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My Journey To and Through School Using High Road Training Program

Hey guys, I am starting this thread as someone that does not yet have a CDL permit (CLP). I am going to be updating how High Road Training Program is going as i study and the impact it has on my permit. I have received the ok to attend a company sponsored school, as I read many forums and blogs here and made my decision to be able to start quicker. It would take me about a year to save up the $4,000 to pay my own way so I will be glad to get my year or two experience with a company anyway to make sure I like it. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and now at 27 I am finally following my dreams. And I know questions may come so I will answer the ones I know. I do have a girlfriend and she is extremely supportive especially since when she was growing up she had her parents as a team driving for Roadway. I am aware of the hometime or lack thereof and so is she. We have taken many steps to keep communication while I am on the road. I am aware of the contract I will be stuck in to pay off my schooling and I am perfectly fine with it. As the saying goes, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the present to get what you want in the future.

Now about the High Road Training Program. Many people may get put off of it because of the repetitive nature. I know I did at first. But I also know now 12% in that those questions that have been asked 6-7 times already are probably going to be on the CLP test. I am finally confident that at least those couple of sections completed I could ace on the test. As of right now, my plan is to take my test Thursday or Friday while all of this will still be fresh in my mind.

Now for those of you asking, I am going to be driving for a company that catches a lot of crap. However, while you guys may be complaining about Swift drivers, just know that not all of them will be taking the High Road program. Also while you complain, I am personally thanking them for giving me the opportunity to learn through them and get my experience with them even with a recently reinstated license from a ticket that I recently paid from a few years ago. Sometimes you don't know what the drivers are doing at Swift. Some are like me and it was the only company that would take them on.

So stay tuned for my progress and join me on this journey. You guys have all been a help to me with all of your posts even if I have not always responded to them. There have been times that I have read over 30 pages of replies to get a feel for the general consensus on a question that I have had.

Now a side note to Brett if he reads this. I would like to start a blog if possible. I am very long winded and people may be put off by the length of my posts, so if I could put this in blog form or you would like a blogger you can contact me at the email address I have registered here. I am not worried about putting up ads to get paid as you mentioned in your blog about blogging.

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