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Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Truck Driver? Looks like I is one........finally.........maybe

My journey began with the Tampa Drivers School back in March. For those that can, takes three weeks or so. Took me six weeks because I'm a klutz.

Then on to Trans Am and left after three days of orientation. Very bad experience at least having to do with me. So, speaking for me, very bad experience.

Began orientation with CFI about five/six weeks ago . About 14,000 miles driven with a trainer (CFI calls it a "Finisher") Very-very valuable time and miles spent. I cant speak highly enough of CFI. Great company and they put alot of time, energy and budget into new drivers. A very professional company that displays a high degree of driver satisfaction. A very friendly and helpful spirit and they spend the time and money on new drivers.

Passed all my final tests with CFI Today. Written test, then the 'Obstacle Course", and miles with a CFI designated manager to ensure the new driver is ready for the road, solo.

AND.........I have my own truck as of a couple hours ago.

So, I have a red KW with a couple hundred thousand miles on it, clean as a pin and road ready with I think a pretty well trained as possible new driver.

Been a journey with some anxiety and some doubts and frayed nerves however here I is ......................

BTW.......BIG SCOTT.....I was behind you leaving Joplin on Labor Day. You turned left, I went right. Looking forward to meeting you.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trouble reaching Hireright

A couple/few weeks back I asked how to contest inaccuracies or at least to view my DAC. I was given the link for hireright and contacted them immediately. I recieved a response that someone would be in touch with me shortly. As of today the only response that I have since then was this morning confirming my name, E mail, and the like.

Am I missing something? Is there a better place to ask my question about my DAC than hireright?

I dont think it should take this long?

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Anne A

I began driving airplanes in the 60's in NW Florida. There aint no such thing in any small town in NW Florida, Ga, Ms, la, or Ala that does' not have a water tower with the name of the town along with "Class of...................." That pretty much told me where I was. There was no such thing as a computer.

All PA28's 140 an Arrow and an "Aztruck" Tried a little spraying with a Pawnee and didn't break the airplane, hit any power or phone lines or more than likely didn't cause any deaths that I'm aware of anyway.

People that I know kid me about the fact that I'm a klutz at backing a truck because they feel if you can fly an airplane you can certainly back a semi........................WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 An airplane only goes' forward and there aint no 53' trailer behind it and no (six of them) mirrors. I'm sure both you and your husband agree that flying an airplane is alot easier and I could pre flight a single or light twin in maybe two minutes whereas you sure as poop cant do that with a tractor and trailer.

I'd be lost today with a "Glass ****pit" or the like.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Rob T

Thanks for the input and encouragement

I've been out with a trainer going on three weeks.

I think I have the driving part down pretty good just so long as all I have to do is drive straight. I'm in Joplin now and have spent some time with my backing here at the terminal. I'm very pleased with the help CFI offers

As it looks, I think I'm going to spend another maybe couple weeks or so with a trainer before I'm on my own. We'll see.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Thanks Anne A

I sent in my request

I appreciate your help

Trying to finish up my "apprentice period" so to speak with CFI.

I still need more work primarily with my backing skills which they are giving me.

I'm also computer stupid..........a gen-u-ine dinosaur. The on board computer controls your life and I just aint real good at it. Back in the dark ages when I learned to fly there was no such thing as computers. Railroad tracks, highways, and water towers that all had the towns name on them were my nav aids. I'm kinda Ok with a nav Garmin but the onboard computer that controls your life on the road I need some help with.

On the form that asks my opinion of my abilities I checked off "Not ready Yet" which also goes to the point that I believe so much as to training.

Thanks again young lady...................

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?


How do I dispute the DAC entry Where do I send my dispute?

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Midnight fox

I believe your missing my point.

What the government allows or does' not allow is not my issue. What Trans Am's safety record reflects is not my issue.

I do not feel I'm a safe driver on the road solo with no training. That is a decision that I have come to that pertains to me. If I do not feel that I'm a safe and competent driver on the road solo then it's upon me to make the call as to how to proceed. My decision was to seek out a company that will give me the training I require and want.

Obtaining a CDL thru a school offers the bare minimum of what is actually required on the road. The school gives you enough information and training to pass the minimum requirements to obtain your CDL.

Trans Am can do whatever they wish. Whoever signs on to the program is perfectly within their rights to do so. I have a problem with their program and my choice was not to proceed.

My issue with Trans Am is their showing me as an ex employee which I am not.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Midnight fox

A follow up

The orientation class that I attended for three days had about ten or twelve people in it, more or less.

