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57 year old beginner in trucking.

Completed Knight Transportation CDL training program Oct. 21, 2013.

Completed Knight Transportation Squire OTR training Nov. 7, 2013.

Completed Knight Transportation Squire 30,000 solo miles Jan. 24, 2014.

Solo driver Knight Transportation, Dry Van. OTR.

Solo driver Knight Transportation, Flatbed. OTR, Dedicated account.

Solo driver, Flatbed OTR, Long Haul Trucking.

Solo driver, Product Specialist, Warnert Racing.

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Posted:  5 years, 4 months ago

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Working with a company that is a long way from home????

I live in Louisiana and work for a company in Minnesota that leases the tractor trailer to another company in Minnesota. The biggest factor is if they have freight available that can get you home when you request it, and back on the road, with a minimum of empty or out of route miles.

Posted:  5 years, 4 months ago

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Can I take a Harley with me?

It all depends on which truck I'm driving. When I am driving this one...


I can bring mine if there is an open slot. Most of the time full of demos though.

Posted:  5 years, 7 months ago

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Worst Day Ever

Sorry to read about your experience and glad that you are ok.

CSA points from inspections can be challenged through the FMCSA's DataQ system. That information can be found at the FMCSA'S DataQs website.

Another great source for inspection and DataQ challenge information is Gobbell Transportation Safety. Rick is on the Dave Nemo radio show frequently and will review and answer questions about inspections and filing DataQ challenges. I think he also does the filing, for a fee of course.

Posted:  5 years, 7 months ago

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Possibly fulfilling one of my dreams this summer!

Hi Linden-

Enjoy the trip and the Jamboree. Walcott Iowa 80 Truckstop is quite the place to see. The parking lot is huge and there will be plenty of trucks to see. Don't miss the museum, a lot of information and older trucks to see.


I have been there numerous times and would like to see the Jamboree. I don't know yet if I will make it this year. It is a little early to make load plans now. Like most drivers, I will be talking with the load planners/dispatchers letting them know where I would like to go and when. Then we need to find a load that meets a couple of criteria: 1, the planned route goes close enough that it won't be too far out of route that it cost me to much, and 2, there is enough time to allow me to stop without being late for delivery.

Again, enjoy the trip as well as the Jamboree. I am sure you will meet more than one trucker that will talk your ear off.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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I love lunch breaks... what are you having or had for your lunch? Any pics?

Heading home for a week and definitely will enjoy a good Cajun lunch.


Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hoot's, McGehee AR

I'm heading for the barn also. Deliver in Tyler, TX Monday morning, then taking a week off after 8 weeks out.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hoot's, McGehee AR

You finally get out of Florida and it's straight to Hoot's


Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hey Rainy

Hey... I finally get a thread all about me and youz guyz hijack it over FOOD!!! Thanks. I luv yaz too.

My check.engine and solid engines came on. Gave me codes of "emissions derate 25%" then it drove like crap. So get that stuff checked out.

Sorry Rainy. sorry.gif

Knew you had been at Prime SLC, (not knowing if it is close to the J) and hoping you knew of anyplace in that area that was safe to eat at.

Good luck on getting your code gremlins worked out.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hey Rainy

Well, thanks to my good friend "Bug Smasher One," this whole thread has taken an unusual turn, but for the Pho fans out there, the finest bowl of of Pho I've ever eaten came from a place called "The Rusty Pelican" just outside of Gulfport, Mississippi.

If you can't hijack a good thread, where's the fun.

The Mexican restaurant near the J had closed and couldn't see much on google maps, so I was hoping someone familiar with the area knew of anything. Turned into another cook in the truck night. Have had enough of Denny's and J pizza.

Good Mexican food at the Flying J/Eagle Landing in Beaver, UT.

To re-hijack the thread, OS, boss bought another conastoga trailer and is planning on buying another truck when we can find a good driver. smile.gif

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hey Rainy

Just shut down at Flying J in Salt Lake City for the night. Anybody familiar with the area know any decent places for food nearby?

