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former driver tristate lite exp. with over 4 years in sleeper as young hobo and spent many nites weekends unloading worked for GRAND UNION,, never possesed a real CDL also taxi limosine driver NYC small dump trucks ,,cranes etc etc trying to make a comeback to avoid a criticle bankruptcy need work badly preparing to leave wife 2 sons behind to get a job not yet sure of CDL school or where to attend one origanlly as many do im sure i was headed to DMV try get a CDL on my own butt as i can see that error everything has changed so much hate to make another mistake as first time i drove illegally this time i am starting from zero cord..tim f

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Posted:  4 years, 10 months ago

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Rheumatoid arthritis and CDL and other medical issues?

Hi I will be trying to get into Prime next spring. Right now I'm in the truck permanently with my husband who is a lease driver with prime. I have rheumatoid arthritis and take injections once a week. I can't find much on the disease and driving. I also stopped (titrated) my klonopin and vyvanse as I was diagnosed ADHD in 2015 but also ran our service business for 18 years. The anxiety meds were due to being diagnosed RA in 2015. I've also talked to others who got their CDL after stopping their ADHD meds. I may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD anyway getting overwhelmed confused with ADHD due to running a business by myself and doing the work of 4 woman all myself. That was a nightmare.

Sorry, on cell not laptop so this may look all over the place.

Main question is the RA and then getting off the drugs. Will they be out of system by next spring or rather will my brain be back to normal firing as I'm going through mild withdrawal right now.

well time wil tell there might be some products to help flush out all that try asking a doctor or look up detox best methods wisj you luck for sure

Posted:  6 years, 3 months ago

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Hi From Tim

Hey everyone guess what i took a shot at maybe coaxing brett out of hibernation as i hookedup with a guy who drives OTR and just happens to be in the area i asked him to ask about brett and see if anyones heard from him out on the northway as i been a fan for awhile i sure dont want to think he has no idea how many fans-supporters he may have plus a heck of a lot of students be nice if he held seminars or meetings butt alas were all so gratefull to him thankyou brett immensely student tim

Posted:  6 years, 6 months ago

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How can I contact a member here directly?

attaboy pal im rite behind you i been dissecting this stuff for 5 months or longer still i spent alot of time OTR drove alot also mostly local water septic etc,,butt i was on U.S highways thru 70s80s i stand in awe WOW thing are all flipped upside down now scary very scary so im startin from zero again ègg,,,,, problem is at this age to erase what we think we k now hmmmfff geez so confusing figure in D.O.T every rule anyone could ever think of makes it even more scary what has happened haa ill tell you all butt after i get my CDL KEEP STUDYING and great luck man tim


I'm finally ready to start applying to company sponsored training programs. I'd like to use two drivers here as a referral, if possible. I'd like to ask their permission first. How would I go about emailing or IMing a member here directly to ask for their permission? I'm sure it's probably easy to do but I'm not sure how.

Thank you in advance. Stay safe out there and I hope everyone has a great 2018!!! Colin K.

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Trainee From H3LL (Ranting...)

Well how are you all today sorry to hear and see what i just read about your student,,,,,makes me wary! also one might think makes me even more valuable as brett is rite self motivated is the only way to live , just dont leave her anywhere bring her back with you silence is a great weapon also i assure you theres something else botherin her ?? there you need to decide by yourself only you and stick to it never risk messin up your record for undeserving folks youll get another one again soon just want to say not been here long butt i have a ever growing respect for you trainers ,,and i am studying my butt off i assure you all and hope to join you all again soon thanks alot tim

I've tried til I'm blue in the face. This gal is both dangerous and clueless. I was hoping to have her back in Cedar Rapids today, but it looks like it will be Sunday or Monday instead. She barely speaks-- unless we are away from the truck and its not a trucking related topic. Stalls the truck in all kinds of inappropriate places, ignores road/traffic signs, refuses to drive much of the time, refuses to trip plan, conveniently disappears or goes to bed when its time to do tripsheets and scan them into transflow. Decides to shower AFTER our break is over and we NEED TO ROLL TO MAKE OUR APPOINTMENT. I told her next time, I WILL drive off and leave her if she does it again. Won't get up when we need to roll (my other half told me to just roll anyway and if she falls out of the upper bunk so be it), but I'm not that mean. Is oblivious to the need to manage her time on her elogs, has multiple errors on them but STILL hasn't called in to get those errors corrected. Last night I asked her again if she had called (because we can't even do minor edits ourselves ) she said no.. I asked her what she was waiting for.. *. crickets, * then told her.. oh well, I'm not telling you again, its YOUR LOGS and YOUR LOGBOOK VIOLATIONS. Oh the list goes much further. I've wasted way too much time with this one. I've not yelled, I've managed to stay calm, I have gone out of my way to try to make her feel welcome on my truck, but I'm done and so is she.