I do not think there was a single experienced driver in the class.

As it was explained passing orientation was required for employment and the employment included immediately, right away, being issued a truck and trailer as a new solo operator. Immediately means just that in that orientation ends in something like a week +/-, you are issued a truck and down the road. This was made clear to the extent that it was told that there was no parking available at the Tampa terminal for personal vehicles. So, when you are given a truck you cannot leave your car at the terminal because there's no parking room.

midnight fox

You cant make this stuff up and put it in print

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

Midnight fox

Trans Am can do what they wish but I do not find any compelling reason for me to sign on with them without any training. I absolutely refuse and have refused to drive seventy feet of truck with maybe eighty thousand pounds of weight over the road with no training to do so. What has or has not worked for Trans Am is fine for Trans Am but that does' not mean it's Ok with me as to my employment and my future driving a truck safely.

I will not accept the fact that a brand new holder of a CDL with absolutely no solo experiance with a truck can then be given a truck and say it's Ok to go on the road safely as Trans Am does'.

A nice young mother with her three children in their car seats going down a 6% grade does' not need me behind them with no a 70' unguided missile weighing perhaps eighty thousand pounds unable to stop the damn thing because I was never trained to do so and put on the road without said training.

Trans Am's seemingly new policy is fine for them and I guess others but not me.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?


For a long long time I knew I was going to be an OTR driver. I joined this forum about four years ago. After a good many years, the right time, and I went for it. So, here I am.

In my profession of over fifty years I was involved with alot of training. In my past profession training = safety for all concerned and I'm a believer with training in general however if it begins or ends with driving a truck, training is paramount to safety.

Trans Am's training (or lack of) policies to me are mind boggling. I dont profess to understand their rationale and frankly put, I dont care except to say that I'm not included.

At the risk of repeating myself I'll offer an overlook at where I'm at and am 100% satisfied with the process and the company. At CFI, about a week of orientation. Then a test drive with a CFI trainer. Then a few weeks on the road with a CFI trainer (Finisher as they call it) That brings me to right now back in Joplin. My finisher issued his findings re me to training. My view also issued. Going on the premise I go forward today includes: Obstacle course Written exam Verbal exam Determination if I'm ready to be on the road solo. I'm in 100% agreement with CFI'S safety policies.

Want my opinion of my abilities? I dont think I'm ready because I have some serious backing issues. I need to work more with my backing skills.

When I am on the road solo with CFI it will be that I'm ready to be which I think is a great policy and a great company to work for.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?


If you read Trans Am's own words they offer training and on going training. Now, maybe their words are more carefully scripted than the ordinary reader would read them but when I asked if what they say they offer was offered, they said "No". They said they did up to fairly recently offer the training and trainers but no longer do. I took my question to the highest management on the scene and was told that they do not offer trainers.

Ok, no problem with that as far as I'm concerned because it was an easy decision that Trans Am was not the company for me and I did sign the "Voluntary Withdrawal" from the orientation after three days. Maybe I should not have?

I hold to the fact that I was never "employed" by Trans Am trucking. I dont want it on my employment record or my DAC that I was employed and quit the job.

What I claim as to their misrepresentations can be clearly read on their web site written by them.

"Quibble" is a word I learned as a term used by the army in the 60's. To "Quibble" maybe does' not mean to out and out lie about something. What it could mean is "double talk" maybe. maybe they didn't actually out and out lie with their representations on their web. Maybe just worded so that dopes like me would think they're saying something that they're actually not saying? Maybe so, maybe not but it might also be worth the time to read what their former drivers have to say about them. Now and then a positive statement but for the very most part by far.............pretty ugly.

When I read Kerry's remarks on a different thread I tend to lean his way some because of the way I feel about Trans Am. Maybe he's wrong. Maybe I'm wrong.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?


I dont know about what homeless people do for a motel room and some food. I'm not homeless.

I was given to believe things that were not true. Took me a couple/few days to withdraw. After discussing with several management and trainers the fact that they do not offer training it was clear to me that Trans Am wasn't for me.

I'm real new at this and I guess not real bright as to some bad. My inexperiance shows .

To me it's a matter of common sense that a person just graduating from a CDL school with zero solo experiance or for that matter, no experiance solo or any other type is not qualified to drive down a 6% grade with 70' and 80,000 pounds of misguided missile. I've just learned how to do that after a couple weeks of doing it but sure as poop had not an inkling before I was taught how. To send me up and down the Grapevine in LA with no training? Rush hour in SanFrancisco/ LA, anywhere of the like with no training? No basic training of any sort what so ever driving on an interstate?