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hoot's, McGehee AR

You'll need to catch me. In Wells, NV for the night. Into Sacramento in the morning. Deliver in Newark, CA Monday morning.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Hoot's, McGehee AR

Old School, hope you got there before the good stuff was gone. Enjoy some for me! dancing.gifdancing-dog.gif

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Anyone up on I-90 or I-94?

Just finished driving from Fargo, ND and parked at Flyin J in Belgrade MT. Roads were in great shape. Had light snow flurries just east of Billings and from Livingston to Belgrade.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Hurricane Matthew

Another short break from the flatbed. Dropped it at our terminal in MN and picked up this trailer, heading for Charleston, SC. Will be getting there Sunday evening if the weather and roads allow.


Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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A Break From Flatbed

Finally, another break in the action...

Completed the previous stop at 1800 Monday, tear down and loaded the demo units, then drive over night to next stop. TA in Barstow, CA. In order to get to next stop that evening to scout demo ride area, I need to take an 8 in the sleep while the demo guys clean and repair the four demo units. The other driver takes the flatbed with four units for the Sand Sports Super Show to Costa Mesa for in-loading at the show grounds.

Off to second dealer training area, there is no address, but the GPS coordinates are 34.555155/-116.770702.


Dooh, not good.


And away we go. Only six miles farther now.


Finally, we can scout trails for tomorrows training.


Here is the setup for the day of dealer training.


After the training, its load up and return to TA in Barstow for clean and polish of both trucks and trailers, and the four units that are going to the Super Sports Sand Show. Little Sisters truck wash really helped us out. A nights sleep, then down to the Orange County Fairgrounds and Event Center to unload and set up.


I thought I would be able to get a good break and do some sight seeing around LA and beaches, but nope, flying to Phoenix with the other driver to reposition 4 other tractor/trailer units from Phoenix to Glamis CA for different dealer training and demo shows coming up.


We moved the upper two trucks on the first trip as they were the ones that started. The others required jump starts as the batteries were dead, before we could relocate those the following day. Dropped off one tractor trailer, dropped the other trailer, and bobtailed to El Centro to get a rental car to get back to Phoenix to get remaining trucks started and run down to Glamis.


Only got a pic of one of the last two trucks. Again drop one truck and trailer, and bobtail with the other to El Centro to get the rental car, then 2 trips back and forth to get the tractors back to the trailers in Glamis. Then back to Costa Mesa for a much needed 34 hour in a motel before load-out after the show.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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A Break From Flatbed

I haven't posted much in awhile and many of you may not have seen any of my posts before so I will go back a little first. Went through CDL training with Knight Transportation in Olive Branch MS, Oct. 2013 and completed their Squire program and transferred to their newly start SAPA dedicated flatbed account April 2014. My plan was to stay for one year and get the first year experience.

Well, it took me until April 2016 before I found a job that I wanted to give a try. Knight had been a fantastic company to work with and I even recruited a driver to the SAPA account. Ya'll know him as "Old School" a frequent poster and great resource when you need him. I actually came across this job while fueling at the Flying J in Oklahoma City. Started talking to the driver at the next pump, called him 2 hours later for an interview and was basically hired then. They wanted me to start right away as the truck was empty, but I told them I wanted to give Knight a 2 week notice and then I wanted to take 2 weeks off for a cruise with my wife and get some appointment taken care of that had been neglected since being on the road so much. To my surprise, they agreed and let the truck sit idle until I got there.

Several of you have asked about quitting jobs and giving or not giving notice. For me it worked great giving the 2 week notice. My DM, same as Old Schools, kept me running just as hard. My 70 hour clock was getting low with poor recaps coming back, so we agreed to take the truck to the terminal and turn it in 2 days early. That worked best for both sides. I still get calls from the terminal manager, trying to rehire me, every time there is an opening on the SAPA account.

So, back to the subject line of the thread.

I left off on the Flatbed Variety thread with this picture...


This is the last load that I picked up with my flatbed. I had to get this off of one of the trailers that was being staged in Phoenix and bring it to Primm NV. There it was added to my partners trailer to go to LA for show.


