speaks well of you. I sure hope it isn't a permanent stain that haunts you forever. The way I read the responses from the experianced people is to keep applying and keep trying, keep going on. I wish you the very best of luck with your continued trucking.

At the risk of being boring on the subject, please allow me to suggest you find a company that offers training. Your entire post says you wanted it and you needed it, maybe still could use some............maybe?

I'm with a company that employees 2000 drivers of which over 25% of the 2000 drivers have over one million miles of driving experiance.

Get with a good company Moe that you can stick with that gives you the backup and support and training we as new drivers all need.

Moe, I learned to fly back in the stone ages when it was not very demanding to get a private pilots license.....unlike today. Airplanes only go forward, dont pull a 53' trailer and sure as hell dont have to back one up. With an airplane it's not very likely your going to run over a family on their way to church. It's alot easier to drive a small single engine airplane than it is to drive a semi. People do not give commercial truck drivers the respect they deserve nor do they realize what it takes to be a safe and responsible truck driver.

All of that said, it's upon you as to where you go from here.

Dont give up

Posted:  2 days, 19 hours ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)


I've read this thread with great interest.

I recieved my CDL on 19 June. Was to begin orientation with a company on 29 June. After about a week of orientation was to recieve my own truck and on the road with maybe a total of 50/70 miles under my belt and none of those few miles solo. I withdrew from the orientation after just over three days.

I'm a FNG with zero experiance and about the same (zero) re trucking knowledge but I do have medium functional brain and some life experiances.

It's beyond my understanding how it's allowed to have someone with no solo experiance on the road with a truck and trailer. I cant bring myself to understand the rationale that permits that?

I've just completed my one week orientation with CFI in Joplin, Mo. I go out with a trainer tomorrow for the majority of a month on the road. I've already passed an internal driving test with a CFI driver before I leave with a trainer. Going on the premise I'm Ok with the CFI trainer for three to four weeks I then have to pass another internal testing at Joplin before I have my own truck. All in all at least three times I have to pass the CFI standards spread out over a month before CFI considers it responsible for me to be solo in a truck. In my very novice view CFI has it down right. How it could be expected that someone with no experiance in the real world solo in a truck is acceptable is beyond me and I wonder how the laws and regulations permit that to happen?

A mother with her children in front of me, zero solo experiance, eighty thousand pounds of truck and trailer, going down a hill is Ok?

Maybe I'm missing something think?

Posted:  5 days, 7 hours ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!

I lucked out...........Big Time!

Strickly by luck I've landed with a first class company.

I see why Big Scott and others are proud to be a part of CFI.

Looks like I've almost completed orientation and now am awaiting my "Finisher" (AKA Trainer). I'm on the road with a finisher for 24 to 26 days beginning in a few days. Going on the premise the finisher signs me off, then I'm solo with a truck. By the time I get a truck and am solo I'll have passed three CFI seperate tests of hands on driving. That includes 24 to 26 days "Captain Of The Ship" as it's put by CFI. This is exactly what I've wanted of a company. A CDL driving school sure does' prepare you for passing the CDL exam but falls way short of putting the new graduate on the road safely. I'm very satisfied that when I am given my own truck I'll be a safe driver still with alot to learn yet to come with experiance.

I cant speak highly enough of CFI. Everything about the company is first class. Everyone there goes' out of their way to be helpful and very friendly. People smile at you and wish you a good day. People seem very happy there. It's a very warm and professional atmosphere.

So, I guess officially I'm employed but I dont think I'll be really employed until after my time with the finisher and my final driving test at Joplin.

These guys and ladies are intense. There's no room for anything substandard with this company and people.

I lucked out..........BIG TIME!

Posted:  1 week ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!


Thanks for getting back to me.

It's all good.

Friends have poked fun at me for years because it takes me a long time to grasp something and it takes me forever to say it.

Most simple form today to fill out took me three tries before I understood the instructions and completed it correctly.

I wear hearing aids in both ears. A mask with straps that go around the ears. Headphones today to watch some videos over my ears. Glasses on so as to be able to watch the videos hanging on my ears. My ears are not big enough to hang all that stuff on so I had to make choices which excluded my hearing aids thus missed some instructions and didn't fill the form out correctly.

See what I mean when I say I'm a Klutz?

Sometimes it's best to just poke some fun at yourself.

Posted:  1 week ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!

Big Scott Finished my first day of orientation and for the entire part, paperwork and such. What I realize is that CFI is a big company and extremely well organized.

Instructor at orientation made clear that he was going to move fast and alot of info, real fast. He said it was like unto filling a gallon bucket then trying to fit another gallon into the already filed gallon bucket in short time. So, I know what to expect.