I've just driven about four thousand miles with a very good trainer and realize more and more that CDL school taught me just about nothing having to do with the real world of trucking.

I lucked out landing with a company that makes sure before a driver is put on the street that the driver is trained for the job.

"Employment" is defined several ways but none include whatever Trans Am's definition is. I was not "given work" I was not "given compensation" The 'condition of paid work" does' not apply.

I was new, naive, stupid, inexperianced, pick whatever. I attended what I view as a three day workshop not any form of employment.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?


It was made clear that until you passed orientation you were not employed by Trans Am.

It was also made clear that training on board the truck and follow up hands on training was part of the program.

They made very clear although it clearly says training and follow up training is all part of the program they made clear that it once was but no longer is.

If you read what they say on their Web Site it still offers what they do not offer.

No, I dont think three nights in a motel constitutes employment.

I do feel that putting someone loose in a truck with no on the road training, no solo experiance, a week or so in a classroom only , is irresponsible and dangerous.

Each to his own

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Just getting started and already it's bad.

Kerry L

My experiance with Trans Am was less than good. No matter who is at fault be it you or Trans Am, move on. When I left orientation at Trans Am after three days I went shopping for a job. Got some very good direction and help from right here on this forum . As luck had it, I landed good at CFI.

You gotta just beat the bushes til something comes up. I sent out around fifty or so applications and recieved alot of "sorry.............but". If you give up trying then that's on you. Dont give up.

I cant say enough good about CFI in Joplin, Mo. First class operation and I really lucked out falling in with them. Contact them and others as well and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting kicked in the butt now and then is no mortal sin but giving up is one. Lots of companies out there Go get a job my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, for what it's worth, I think I understand your feelings re Trans Am. I just didn't like the experiance at all. It's not always so easy to put things into words that maybe people understand but sometimes if you feel like your just a piece of meat, well, maybe it's best to just move on........huh?

Go get a job

Use the tools on this forum and all the help the people here will give you.

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Trans Am Trucking Employment or Non Employment Question?

I recieved my CDL on 19 June, 2020.

Attended Trans Am trucking orientation 29 June, 2020.

After three days of orientation it was clear that Trans Am offered no "Trainer" on the road. No "trainer" at all. They said they once did but no longer offer a trainer.

Ok, here I am a brand new holder of a CDL with less than 100 miles on the street and those miles with a drivers school instructor and the state examiner. No solo time at all..........nothing at all.

Trans Am offers a week (more or less) orientation then if you pass orientation you have a truck by yourself, solo, no training at all. On the street with a truck, solo.

No way was I ready to be on the road with up to 80,000 pounds, seventy feet or so with no training.

Trans Am told me that they once did offer a trainer but no longer do. I was told that I could sign a "Voluntary Withdrawal" which I did sign.

To me the Trans Am policy was at least dangerous and irresponsible and I was not ready nor prepared to be on the road by myself.

Since that time I've signed on with CFI . A week of orientation A test drive with a CFI trainer to be sure I have at least a basic driving knowledge/skill. Three or four weeks on the road with a Trainer that CFI calls a "Finisher" Then after the time on the road with a "Finisher" I'll have a written test and a driving test, which includes an "obstacle course" and some backing skills before I'm considered safe/reasonably competent.

CFI's program is to me outstanding. I need the training and I want the training.

Ok, here's my rub with Trans Am. They report me that I was employed by them. I left orientation after three days. I recieved not one penny compensation from Trans Am nor any type of compensation/pay , nothing what so ever. I recieved not a penny nor did I want anything at all from them. I didn't ask for anything, didn't want nor expect anything, recieved nothing after three days only of orientation, but am reported as was empolyed by them.

This is causing me an issue.

I'm not all that crazy about Trans Am Trucking. They have the policies that work for them but those policies I will not agree to . I didn't agree to the program and declined Trans Am employment however they report me as an ex employee.

Of course I'm contesting any so called employment with Trans Am Trucking.

Now that I'm in the industry for about a month I'm learning that some of Trans Am's policies are very much Trans Am's and not industry standards per se.

Any past experiances with Trans Am like mine?