I then dropped my flatbed and picked up a production trailer. The other trucks the company owns are not CARB compliant, so my partner and I have to meet them and run the trailers to the shows in California for the next couple of weeks.

Here is my trailer and some of the cargo for the shows.


Currently, we are set up for a show at an off road vehicle park just south of Folsom CA. This is what is giving me some time to complete a couple of posts. Arrived last night and setup, the stall do the training show for the dealers in the area, then reload the trailers. We transport them overnight to the next show, south of Barstow, then repeat to deliver to the show in LA for the weekend.


I'll post more pictures and we do the various shows.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Flatbed Variety

Here are a couple of loads from the last 4 months working with the new company. After 2.5 years with Knight Transportation and working with the SAPA dedicated account, I decided to find another flatbed job that would get a greater variety of loads and be able to go to the western states again.

I am currently working with a company that owns several trucks, but only two are leased to Long Haul Trucking. So I have gone from a major fleet to a 2 truck company, leased to a company with 350 trucks (around 100 company drivers and 250 O/O).

On to the loads...


This is a load of glass panes for a commercial building. The panes are secured in a wooden frame, then the loaders nail cross pieces to the deck and build an A-Frame to hold the crates in place. Depending on the length, each row gets 2-3 straps.


These are railway "frogs", the first stop loaded these four, the second stop added 3 more smaller ones and one switch rail. The total load was 43,000 and 40 foot long. When I had finished securing it the way I liked it, I had on 10 chains (4700 wll each) and eight straps (5400 wll each).


I also got to haul a forklift. When I arrived for loading, the loaders said that there was no way it was going to fit. After some measuring and encouragement, I got them to drive it on. I had to rock the sliding top from side to side to get it past the bulge of the tires.


A lot of coils of different sizes and shapes. There are 7 coils on this load. Two, 18" wide coils in the middle and 1 on the rear loaded suicide. The front has a stack of four coils, varying in width from 2 to 4 inches, loaded eye to the sky.


Four painted steel coils.


This are boxes of furniture and cabinets for a new Hampton Inn. The boxes didn't look this good after I got done strapping them in place. Crushed most of them and I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't delivering the boxes, just had to not damage the stuff inside. When I delivered them, the contractor dropped one of the boxes off the forklift. He didn't bat an eye, and scooped up the box and put in into the motel.


And finally, a couple of injection molding machines. Delivered these to a plant that makes plastic interior components for Nissan.

The company that I work for also owns a production company. Here is the last load I picked up with the flatbed before I switched trailers for a couple of weeks. I will start another thread with those pics.


Find the new thread "A break from flatbed" for the continued story.

Posted:  6 years, 3 months ago

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Podcasts About Trucking?

Check out Kevin Rutherford's Audio Road webpages. While most of the podcasts are more related to O/O's, the do provide valuable information if you like to learn how to operate your truck more efficiently and learn why and when freight seems to go up and down Trucking 101 is aimed at truckers in their first year.

Posted:  6 years, 4 months ago

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Trucking Companies needs to be truthful about pay.

Well, my calculate says that $0.365 + $0.08 = $0.445. Prime is not lying to you, per diem is part of your cpm pay.

Posted:  6 years, 4 months ago

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Hazmat Endorsement pays off!

The deadhead definitely depends on the account you are with. Started OTR dry van with Knight and the deadheads were as short as they could keep them. When I switched to the SAPA dedicated account, I had deadheads as long as 1200 miles. The shipper needed the empty trailers back to cover outbound loads and the load planners were unable to find back hauls that would get us back in time. I am sure the contract covered these miles.

I currently work for a much smaller company and get paid percentage of load and nothing for empty miles. While the load planners are looking for the shortest deadhead, the length of deadhead will vary depending on where we emptied. Loads to Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas usually result in the longest deadheads. I was paid for a deadhead to the next shipper one time when they needed a truck to meet their shipping time for inventory ($200 to go from Nashville over to Knoxville).

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