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Job hopper taking a look at her life

Hello my friend thanks for the input i have similar thoughts myself been away so long get that been left behind feelin, never been a job hopper butt i was a driver kinda and very illegal im sure way back when---also spent 3 or more years as a runaway minor hungout in sleepers of many a serious nice butt firm drivers so --many many towns miles adventures butt was only tollerated for unloading,, washin etc,learned the industry learned trucks alas all pre 80s,,now what does it amount to NOTHIN i mean i am greener then an avocado i know nothing so lost i feel horrible about it so behind everyone i am actually trying to get into a school and i am afraid to get behind the wheel again,,maybe its better this way as i discovered that any of my credintials from years ago amount to NOTHING again hmmmm ,,starting over ? got a couple years on you so wish us all luck i do to you pal!! just never give up youll see hoopla mano

Hello Trucker Family,

I signed up here 4 years ago to utilize the tools to take my hazardous endorsement test and get a general refresher. Thanks Brett, your site really helped to ease my transition back into this industry. This is only my 2nd forum post, because I was always too busy running around making a living to stop and post. I wanted to document my return to trucking on the fly, but that never happened. It's a heck of a lot easier to lurk in forums, get your fill and fall asleep in the bunk. Most of the time I was too beat to compose a coherent thought. Right now I'm in between jobs, hoping to stay local. I've had time to relax, regroup and really think about my life, staying put in one place, back home with family. I needed to get the roller skates off and clear my head for a bit.

I got my CDL A back in 1987, worked for less than 6 months trucking and was offered another job in a different industry (bookselling.) At 21 years old I was NOT ready in any shape or fashion to stay out on the road and stare at a dotted white line all day, every day. I had living to do and I did!

I didn't drive anything larger than a 26' box truck for the next 26 years. I'm 50 years old and 3 years is the longest I've worked anywhere. I spent 12 years on SSDI. I had multiple health problems, but the main one was heavy metals poisoning that made me sick physically and weak mentally. I got treatment and recovered slowly.

Fast forward to 2013... I made the decision to go back on the road to drive long haul. My partner was supposed to go to school, get her CDL and drive with me. We chose CRST as our company and fully intended to stay on with them for 2 years and then reassess. I did my refresher in Albany GA at a small company sanctioned school called "Career in Gear." I drove almost a month with my trainer. My partner followed me a couple months behind, Ace-ing her schooling. I endured 6 months with a series of co-drivers, as CRST is a team company. When she was finally ready, we drove together for a total of 2 months. Then the worst happened, she had a stroke while driving. I drove her to the nearest VA hospital, then got clear to drive us home. That was her last run ever. She is now a full-time disabled vet. I finished out my contract with CRST and quit because they would not run me solo. Teaming with anyone else just wasn't working for me. I then got a job with Celadon for 6 months. I worked for Carroll Fulmer having a year under my belt, quit them for a small 10 truck operation out of Florida to team with a friend, quit them for a local fuel hauler out of Tampa Bay because teaming drove me crazy, and quit them for Indian River Transport in 2016.

I stay with IRT until November, then moved back to the Northeast from Florida. I worked my butt off for the last 4 years and have less than nothing to show for it. I didn't work for more than a year for any one of those jobs. It didn't help that some of my trucker friends job hopped worse than I did.

I'm currently working on settling my finances and thinking about settling down with a company that will keep me local.

The kinds of articles Brett has been writing lately have really hit home. I have been guilty of complaining about trucking companies after allowing myself to become poisoned by indulging in too many of those toxic conversations. I threw away a good job with Indian River because I let thoughts of not being reimbursed for detention and down time eat me up. I admit to being a victim and perpetrator of negative talk, to the point where I was hurting myself the worst.