Posted:  2 years, 3 months ago

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Buying my first truck need some info

I chime in now and then when a subject comes up that has my interest. I too am weighing being an owner/operator vs a company paid driver. So, this thread sure did catch my eye. I'm finishing my third week on the road with a trainer and as an employee of CFI. After three weeks experiance I'm still about dumb as a rock however full of questions and an owner/operator being one of my questions.

Ok, I'm mostly dumb but not totally dumb. I know jumping into ownership of a truck as an FNG is not a good idea. I've given myself six months (more if needed) to make the call driver employee vs owner/operator.

So, guys and girls, what are the +/- of owning vs employee. There must be some advantages, huh?

My absolute lack of knowledge has brought me to a few kinda/sorta thoughts.

I find used trucks with maybe 300,000 or so miles are selling for mid 20's or so. Factory warranties run til about 500,000 miles........yes? I find that being an owner/operator does' offer more independance. It appears that there's more money in owning with of course the expenses involved.

What I'm seeing here is pretty much against the idea of ownership. How about some input from some owner/operators that might see it different?

I've stipulated to being a whole lot of stupid more than once on the forum so lets allow that I am.

What's the owner/operator view of the question and the opinions?

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

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Mentoring done ... going solo ... nervous as hell

Man............................. I feel like I coulda written what you wrote and your fears. I've completed my 6th day of training (with a trainer) and learn something it seems every moment. Currently at a Loves in Idaho and have had my first lessons re driving in mountains from Joplin, Mo. to SanFransisco. If driving a truck solo only consists of driving forward on straight and level interstates, perfect daytime weather and no backing into loading/unloading areas and no tight backing at truckstops, well then, I got sweat. BUT.................that just aint what it is.

Sure, I'm looking forward to solo in a few more weeks or so but I sure do share your anxiety and your fears. My biggest challenge/struggle at truck drivers school and to date has been backing and I am not looking forward to maybe making a fool of myself while demonstrating how much of a klutz I am at it.

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

View Topic:

Wow! This was a great month.

No, his last name begins with a "C" like mine does'

I'm in So. Dakota at a Loves , showered and hanging out before hitting the hay.

Constantly learning and very happy about that.

It still amazes me that my initial employer (kinda employer) was giving me my own truck with about one week of orientation and no trainer or any kind of on the road experiance offered at all. Boggles the mind!?!? I cant imagine it being allowed???????????

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

View Topic:

Wow! This was a great month.

TERRIFIC & CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As CFI'S second biggest fan let me thank you for your input . I'm in my first 7 days of training and leave tomorrow for Washington State, Oregon and San Francisco.

CFI is a great company and I'm very happy I ended up a driver which was "LucK" not by design.

Very impressive mileage.

CFI has about two thousand drivers with something over 25% of them over million mile drivers.

I think after reading some of your input and your bio that guys like you are a reason this is such a good company.

I'm screwing up here and there but nothing real bad it would seem.

Backing is not my strong suit but I'm getting there little by little.

Had some free time today and Mike (my trainer) took me thru thru the obstacle course before we leave for the west coast.

My intent was not to hijack your thread but I sure share your enthusiasm for CFI and wanted to congratulate you and to share some as well.

Posted:  2 years, 4 months ago

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Lost my first trucking job, rather resigned ( a longish post sorry for length)

Bobcat Bob

When I was faced with the choice of staying with my first trucking job and going on the road with zero-none-nada-zip experiance , I posted my thoughts, my fears, caution, on the site . You commented then (which I appreciated) that yes, companies do that. That there are companies that do that. Companies actually put people in a truck and out into the world with no experiance at all. A dope like me does' not know better but thankfully I questioned it and asked for some input from some experianced drivers, and also thankfully recieved some very valuable input.

People like Moe and me are vulnerable. In my case I withdrew from the orientation and sought a better employment with a much better company. Moe rolled the dice and lost which is a shame but also it screams of something just being flat wrong with the company and the one I almost went to work for. Bobcat, it's just wrong to put someone with no experiance on the road with a semi truck and trailer. It defies the imagination IMHO.

So, yeah, I guess to some Moe is 100% in the wrong but I view it as a shared wrong and I wonder how and why this practice is allowed?

Maybe I'm just making a bigger deal out of it than perhaps it is but to my mind what his company did, and the company I almost went to work for, shows a great irresponsibility to a degree that it defies the imagination.

I'm dumbfounded that the practice is allowed.

So, Ok, Moe screwed up but I hold to the belief it's a shared wrong.

BTW, two great looking dogs!

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