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Yet another Newbie....OH WISE ONES...

Been a lurker for over a month now....decided to sign up...

Here's my proverbial fork at the road...

I started working on my CDL this past July and I got my CDL in late August via non-certificate option, which saved over $4000. I paid out of pocket. During my early stages, I had access to an O/O's truck while he trained me on a few runs. I drove the truck for at least several hundred miles per seat time, and learned the basics. Did a about 4 OTR over a month, each lasting 2-3 days. On my non-training days, I went to a school rented a truck, and polished my skills, and finally did my test and passed.

2 weeks ago, I reached out to schneider and found they had a local gig and SURPRISE! SURPRISE!...they were accepting NEWLY MINTED CDL drivers. only catch is I have to attend their boot camp for 27-35 days (no home time) then return to my local city for the local, home daily route.

We did the usual song and dance, I got the pre-hire, passed drug test/background etc...then got a boot camp training confirmation.

Then, 2 days before I left I got a family emergency, ER visit, hospital stay I had to cancel the trip to the boot camp till next time.

Gotta deal with family health first.

As walking around the hospital to clear my head, I see a truck delivering clean linen to the facility...says now hiring class A/B. I call the # out of curiousity, and they tell me to "Come-on over". I was like.."bbbbut I dont have experience....yyyou gon, you gon hire me?", lady on the other end says, "We might not if you dont come over"...

Long story short....they are offering me a Class B gig, with me being their Class A "stand-by"

Basically, the Local company with small truck fleet is offering Class B position with pay @ $700/week for 40hr week = $17.50, while acting as stand-by Class A as needed. company is also willing to provide initial training to familiarize myself with Class A equipment/routing. also have opportunity to pick up other shifts (class B)...which may make up for the opportunity cost of forfeiting schneider. Both classes (A & B) are regional with home daily.

OTOH, scheider is offering class-A position with pay @ $900/week for 60hr week = $15. Role is salary (not cpm) and 100% local

Im leaning towards the local company due to shorter hours (HOS) which give me more family time, plus regional OTR as available

So, oh wise ones, Im I foolish to forfeit the schneider opportunity? is there anything I will miss out of the training that is critical to my trucking life?

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