My driving record is in good shape, but I have to face the fact now that my job hopping doesn't look so great on a resume or application. I have commitment issues! I've quit so many jobs and just recently my lax attitude caused me to be let go from a decent local job for a series of stupid mistakes. I'm looking over my life from every possible angle and trying not to be too hard on myself but still kicking myself a little. I'm still admittedly depressed. I'm not writing because I need anything, Just wanting to share a little bit of my story as a relevant and down to earth introduction without any super-trucker boasting.

Hello again, Trucker Family, thanks for being there!

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Medical history

You must supply ALL of that information on the forms you will fill out. DO NOT LIE. Do not provide information not asked for but be truthful. Any false information could cause you more trouble than you would ever want to deal with. It is a FEDERAL Form!

hello eveyone and tractor man thanks for the comments and posts ill admit i am also worried about D.O.T medical issues and i actually practise staying in decent shape butt cigs,,lousy habits,dull meals have me concerned...... also i am new to this world again so ????????? unrealeted ? what gives with these fellas on youtube i mean i nicely tryed to contact atleast 7 of the top dudes got blownoff by everyone of them ??is there somehow a profit issue with youtube i have no clue,, ask for advice get blownoff is rude ,,,strange as they all talked well and seemed sincere in there videos ok yu all have nice days thanks always for the input tim f

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Starting my career next Monday!

i am so happy for you i am trying to get to where you are actually trying to return again butt finding out quickly what i though i knew dont matter much anylonger might as well be a greenhorn myself

still have not heard back from either of the states where i was driving i have spent significant time in all kinds of towns lived in 5 states walked and treked allover ,,and i seem to be missing misses and mister rand/mcnally where have they gone off to....... maybe ill see them again in CDL school.sorry butt more i study and look more scared i become at this point i be happy to get another dump truck job butt it is very very crtical to my family to go OTR soon as possible as we are so far into debt risk loosing our buisness and home again thank you all for your time ,,,again here we might need a writer storyteller or documentry i dunno =============brett this is one heck of a story my friend ,,not sure if it matters butt about against all odds whew mamma what a climb this is going to be ---and im not kiddin.sinc tim


So i got a call from a recruiter a week or so ago asking me if i was still interested in driving, i told her yes i was but i do not have a CDL and only have a permit. Long story short they set me up with schooling and a regional job where i run mostly southern states (works great because i live in Florida) and i would be home on the weekends. I can't wait for the journey that awaits me but i gotta admit, im pretty damn excited!


That is awesome!!! Congrats!!

Which company?

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Returning after 25 years away

Hi, Tim. Have you seen the High Road Training Program here? It'll get you past the written test.

And I bet it's like knowing how to ride a bike - you just never forget. A little brush up and you'll be burning miles yourself. Talk with the recruiter and the training people. You'll definitely go through school, but you just might get a deal on the OTR training ride.

HEY !! thanks alot guys so nice to hear from you brett-- errol --popeye ok first fellas i am not a good talker,,,writer--good at listening though and i am immersed in TT training manual kinda perplexed not so confident anymore ---ok brett any idea how far back newyork DMV archives go------- i am not afraid of a trainer onboard i imagine they will soon see if i can still drive... err log books and backing not good at so i feel like i am in trouble there ,,i sure hate to waste anyones time butt i sure going to need alot of help boys thank you all again tim

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Returning after 25 years away

hey there everyone trying to return to this buisness after 25 year pause .im amazed and surprised attain;; a CDL OMG its so vast the material is insane ,,,,go OTR with a trainer ,good grief what happened amazing stuff---------- all included i see school,,trainer,,loads dipatch, etc etc best luck to all of you still hope to join yu as soon as i can .pretty scary stuff though -keep the rubber on the road dudes thanks

Posted:  7 years, 4 months ago

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Passed the road test!

boy i congradulate you i wish i could talk to you do i find you

I passed the road test this Friday! Now just waiting for my CDL in the mail and find the right company for me. I think this is probably the first time I've actually looked forward to getting to work! Thanks to everyone here that answered my questions and concerns as well!

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