What is obvious to me is that these guys are pros They know what they're doing. Everything is very organized and very professional. Building, all the surroundings, offices, and classrooms very clean and well organized. Very friendly atmosphere however I can clearly see it's going to be a very busy week.

I can see why your a big fan of CFI I'm an FNG when it begins with truck however I do have some wordly experiance and with some big companies. This is a very impressive company.

My only worry is as already previosly stated, I'm a slow learner. I hope I can keep pace.

I appreciate your input and hope you'll continue with it.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!

Thanks to all Ive just arrived in Joplin Looking forward to this..........a whole lot And, I appreciate the input

Old School I have no idea why you would wonder about responding to me? I appreciate the info however it's your call. Your response is welcome

ya'll, people learn differently In my case I learn very-very-very (that's 3 very's) slow..........extremely slow. Today there's words that describe some learning disabilities but when I was a kid those words did not exist. Took me several schools before I graduated highschool. So, I appreciate your patience when I seem to repeat myself. If it bothers anyone I apologize for that and will limit my questions some.

I began my truck driving school with a group of which all passed (except two) within three weeks. Took me six weeks watching other groups come and go while I stumbled some. I try to have a sense of humor about it thus my "Klutz" remarks. Does' not embarress me at all just have learned over decades to adjust and handle it Anyone who misunderstand my very sincere efforts I sure offer my apologies

Ok, tomorrow I begin my CFI adventure and am very excited about it.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!


Good stuff Great input

After graduating I went to orientation with a company that offered no on the road training at all. A week maybe ten day orientation, then, here's your truck, see ya. I was very uncomfortable with that and withdrew only after I got a little ****ed as well. At the school we learned to identify all the coupling areas BUT never actually coupled or uncoupled. At the orientation I was shown for maybe two minutes then had to couple the truck/trailer. I was slow and nervous because I had never done it before and the instructor became very impatient with me which actually really annoyed me.

There were other areas that we (at the school) had to identify but never actually did any of it. No way was I prepared to go on the road solo after the orientation and withdrew.

I think the schools are intended to get you the CDL. So much to learn that not covered by the school. I guess that's Ok but in my thinking the actual learning comes from on the road with (I hope) a good trainer.

I really want to get this right. I dont want to be somewhere and feel and look like a fool and even worse than that........... dangerous.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!

Miey B

Yeah, I guessed as much. I read what kearsey said with great interest because I've found what she wrote and your comments to be accurate as I know it from my experiance.

Back in the stone ages when I learned to fly I had an initial instructor who was terrible. Changed instructors and a whole new learning experiance opened up for me. Over many years I've taught people about boats and every aspect of a boat. I consider myself very good because I care and have been kidded alot about taking it too seriously and the like. However, I do care thus I try to conduct myself that way.

I have a friend who graduated the drivers school with me that's on the third trainer.

Again, I find Kearsey's and your comments to be taken to heart and I am concerned who for 29 days I'll be living in a box with and learning from.

Guess just wait and see, huh?

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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From a Trainer: Take This Seriously!

I'm to be at Joplin, Mo. on Monday for orientation with CFI. Then, as I understand it 29 days with a trainer which is good, it's what I want. I have no solo time behind the wheel...........none at all. Maybe 60/70 miles total driving with either an instructor or state examiner. No solo time.

I want a good trainer. I want the 29 days training and have sought it out.

Ok, seems to me though the sword is a double edge, maybe? I'm an eager student, medium smart, 75 years old and been around some. Been thru learning to fly back in the stone ages. If it begins or ends with "Boat" I've done it for a long-long-long time in more than one country.

I'm no genius and sure as heck no when to ask for help and training. I want that real bad.

Ok, here's my question: How do I know I'm getting a trainer who wants to teach me as bad as I want to learn? I've been thru this with airplanes and boats. I've seen extremely good instructors ( trainers per se) and less than good ones as well.

Luck of the draw?

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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I R Hired..........I Think

Big Scott, These guys dont play around. I live south of Tampa. They're renting me a car to drive to Joplin which during these times I strongly prefer to flying. The whole plan is pretty much laid out from the car rental to the hotel, orientation, what to bring, what needed to purchase, and what all to expect. I'm very enthused. I think I've lucked out and landed with a first class company. When it all came together it came together real-real fast.

Again, I want to thank all of you because I was a true lost soul. Your input was crucial to my decision making.

Going on the premise I dont back into anything at the orientation, I'm just about close to earning my wings.

