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I am a 46 year old single mom of a 25 year old daughter and I am about to welcome my first grandchild sometime in April. I've raised my daughter for the last twenty-something years and I've also worked a few different jobs so you might say I'm a jack-of-all-trades? But here recently within the last year I survived a little bit of a skin cancer scare back in July 2016. I don't have to see my doctor for a whole year thank goodness! So it was like the best news ever for me! Back in 2011 I took it upon myself to take truck driving classes from a small College in Omaha Nebraska and I obtained my commercial driver's license and got to drive for a large company out of Omaha Nebraska. I found my FIT and I enjoyed what I did and I was comfortable with the responsibility. But thanks to a couple of health issues including a couple of surgeries I haven't driven for about five years now and I'm going to get back out there in May. I've put in about 10 years at a hospital as a Certified Pharmacy Technician so I know my medications and my medical terms. I love camping and fishing and being outside and I do like 18 wheelers and I also like NASCAR. I want to purchase a place either in Southwest Missouri or Northern Arkansas so I can have a place to go and relax and fish and unwind at times. Someplace south of Branson Missouri because I just absolutely love it down there, even though I grew up in Iowa and Iowa is my home and will always be my home. I do have a nine year old Pomeranian who is attached at my hip...Lol... he's a very good dog and he's not an annoying one like some dogs can be.

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What did you do before becoming a truck driver?

I worked as a Hospital pharmacy technician for 10 years on overnights and I also was raising my daughter. Somehow I think without my control I lost my job at the hospital when I found out I had a skin cancer spot that was down to my skull so I had to have it removed. I am cancer-free and looking to get back into truck driving in May 2017. I would go sooner but my daughter is having a baby boy in April. My first grandchild 🤗 I have a little bit of experience but it's been a few years since I've driven but I really really loved it. In 2011, I drove for Werner Enterprises. I drove from Omaha Nebraska to Iowa City Iowa Monday through Friday and I really liked my job but I ended up getting sick and had to have surgery. I ended up having to have a full hysterectomy but I feel much better! So I had a couple of health issues but I feel really good and I'm glad I'm healthy. Dad has been a truck driver for 50 years yet he's going to retire soon! I even had plans to go to pharmacy school but when I had my skin cancer removed I had a change of heart and told myself if there's anything I can do well I'm still here I like to drive semi again and go to all points of the United States. It is a good way to see the country geographically but it's also more than that. I didn't mind the lifestyle and I liked the responsibility. I could ramble on but won't! I currently work at Harrah's Casino in the bank as a cashier. I'm excited to leave that atmosphere and do what I really want to do...... I love life!!❤ that skin cancer scare changed me.... I loved life before I love it even more now❤

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