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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I R Hired..........I Think

After graduating from Tampa Driver's School, I thought getting a job was pretty much a no brainer............WRONG! Well, at least what I would consider a good one. After excellent advice from the forum, I applied to a lot of companies. I received: "No FNG'S" "Call Us When You Have Some experience" "Not Hiring In Your Area" and a few just "Not Hiring". Also a few that I did a lot of follow up with. All in all I gotta say that the answers and the individual recruiters were very polite and some extremely helpful.

I guess I sent my information to about fifty +/-. Ended up with maybe three to five hopefuls. I settled with CFI out of Joplin, Mo and begin orientation 27 July in Joplin. I've had some disappointments so I'm not counting my chickens however I think I made a good choice.

Thanks to all the advised me and helped me. Ya'll were more help than you know. I do wish to say that when new guys and ladies come on and ask for help that this site is a very good one to go to and seek help. No one talked down to me or anything of the sort which says alot about the people on this site

Maybe I R or is gonna be a gen-u-ine truck driver after all.

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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The more I ask the less I know

Papa Pig Well, I've never been known to be timid but this is all new to me and alot different than I thought it would be to get started. I'm trying to learn what the norm is. I thought you graduated from a school, passed the state, got your CDL, got a job with a trainer and off you go. I got the first part down and graduated from a school with a brand new CDL. Got hired right away with a company that offered a one week (or so) orientation, then you have a truck solo. I am not, was not, even close to a truck and solo out of the gate. So, it would appear that well, find another job with another company that offers some kind of training for a new driver. Thus far the only offer I have is team driving which is not what I want but might have to.

I will follow up with the companies you suggest and I very much appreciate your input.


Posted:  3 weeks ago

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The more I ask the less I know

Well, From the look of it without six months' experience so far I'm outa luck. Hogan, Not hiring newbee's
Davis Six mos experiance
Martin Six months experiance
Dart Six months experience
Cypress I left a message
Knight got a decline with no explanation
One other I prefer to leave unnamed I withdrew from orientation.....but would give me a truck solo

If I do or do not wish to Team, looks like it might be the only way I'm going to get experience to get a job

I'll continue to knock on doors but it just does' not look all that hopeful without experiance

Any thoughts I'd appreciate

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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The more I ask the less I know

More interesting points you bring.

The instructor that suggested to me flatbed I answered with exactly what you bring up, tarping and the like.

I had made a wisecrack to him having to do with my backing skills asking if I could apply to a company that only required going forward. His answer was Flatbeds. When he answered that I did comment as to tarping and the like. In my over fifty year profession I drove an automobile about 100,000 miles a year. Pretty much all over the U.S. Of A and some in Ontario. Over those years and miles certainly I saw flatbeds that were tarped in weather that I sure wouldn't want to be tarping and tieing down a load, The instructor we had in our initial classroom week was a many year driver that only did flatbeds. I guess a flatbed driver is a dedicated kinda flatbed guy?

Posted:  3 weeks ago

View Topic:

The more I ask the less I know


You bring up an interesting subject. Flatbed? Is there an advantage? I had an instructor that suggested flatbed.

Pros? Cons?

Seems that there are those who prefer flatbed

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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The more I ask the less I know

I applied (I think) on the site. Along with being a total klutz as a new driver I'm also living in the stone ages re computers. Some of us that have a few years on us are not real computer friendly. I'm pretty sure I did it all correctly .

How many companies does my info go out to?

Is this the best way to reach out for a job?

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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The more I ask the less I know

Brett, Old School, BigT.............. Thanks!

I'm taking your advice

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

View Topic:

The more I ask the less I know

Old School

My CDL is dated 19 June, 2020

I had an immediate job but a one week orientation then I'm on my own, solo, with a truck scared me off.

I'm actively, right now, wanting a job and as a Team driver I can have one right now, but, I really do not want Team Driving.

Tampa Truck Driving School, thru their Tenn location is actively trying to place me. They're a very cooperative outfit and very helpful.

Yes, I do understand the "stale" issue. There was a guy in school with me that had to renew (whatever the right word is) his license because he was inactive for a period of time.

I told the Tenn location that if I had to Team then I would but I really dont want team driving.

One thing I sure have learned thru the entire journey, six weeks of a three week school (because i'm a Klutz), til now is that there's a hell of alot more to driving a truck than driving a truck.

People tend to view a truck driver with alot less respect than a driver has earned. I can pre flight a single engine airplane easier and faster than I can pre trip a truck and trailer. And, I 100% promise you, learning to fly is a hell of alot easier than learning to drive a semi. Airplanes only go forward and dont pull a 53' trailer behind them. Truck drivers are a very underestimated profession.

I got thru drivers school because it is a very good school and by the skin of my teeth.

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